Ashland Auto, Tire and Off-Road works with all of the major tire brands.

Note: This Shop Small Mini-Spotlight is part of an ongoing series intended to promote local commerce over the 2018 holiday season.

Ashland Auto, Tire and Off-Road supplies tires and wheels for daily drivers commuting to work and off-roaders that are in the mud on the weekends. The wheels available range from mild to wild for a domestic or imported car or truck. Lift kits can be installed on a truck, Jeep or SUV. 

The shop has an old philosophy for doing business.  

“If you are looking for someone or a shop that takes the time, does the job right, does not cheat you out of money or ding your vehicle and wheels up then this is the place for you,” Owner Mike Valek said. “I was taught at a very young age to do the job right or don’t touch it.” 

Ashland Auto, Tire and Off-Road takes time to do a job thoroughly so that customers don’t have problems. The shop is not about trying to get the job done as fast as possible like shops that charge flat rate pricing to make money. The focus is on doing the job right and making the finished product look awesome.  

“Please give me a chance to show you there are still people in today’s society with old values and actually care about doing an excellent job to make you completely happy and do the job right,” Valek said. 

Valek has an eagle eye for detail. 

“I am that person that will find a speck of dirt on your new wheels or that tiny little bubble on the sidewall of your tire that no one else could seem to find,” he said. “I also get my hands dirty, so I personally know what is going on with your vehicle.” 

Residents are welcome to visit the display for wheels and tires located at 718 Clark Ave., Ashland (diagonally across from the Dairy Bar Restaurant.)  

“We are not solely concerned about the vehicles of today but are going to start supplying all of the odd ball items that shops do not want anything to do with,” Valek said. “A shop should be a shop and not just a place that throws on replacement parts.” 

For example, customers can purchase a valve stem for a 1979 Oldsmobile Toronado. 

Ashland Auto, Tire and Off-Road will provide everyday vehicle tires as well as the installation of aftermarket custom truck, Jeep and car parts. Tires and wheels from the most popular online stores can be shipped to the shop and installed. Valek continuously adds new suppliers. Another great feature is that financing is available for new tires, wheels and lift kit installs.

Next year will bring the opening of an auto fabrication shop. They will also be opening our fabrication shop for anything auto related in the new year at some point. The fabrication shop will include custom roll cages, custom lift kits, building new suspensions, etc. 

Valek welcomes calls at 330-391-9424 about the tire services or the business in general. 

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