ASHLAND — Ashland’s tax budget going into 2023 shows a 4-percent decrease from the previous year as the city heads into the appropriations process for year ahead.

The tax budget shows the city’s overall budget going into 2023 totaling $62,777,727. The figure includes Ashland’s general fund, special revenue, debt services and other expenses.

Larry Paxton, the city’s finance director, said the reason for the decrease from 2022’s tax budget is because the city received various grants for construction projects.

“I’m anticipating the income tax to be consistent and stable into the coming year,” Paxton said during council’s meeting Tuesday. “Economists will tell you there are good things ahead and there are bad things.

“We believe it’s prudent to hold a steady hand.”

Paxton said the tax budget does not appropriate monies at this point. The next step in the process is getting the budget approved by the Ashland County Budget Commission. It is a preliminary step ahead of the city approving a final budget for 2023, he said.

Part of that $62.7 million figure includes estimates for the city’s police and fire divisions, among others such as the mayor’s and finance director’s offices.

For example, estimated expenses for the city’s police division totals $3.7 million. For its fire division, that number is $4.5 million.

The city’s employee health costs are estimated at $1 million and Paxton estimates the city will retire about $800,000 of debt in its bond obligations and water and wastewater plants.

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