ASHLAND — The Ashland County Sheriff’s Office issued a press release Tuesday that reminded residents the state’s updated concealed carry gun law that becomes effective next week does not apply to certain buildings. 

Ohio Senate Bill 215 takes effect Monday, June 13. The new law, signed by Gov. Mike DeWine on March 15, allows residents 21 or older to carry a concealed firearm unless state or federal law prohibits them from possessing a gun.

“Deadly weapons are still prohibited in buildings within which a courthouse is located, such as the County Office Building and courthouse,” reads the press release. 

Ashland Sheriff Press Release

The new law prohibits the carrying of guns in schools, too. 

It also eliminates the requirement that people inform a police officer if they are carrying a weapon during a traffic stop. Officers can still ask. Lying to the officer about carrying a weapon is a misdemeanor.

Ohio will become the 25th state to allow conceal-carry in public without a license, according to the National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action.

DeWine signed the law over the objection of one of the largest police unions in the state, among other critics who say allowing people to carry a gun without first requiring a background check or training is dangerous.

Other critics have said the law will lead to more gun crime and violence.

But proponents have said the law will actually reduce gun violence or not affect those rates.

Researchers have said it’s too soon to know how permitless-carry gun laws affect violence because the majority of states with those rules have only adopted them in the last decade.

Previously, state law required people to receive eight hours of training to obtain a concealed carry permit. A background check was also required.

There were 6,330 concealed carry permits granted in 2021 in Ashland, according to records provided to Ashland Source. Of those, 3,524 were new licenses and 2,691 were renewals. 

A handful of licenses were rejected, suspended or revoked.

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