ASHLAND — Downtown Ashland’s Pump House District could start looking more like a construction zone in the coming months.

Ashland City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to a purchase agreement between the city and a developer who hopes to build apartments and other mixed-use structures in the area directly north of Main Street.

The agreement states Ashland Urban LLC will buy 19 parcels from the city for $400,000.

City council acquired three properties totaling $227,000 in recent months in anticipation of this deal. Mayor Matt Miller said the moves were in order to later bunch them into one parcel to facilitate a sale with the developer.

Efforts to reach a spokesperson for Ashland Urban LLC were unsuccessful.

Miller said the city does not yet have final drawings of the developer’s plans for the area, but the site will enclose the “urban meadow” that is planned in the 14-acre green space between Orange and Union streets, bordered on the south by Fourth Street.

The mayor has said the developer, a man from Columbus, wants to build up to 150 apartment units and other commercial spaces such as restaurants and shops. The development will surround the urban meadow, which has been said will feature ultra-modern art, concrete walking pads, a steel tree, outdoor musical instruments and a sun dial.

The agreement states the developer must begin construction within a year and complete the project within three years.

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