A-Town Tap

A-Town Tap is located at 47 E. Main Street in downtown Ashland.

ASHLAND -- Downtown Ashland can’t seem to slow down. With Ohio Fire now open and South Street Grille making progress towards opening, another new restaurant has joined the mix.

A-Town Tap, which took the place of Tap Room on Main after it shut down, is open at 47 E. Main Street right across the road from Ohio Fire.

This bar and restaurant serves as a spot for Ashland residents to step away from their hectic lives and enjoy A-Town Tap’s unique cocktails and menu items.

A-Town Tap room interior

This is what the interior looks like of the A-Town Tap in downtown Ashland.

General Manager Andrew Coffy, a former server and bartender at Uniontown Brewing Co., was approached by A-Town Tap owners Scott and RoseMarie Donely in June with the opportunity to take the reins of this new establishment.

“They approached me and said they had an opportunity and when they were searching for a GM, my name floated to the top of the list,” Coffy said. “I’ve kind of been involved with getting everything up and running, getting the place painted, the decor and the menu.”

Having not worked as a general manager in the past, the process of opening A-Town Tap has given Coffy a better understanding of the real work that goes into it.

“When you’re just a worker you don’t see what goes on in the back end with building the menu and building the pricing of everything,” he said. “That’s been a huge learning experience for me. It makes me appreciate what other bar general managers or owners go through to get to where they’re at.”

Along with his brother and other A-Town Tap employees, Coffy designed the drink and food menu to include a variety of craft cocktails, mules, flatbreads and sandwiches for customers to enjoy.

“We have a lot of unique things,” Coffy said. “We have things on our menu that people really can’t get anywhere else."

After opening on Oct. 13, Coffy said that the response from the community has been nothing but positive.

“I just want everybody to have a positive experience,” he said. “Obviously we want those customers to come back. Being in a small town, the word of mouth is huge, so I definitely want to make sure my customers are taken care of and having that positive experience and telling their friends like, hey go check out A-Town Tap.”

Ensuring that customers are having the best possible experience is one of Coffy’s goals and even recalled a customer telling him that being at A-Town Tap “doesn’t even feel like they were in Ashland.”

In addition to its current storefront, Coffy explained that A-Town Tap plans on expanding into the two units that sit on either side of the current restaurant space. Work has already begun on that expansion and will allow for a larger capacity and more kitchen space in the future.

“When we expand into the right side we’re gonna have space for about 60 more seats, so that’ll put our capacity at around 100,” Coffy said. “I’m looking forward to people saying that this is the place to be in Ashland and the place to go for awesome cocktails and unique food.”

A-Town Tap is open Tuesday through Saturday from 4 to 10 p.m. and more information on menu items can be found on their website.

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