Business owners hear the word “cloud” more and more each day. We’re here to tell you whether you should care about that word or if you can ignore it and keep doing what you’re doing.

Read on to discover several reasons businesses should move data to the cloud.


If your business uses physical data centers, you know the costs associated with them.

They’re astronomical — in addition to paying for the power required to keep your drives functional and cooled, you need to pay to lease the buildings themselves.

As soon as you transfer your data to the cloud, those ridiculous (and incessant) upkeep costs disappear.


There’s another problem with data centers — what happens when your business outgrows the storage you have available?

The simple answer is that you need to change something. You need to add more storage space by expanding the footprint of the building or leasing a new one — and you need to purchase more hard drives.

When your data is in the cloud, all you need to do is upgrade your storage plan. You can easily increase your storage space with a few simple clicks or a short phone call.

Efficient workplace

Ask your employees how long it takes to access data from deep within your data centers — the answer may shock you. Cloud storage is much faster, which means you’ll end up with reports on your desk in a timelier manner!

Increased security

Small businesses that host their data in local data centers are incredibly vulnerable to ransomware attacks. Most black-hat individuals or groups don’t want to take on a cloud system — and when they do, they fail. Migrate your data to the cloud and sleep more soundly at night.

Now that you know these reasons businesses should move data to the cloud, don’t hesitate to make a few changes around the office.

It’s much better to future-proof your company than hang on to outdated ways of doing things.

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