CaraJoy Nash

Mansfield native CaraJoy Nash has launched the "She's Online" social media agency in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

PORT ST. LUCIE, Florida – Ashland University product CaraJoy Nash, a Mansfield native, is making a name for herself and her new social media business in south Florida.

In December 2014, just before the last semester of her MBA from Ashland University, Nash and her significant other Jeff Gilman (former owner of the Lexington Avenue UPS Store in Mansfield) moved to south Florida.

Eager to put her new MBA to use, Nash started a digital marketing and social media agency, ‘She’s Online Agency.’ As with any new business, it took her time to build, but this year her hard work seems to be paying off.

Nash was recently interviewed by VoyageMIA, out of Miami. She was featured for overcoming obstacles related to her auto-immune disorder, and for the work she’s doing along with the impact she’s making. You can read her interview here, VoyageMia meet CaraJoy Nash.

In March, 2019 a two-episode premiere on the docuseries THE HUB by The PowHer Hub also featured Nash. Watch both episodes on YouTube & YouTube.

In addition, she was a panellist at the sold-out event, Woman on the Move: Spring Forward Mastermind Panel.

In June, for her role in rebranding the Women’s Chamber of Commerce of Palm Beach County, Nash was awarded the Strategy & Innovation Award by the Women’s Chamber of Commerce of Palm Beach County, where she serves on the Board of Directors, chairs the Marketing & Communication Committee, manages the social media (under her business, She’s Online Agency) and produces the hit digital series, “She Owns It!”

If she’s not training women how to identify their customer, she’s training them to use Social Media for business growth. Last fall, (while still doing social media management-she transitioned to training, March 2019) her client Cynthia Heathcoe took Nash and a small team to Highpoint Furniture Market in North Carolina.

On Nash's recommendation, Heathcoe documented her journey to later use as social media content. This idea caught the attention of the Magazine, RetailerNow; who followed Heathcoe and Nash around for the afternoon to capture video and find out, why someone would bring a video crew with them to purchase furniture. Read more at RetailerNow Magazine.

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