ASHLAND — Power companies serving Ashland County are saying Friday is the day for restoration as more than 1,200 people wait in the dark. 

Firelands Electric Cooperative, a utility company covering 9,100 homes and businesses in rural areas of Ashland, Huron, Lorain, and Richland counties, reported 25 outages around 10 a.m. 

Another 1,191 Ohio Edison customers remain without power in Ashland County and the company has estimated power will be restored by 11 p.m. Friday.

Firelands said in a press release that, “if all goes well,” power would be restored at an unspecific time on Friday.

“A few members receiving their power from the Ashland, Jeromesville, New London, and Fitchville substations, whose service remains unrestored, will likely be re-energized today,” the press release stated.

“With the cooperative’s added work force, crews are hopeful that members receiving their power from the Coulter and Mifflin substations will also be restored yet today, if all goes well.” 

Firelands Electric Cooperative serves 3,100 customers in Ashland County. 

The damage from this week’s storm was compared to that of the 2005 ice storm.

“The powerful winds and thunderstorms swept through the cooperative’s service territory beginning late Monday night and extending into the early morning hours Tuesday, causing widespread damage to trees and power lines,” reads the press release.

Firelands said strong winds that swept through Ashland County on Thursday caused more damage to lines and trees.

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