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These hand drawn cards by Hello Sunshine are available at Fig and Oak Gift Shop in Downtown Ashland. 

Hello, friends.  How are you doing out there? 

If you have gotten out of the house these past few days, you may have noticed that we are slowly but surely shaking off winter, which can mean only one thing: it’s time to go shopping for Mother’s Day.  

The woman who brought you into the world, the woman who is probably quaran-schooling your kids as we speak, the woman who has been cooking like it’s Little House on the Prairie, the woman who, as our newest favorite meme has pointed out, is not getting a handmade Mother’s Day gifts from school this year; that woman needs a present, and, cue the trumpets, we have the hook up for you in downtown Ashland.

Sandra Tunnell

Sandra Tunnell

I knew Mother’s Day was on the horizon, because my personal e-mail has been filling up for weeks with gift offers from other (non-local) businesses. 

At first I was all like, “Mother’s Day? I know this quarantine has us all wondering what day it is, but that is weeks away, right?”

Then I realized these national brands have to start advertising weeks out, because shipping is a mess now, and they are coming from millions of miles away, and a guaranteed arrival date before May 10 means ordering from a national chain, like, yesterday. 

Well, bwahahahaha to that. This is downtown Ashland friends. You can call up a store, and they will curbside pick up or deliver it to you now.

So now that you have 10 days or so to procrastinate (which I do not advocate, FYI), what is on your mama’s wish list? 

After spending over a month locked up with her, I hope you have a pretty good idea. 

If not, may we remind you of one of the best parts about shopping downtown: Everything you see is unique and one-of-a-kind, just like her -- a line you can totally use in the card you are buying, too. 

First of all, all of our shops are independently-owned, which means the store owner has chosen (or made) every item you see.  So if you’re not quite sure what to get for the moms in your life, call or message the store and talk to the owner. Let the owner know: “My wife likes this,” “She does that,” or “She watches this” There are clues in there to find the best gift for her, and our store owners can suss them out with you. 

Also, we have been blessed with store owners who are so creative and think-outside-the-box-y, that just one label won’t suffice to describe what they do. 

Don’t pass by LK Home Decor because think you your house is already totally decorated. Go peruse their site, and you may notice a necklace that is just perfect.  Lookie there -- you have nailed Mother’s Day in one shopping trip, without even getting out of your pajamas.

Now, let’s make a plan for this big day. 

First of all, what are you feeding mom?  Our downtown restaurants are not open for a mom’s breakfast in bed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pre-party, and get her Linder’s or Uniontown or Joan’s on Saturday (and, those takeout drinks can stay in the fridge until Sunday morning to celebrate on the actual Mother’s Day). 

You could buy coffee and treats from the Downtown Perk for Sunday morning.  Ashley’s Candy and Nut is ready to help you spoil mom with chocolate, which also makes a great Mother’s Day breakfast.  Priceless Treats will open next week, and is currently doing special orders. Again, that breakfast in bed tray for Mother’s Day would look great covered in cupcakes.  

Is mom crafty?  Ashland Craft Vinyl can hook her up for hours and hours of enjoyment. 

Does grandma have a brood?  How about a custom t-shirt with the whole family listed, from Whoopsie Daisy Bowtique? 

Does your mom love to garden?  Farm & Home Hardware is stocked with flowers, plants and tools to get her outside. They are also home to the famous citrus plants everyone is getting, if growing oranges in Ohio is something mom would enjoy. 

Is she a history buff?  Antiques on Main and South Street Antiques have the perfect “I used to have one of those!” gifts. 

Superior Merch has the most amazing Ashland gear so she can be proud of her place. 

Is she a fashionista?  Clothes Minded is the perfect place to help her look even more gorgeous. 

Doe she love to write letters? Irwin’s has beautiful pens and paper to help her make her words flow. 

Doe she like everything?  Visit Fig & Oak, Madame Bagnabit, or Rumours. These gift shops have a little of everything, most of it available online, so you can peruse and shop at your leisure. 

Does she love flowers?  Enjoy! can make you the perfect arrangement. 

Does she love to be active?  Ashland Bike Company is open now and would love to help her find the perfect bike, and Feel Good Fitness & Massage can get out all her kinks Studio Rise will be open soon, so maybe even get her a gift card for some downtown yoga.  

Is she an HGTV nut?  The Resale Shop has furniture that she can buy as is or fix up and customize. 

Is she a groovy gal?  Kelley’s Vinyl has every record you can ever imagine. 

Does she like bonding with her family?  Masterminds has their escape room, as well as tons of games you can play after we are post-quarantine. Buy a gift card there.

Does a family portrait sound up her alley?  Maurer Photography and Coffy Creations would love to set up an appointment to see all your smiling faces in the future. 

Now is also a great time to book her tattoo with Hold Fast Tattoo, if that sounds like the perfect gift.  

Is she going to be a mother of the bride or groom soon?  You know we have an incredible formal shop in Juliana Bridal. 

Does she play a musical instrument?  Mike’s Music and Drum & Strum have lessons or instruments for you. 

Do you need to remember a mother who is no longer with us?  C. Bloomers does incredible memorial saddles (and, our condolences). 

How about her hair?  Call up Splat or Hair Connections or New Look to get her booked now, so when they are open she has first dibs on luscious locks.  (Maybe the perfect gift is to get your locks addressed, so call up the Grooming Lounge or Gebhart’s while you’re at it, and book an appointment for your shaggy mane.) 

Does she need peace?  Help her find the on-line worship opportunities at First Presbyterian Church or Substance Church.  

Phew -- We have a ton of options to spoil mom downtown!  If you still aren’t sure, a gift card is always a great present, and she can use it for a mom-only shopping trip while you are at home with the kids.

Moms, feel free to leave this article open on your computer until May 10, or print it out and leave it on his chair.

One more thing: Many of our downtown businesses are run by moms. Shopping from them and supporting their stores is one of the best Mother’s Day presents you can give to these hard-working ladies. Look at you helping all the moms.  

Thank you all for the support you have continued to give our Main Street area, and we will see you soon, I promise, downtown.

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