MANSFIELD — A squad of friends and family, wearing matching birthday-themed jerseys, descended on Inkcarceration this weekend to celebrate the 30th birthday of Dustin Lowman, a tattooed and pink-bearded steel mill worker from Middletown, Ohio.

Lowman’s group included his father, his best friend, and a buddy, Levi Kroy of Reno, Nevada, whom Lowman initially met on Facebook before linking up at Inkcarceration last year.

“I met this guy on the internet, I then shipped all of our camping supplies to him, having never met him. Then found him at the festival. Got our (stuff), set up camp with his camp, met this guy on accident along with about a dozen other strangers that are now a family,” Kroy said.

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Also celebrating a birthday was college student Gabe Henderson of Westfield, Indiana, who turned 21 on Friday.

Henderson, a self-described Cleveland Browns fan, and his three friends are staying at an Airbnb in Bellville, where they visited the Amish restaurant Der Dutchman.

“That little restaurant we went to this morning: phenomenal,” Henderson’s friend Samantha Knecht said.

Henderson and his friends all planned to get tattoos on the grounds of the Ohio State Reformatory on Saturday.

Lowman and his group are staying at the Inkcarceration campground, but previously stayed overnight at the Ohio State Reformatory for a paranormal experience.

nathan zucker inkcarceration.jpeg

Lowman’s group did not see any ghosts, but did get some readings on  equipment they had.

“We did catch some (stuff) on EVP and stuff like that,” Lowman said.

Lowman drove two and a half hours to Mansfield, a leisurely experience compared to the overnight flight that his friend Levi Kroy took from Reno, Nevada.

“We took an overnight flight and ‘slept’ on the plane, and that is in grand quotes because we had coughing, screaming, ‘let’s shake the seat’ children,” Kroy said.

“We got here on 90 minutes of sleep, tops, for Thursday and started drinking like it was the end of the world.”

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