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ASHLAND -- The following is a complete list of Ashland County property transfers from the Ashland County Auditor's office for March 31 through April 27. 

Property transfers are published monthly by Ashland Source.


168 Ashland Avenue, Ashland; David T. Yochheim to Tony A. Baker; $75,000

1609 Harding Avenue, Ashland; The Huntington National Bank to Broken Properties, LLC; $67,000

678 Katherine Avenue, Unit D, Ashland; James and Dennis Wolf to Stanley Wolf; $16,000

1134 East Main Street, Ashland; Steven Bemiller to Whitken Properties LLC; $1,194,000

259 East Third Street, Ashland; Jacob D. Studer to Jacob Douglas Belsterli and Brittany Beisterli; $97,500

906 Ridge Road, Ashland; Huntington National Bank to Brandon Tufts; $209,000

1423 Montgomery Road, Ashland; AARAV OM, Inc. to Shree Siddhivinayakdev Inc.; $895,000

754 Sandusky Street, Ashland; Michael F. and Jody L. Benton to Madeline I. Grande and Dayton C. Buchanan; $143,900

1534 Greenbriar Drive, Ashland; Thomas E. Mollenauer Jr. to Erica F. Gustafson (trustee); $276,000

120 West Tenth Street East, Ashland; Christopher M. and Tara L. Puckett to Mary Sprang and Timothy Lash; $89,900

1122 County Club Lane, Ashland; Marlene S. Brewer to Fredrick J. and Hollis H. and Jonathan F. Finks; $80,000

220 Diamond Street, Ashland; Roger W. and Sherry A. Eichelberger to Sathiyaprakash T. Ramdoss and Kalaivani Janarthanan; $120,000

251 Lee Avenue, Ashland; Lawrence Campagna to Terry Carter; $6,000

1521 Short Street, Ashland; Trustees of Ashland Full Gospel Church to Paid In Full of Ashland, Ohio, Inc.; 80,000

32 Delafield Avenue, Ashland; Peggy Kohler to Randy Smeltzer; $65,000

1190 Pheasant Run Lane, Ashland; Herbert L. Heyl to Kimberly S. Lenahan; $126,000

705 Edgehill Avenue, Ashland; Mike Nelson to Nicholas William Serpa; $143,000

1247 Franklin Avenue, Ashland; Arrow Properties, Ltd to Madyson R. Risner; $119,000

1139 East Bank Street, Ashland; Scott Halloway and Jessica Walters to Joseph E. and Lana S. Linder; $184,000

837 Ohio Street, Ashland; Dustin and Avrial E. Bates to Zachary D. Jones; $125,000

1776 Pinebrook Court, Building 9, Ashland; Paula J. and Richard R. Tucker (trustees) to James H. and Ann M. Obrecht (trustees); $175,000

1084 Shady Lane, Ashland; Christine M. Cover (trustee) to Chad E. Hamilla and Tammy J. Bole; $215,000

962 Smith Road, Ashland; Nicholas J. Maggelet, Andrea Gianella Arevalo Avilles, Joseph A. and Renne C. Maggelet to Dustin D. and Avrial E. Bates; $209,900

2623 Mifflin Avenue, Ashland; Lucas D. Snader to Dillon Kocher; $175,000

1754 Pinebrook Court, Ashland; Estate of Patricia A. Geraci to Debra Lyn Armstrong; $215,000

1945 Claremont Avenue, Ashland; Walt’s Auto Supply, Inc. to Heartland Estates, LLC; $658,000

1110 Elm Street, Ashland; Douglas A. Patton to Stormy M. and Benjamin Goff; $78,000

225 West Fourth Street, Ashland; Lindale Holdings, LLC to Alyssa N M Gregory; $60,000

1051 Scott Street, Ashland; Chris S. McClellan to Mitchell E. McWilliams; $58,500

1051 Scott Street, Ashland; Sharon A. Ihrig to Mitchell E. McWilliams; $58,500

2036 Stone Gate Court, Ashland; Linda C. Streets Revocable Living Trust to Kevin and Bridgit Lacey; $425,000

711 Hale Avenue, Ashland; Davis R. Hickman to Ray D. Stimmer Jr. and Ashley N. Stimmer; $185,000

130 West 12th Street, Ashland; Adam P. and Amber Schafer to Billy J. Deck; $119,000

849 East Main Street, Ashland; Estate of Virginia P. Spore to Weaver Management Properties LLC; $107,800

1292 Claremont Avenue, Ashland; Frederick T. and Larry E. and Rick E. Stimpert to Transformation Network; $160,000

142 Samaritan Avenue, Ashland; Jason P. and Donna L. Lannerd to David A. and Rochelle L. McNeely; $145,000

806 Avalon Drive, Ashland; Jeffrey L. Dague (successor trustee) to Albert L. King; $124,900

1336 King Road, Ashland; Albert L. King to Rebecca S. Whitmore; $112,000

1818 Olde Post Road, Ashland; Reid C. Mcknight and Tina Anne Balogh (success trustees); $247,500

1442 Orange Road, Ashland; Penton Properties, LLC to Douglas Clark; $129,000

329 Ohio Street, Ashland; Ashland County Land Reutilization Corporation to Jerry Ables; $500

 27 East Eighth Street, Ashland; Ashland County Land Reutilization Corporation to Chandler Aviation Corp.; $1,000

1560 Greenbriar Drive, Ashland; Susan K. Albers, Kerry A. Mowry, Michael G. Meyers, Jean M. Lauer to Cynthia Young; $249,000

Clear Creek Township 

885 U.S. Highway 250 North, Ashland; Anthony L. Light to Richard C. Morgan; $88,000

564 U.S. Route250, Greenwich; Larry R. and Karla K. Dunlap to Brett Tackett; $310,000


Green Township 

3 Shoreline Drive, Perrysville; Michael O. and Heidi E. Carroll to Keith J. and Jennifer L. Willams; $226,000

649 Township Road 2302 RD1, Loudonville, Linda Zuercher to Debra L. Long; $15,000

Hanover Township

202 West Main Street, Loudonville; Bick Properties, LLC to Coler Holdings, LTD; $87,500

3317 Township Road 539, Loudonville; Larry and Michelle and Jonathan Mullen to Jonathan Mullen and Madison Carr; $39,365

304 North Mt. Vernon Avenue, Loudonville; Christopher C. Spier (trustee) to Austin L. Johnson; $112,000

201 South Market Street, Loudonville; John and Janice Eitelgeorge (trustees) to Tyler J. Bates; $239,000

3391 St Rt 3, Loudonville; Wayne C. Campbell to Wayne Michael Campbell; $151,000

844 Valley View Drive, Loudonville; Rose T. Ives to Shawn and Heather Wade; $131,000

316 South Market Street, Loudonville; Ashland County Land Reutilization Corporation to Torger and Louise Scott; $5,000


Jackson Township 

963 Township Road 53, West Salem; Thomas G. Cromer Sr. and Linda L. Cromer to Mark A. and Joy E. Chambers; $270,000

3243 Curaso Drive, West Salem; Regen Properties LLC to Neely N. Parsons; $143,000

Unit 3 Lot 3303 Jackson Township;Mary Jane Eifel and Mary K. Tibo to Kevin G. Eifel; $0

4225 Majorna Drive, West Salem; Jeffrey L. and Patricia D. Geaslen to Leonard G. and Deborah L. Kutney; $215,250

414 St. Rt. 302, Polk; Robert A. and Jeanette E. Gast to Gregory David Emmons; $285,500

Vacant lot on 5039 Maderia drive, West Salem; Charla J. Brown (trustee) to Anna K. and Kim W. and Stella P. Carpenter; $3,500

Unit 1 Lot 88 in the Cinnamon Lake Subdivision; John C. Holton to NEO Panama Holdings LLC; $1

Unit 3 Lot 248 in the Cinnamon Lake Subdivision; John C. Holton to NEO Panama Holdings LLC; $1

Unit 1 Lot 135 in the Cinnamon Lake Subdivision; Steven T. Garritano to Lee Bourdiss; $1,000

1026 Township Road 133, West Salem; Cheryl N. Meinhard to U.S. Bank Trust National Association; $119,008.49

1147 Laurel Drive, West Salem; William Browning Jr. and Kimberly Browning to U.S. Bank Trust National Association; $75,000

953 Township Road 251, Polk; Benjamin J. and Debra R. Hrouda to Ashland County Park District; $97,500

2220 Allium Court, West Salem; Phillip R. Barone to Christopher J. Ennis and Amber Wilkinson; $187,000

2235 Allium Court, West Salem; Phyllis Katz to Brenda and Jeremy Nash; $2760

Lot 17, Unit3, Cinnamon Lake Subdivision; J. Robert and Patricia A. Mansperger to Jeffrey L. and Patricia D. Geaslen; $7,500



303 Spring Street North, Loudonville; Sean Hoyt to Josephine M. Grega (trustee); $165,000

134 North Market Street, Loudonville; Charles W. and Rita K. Henley to Rhonda K. Rooks; $135,000


Mifflin Township

9.554 acres on Township Road 1215, Ashland; Valley Farms of Ashland, LLC to Ronald J. and Jessica Lynn Markley; $52,547

1182 Township Road 2306; Mary E. Fowler to Linn D. Steward (trustee); $146,000

1881 State Route 603, Ashland; Douglas Clark to Erin Wilson and Del Orsua; $385,000

Milton Township

1258 Township Road 1453, Ashland; Eddie Longden to Jeffrey W. and Charlene S. Dowiatt; $9,500

1525 Township Road 1153, Ashland; James E. and Earl F. and Jon D. Hawke to Hawke Acres, LLC; $1,206,400

Mohican Township 

72 County Highway 2160, Jeromesville; Rachel L. Young to Justin S. and Sharon E. Lehman; $60,000


Montgomery Township 

656 U.S. Highway 42, Ashland; Kyle F. and Brianna N. Wiser to Zachary E. Sickels; $204,000

Vacant lot on State Route 511, Ashland; Cheryl Smith to Castanea Ltd.; $400,000

660 State Route 42, Ashland; Billy Joe Gray to Kyle O. and Katelyn M. Robey; $241,000


Orange Township 

Vacant lot on State Route 58, Nankin; Gayle M. Ault Jr. to Diamond D Properties, LLC; $35,000

Vacant lot on State Route 58, Nankin; Gayle M. Ault Jr. to Nicholas Defelice; $25,000

549 St Rt 511, Ashland; Christopher Roman to Wells Fargo Bank; $40,667


Perry Township 

90 Township Road 1700, Jeromesville; Glen C. and Linda Krichbaum to William F. Maxwell; $70,000

1122 County Road 175, Polk; Catherine D. Noyes to Sydney Ann Boehm; $93,434


Ruggles Township 

Vacant lot on U.S. 224, Nova; Lizanne O’Brien to Alexander Kozma; $29,900

165 Township Road 1461, Greenwich; Rodney C. and Judith L. Sutherland to Scot Puntel and Amy Bond; $420,000

262 County Road 1281, Nova; Joan L. and Ronald L. Schuller (co-trustees) to Rodney and Judith Sutherland; $338,000



18 Crowell Street, Ashland; Tenrab, LLC to Robert Christy Mack; $103,000


Sullivan Township

Vacant lot on Township Road 462, Sullivan; William C. and Gail A. Burkhead to John I. and Dawn M. Orsik; $43,000

Township Road 391, Sullivan; Walter S. and Savina Pavluk to Jemm Farms, LLC; $412,500

528 Township Road 150, Sullivan; Daniel A. and Anna L. Swartzentruber to Ryan P. and Sonia M. Mitchell; $150,000

706 Township Road 150, Sullivan; Robert and Susan Deyarmin to Kayla M. Miller and Klay J. Meyer; $225,000

522 Township Road 150, Sullivan; Enos Miller to Andrew J. Lindenau; $115,000

247 State Route 58, Sullivan; Wesley A. Wyse to Pramukh Mahant, LLC; $35,000

405 County Road 681, Sullivan; Edward and April Hudson to Christopher W. and Rebekah Kingsland; $350,000

Vermillion Township

A portion of 741 Township Road 1904, Ashland; Kimberly K. Rogers to Trevor Cline; $319,150

1727 Township Road 1714, Ashland; Katheleen M. Pfahler to Ashley M. Canfield; $168,000

2223 State Route 60, Loudonville; The Terry Schaeffer and Anita Schaeffer Living Trust to Douglas J. and Mary A. Simpson; $105,000

795 Township Road 1600, Ashland; Dennis Grossman and Julie A. Short to Penton Properties, LLC; $150,000

2211 County Road 2175, Perrysville; Anton G. and Vitoria L. Lieb to Kelsa M. Temple; $100,000


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