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Urban Meyer at the Ashland Chamber of Commerce

Ashland is growing, and to keep up, so is the Ashland Chamber of Commerce. This Tuesday and Wednesday, August 27 and 28, the Chamber will hold a membership drive to welcome and add new Ashland Businesses as members. 

The goal of the membership drive is to increase the number of member businesses for the Ashland Chamber. 

“We want to get more businesses and the whole community involved in what is happening,” said Jake Coffy, the Membership Relations and Administrative Coordinator for the Ashland Area Chamber of Commerce. “Increasing membership is important, but the bigger part of this is being apart of the momentum that is happening in Ashland. New businesses may not know how to do that. By bringing on more member businesses, we can introduce them to what is happening all around Ashland.”

The Ashland Chamber of Commerce offers many services to member businesses, ranging from advertising and marketing benefits and networking to hosting conferences and workshops for educational furtherance opportunities.

“We have so much to offer our members from advertising and marketing,” said Barbie Lange, the President of the Ashland Chamber of Commerce. “But most importantly, member businesses are apart of our advocacy efforts and things we are working on in the background to make Ashland successful.”

The drive will take place in the Brethren Care Village Wellness and Community Center in Ashland and will run from 8:30 - 11:30 a.m., and 1:30 - 4:30 p.m. on both the 27 and 28. Chamber members and volunteers will call businesses in Ashland who have not yet joined the chamber and inform them of the benefits of joining.

“We really want them to be open to the messages they’re going to hear at the membership drive,” said Lange. “Listen to how it could help make an impact on their business, either financially or anything else we can work on for them to help them be successful.”

The Chamber has been helping businesses and the Ashland community for over 110 years, and it is looking forward to continue growing as Ashland does. The Chamber has never lost focus of the advocacy aspect of a city’s Chamber of Commerce.

Jay Handler, the President and CEO of Membership180, has worked with Chambers of Commerce around the world on their business memberships. Most recently, he has worked with the Ashland Chamber. He recognized Ashland for their continued focus on advocacy and city improvement.

“Chambers of commerce around the world have lost track of the real mission of the chamber,” Handler said. “They’ve forgotten that the Chamber’s mission is to make its community a better place to live and to thrive. One of the things I love about the Ashland Chamber is that they have regained such focus here.”

Learn more about Ashland Chamber of Commerce membership.

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