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Ashland Source Account Executive Leah Gesouras and her team at Source Brand Solutions are committed to providing small businesses with the local advertising solutions they deserve.

ASHLAND — Ashland County businesses deserve advertising solutions from community insiders who know and love the local people and culture.

Small town businesses should be able to place their marketing needs in the hands of people who understand.

Since 2019, Ashland Source account executive Leah Gesouras has been helping local businesses to grow and thrive with Source Brand Solutions advertising. A Mansfield native, Gesouras moved to New York City to pursue theatre and business opportunities before returning home to use her knowledge and talents to serve Ashland and Richland County businesses.

“I pride myself on making connections easily and love getting to know people and their stories. You can always learn something new and I want to be a part of the building blocks that continue to take shape in Ashland,” Gesouras said.

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Leah Gesouras left New York City and returned to her roots Ashland and Richland Counties because of her passion for helping small businesses to thrive.

“I'm excited to help small businesses in Ashland County and the surrounding counties find new ways to share their story and grow,” she continued.

When local businesses entrust Gesouras with their advertising needs, results they deserve follow in a simple, three-step process. First, they meet to share specific advertising needs; next, they press “go” and allow her to dive into the details of a strategic advertising strategy; very soon, they begin to see clear results on a set timeline with trackable milestones.

“The Ashland community prides themselves on supporting and enhancing local businesses to the best that it can be,” Gesouras said. “Whether it’s a start-up or an ongoing venture, Ashland Source can help uplift and call attention to the inner workings of local businesses, their people and non-profit organizations.”

Schedule a meeting with Gesouras today to learn about marketing strategies that will bring engaged, local audiences to Ashland County businesses.

At Source Brand Solutions, every marketing plan comes with measurable results in clear language—a marketing framework proven to deliver results. Account executives listen to understand each company’s unique marketing needs, develop a plan with clear objectives, and track results with tweaking as needed. Advertising with Ashland Source reaches a local audience of more than 40,000 monthly users. Simply fill out the contact form, choose an ad format and sit back while Gesouras and her team create marketing and advertising content that works.

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