ASHLAND — Old Uniontown Quilt Guild is proud to begin the Veteran’s Day Quilt Donation Project at the 2022 Ashland County Fair, in conjunction with the HNCO Veterans Service.

The Old Uniontown Quilt Guild was started in 1988. This will be the 32nd year that the guild will host a quilt show. They have members who are 90+ years old who have quilted all their lives.

For details and instructions please see the list below, for additional questions you can also email: At the 2022 Ashland County Fair there will be quilt donations and raffle to honor the Veterans and thank them for their service.

• Quilts/Afghans will be entered in the fair through a non-judged class. Individuals donating must be an Ashland County resident or an Old Uniontown Quilt Guild member. There will be no entry fee for entering the donated quilt/afghan.

• Any style of quilt (including ragged or tied) or afghan (crochet or knitted) will be accepted.

• Quilts/Afghans should have a patriot theme with red, white and blue colors but overall design should not be a flag (fabric with flags is acceptable). They should be gender neutral and not military branch specific.

• Quilts/Afghans must be a minimum of 55” x 65”.

• Quilts/Afghans must have a label with the name of the person who made the item and the date and can leave room for the recipient’s name if they would like.

• Quilts/Afghans will be on display during the entire week of the fair. The fair board will designate a section for it.

• All Ashland County veterans attending the fair on Monday will be able to enter for a chance to win one of the donated quilts/afghans. The names will be drawn during that day but will be picked up or delivered after the fair is over.

Hospice of North Central Ohio has served thousands of families with compassionate end-of-life and Palliative care, bereavement programs and services since 1988. Headquartered at 1021 Dauch Drive in Ashland, Hospice of North Central Ohio serves more than 200 patients daily in Ashland, Crawford, Huron, Knox, Morrow, and Richland counties who are living with chronic and terminal illnesses.

Additionally, free continuous bereavement services are provided for hundreds of families of hospice patients and to anyone in the community experiencing grief. HNCO also operates the What Goes ‘Round Thrift Shoppe located in downtown Mansfield.

Call 800-952-2207 for more information. HNCO is a 501c3 non-profit organization with over 37 years of experience and a community partner of United Way of Ashland and Knox County. 

The Life section is supported by Brethren Care Village in Ashland.

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