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ASHLAND — The following is the complete list of Ashland County property transfers from the Ashland County Auditor's office for the month of August. 

Property transfers are published monthly by Ashland Source.


251 East 9th Street, Ashland; Robert D. Paisley to Cody Viola; $70,000

246 Lincoln Avenue, Ashland; Mervin Harvey Lehman to Harvey Zahniser; $73,000

150 Glenwood Drive, Ashland; Dena M. Lefever, Tanner W. Adkins, Reece E. Adkins to Ronald G. and Pamela S. Luedy; $114,000

300 Pleasant Street, Ashland; Robert Sean Parker to Levi Rocchi; $89,500

814 Edgehill Ave., Ashland; Matthew W. Rafeld & Lauren F. Rafeld as Trustees to Lisa L. Shafer; $135,000

Lot 4439 Shady Ln., Ashland; Matthew W. Rafeld & Lauren F. Rafeld as Trustees to Michael E. Welch & Cheryl A. Welch; $48,500

915 Laurel Avenue, Ashland; Hugh David Wait, Trustee to Dennis L. and Teri L. Riffle; $204,000

616 Ward Drive, Ashland; Jone L. Horner to Keith E. and Kristyna K. Canfield; $135,000

1221 Edgehill Avenue, Ashland; Stephanie A. Humphrey to Travis C.L. and Angelene R. Pickering; $150,00

370-372 Cottage Street, Ashland; Stephen Buzzard and Kimberly Buzzard to Jackson Holland Properties LLC; $69,900

817 Laurel Avenue, Ashland; Danna L. Clark to Sharon Strine and Dave Strine; $190,000

654 Katherine Avenue, Ashland; Carole J. Bernard to Jone L. Horner; $90,000

1056 Sandusky Street, Ashland; Stephen T. McDonnell and Julie McDonnell to Stephen McDonnell and Jenna McDonnell; $160,000

1349 Smith Road, Ashland; Anita M. Musser to Alexandria M. Barlow; $150,000

1311 Claremont Avenue, Ashland; Matz Realty & Appraisal, Ltd. to Transformation Network; $110,000

434 Hillcrest Drive, Ashland; Terry A. and Karen R. Morr to Scott and Courtney Saner; $165,000

1709 Olive Court, Ashland; Marilyn Mahoney, etal to Sharron A. Jewell-Chandler, etal; $97,000

863 Oakbrook Drive, Ashland; Christy Anne Bachmann, Laura Lee Smith, Amy Elizabeth Myers to Karen S. Laughery, Trustee; $192,000

1938 Stone Ridge Drive, Ashland; Michael W. Trine and Roberta J. Phenicie to Roberta J. Phenicie; $28,600

223 Luther Street, Ashland; Darwin A. Lee and Caroljean R. Lee to Adam D. Pry; $57,500

124 & 128 Church Street, Ashland; Thomas J. Budd II aka Thomas J. Budd to Ashland Church Street Holdings, LLC; $180,000

524 E. Liberty Street, Ashland; Schoonover Rentals, LLC to Tyler Walter; $53,800

503 E. Main Street, Ashland; Schoonover Rentals, LLC to Tyler Walter; $38,200

526 Bank Street, Ashland; Joyce Kiste to Tyler B. McFarlin; $120,000

126 E. Main Street, Ashland; GHS Rentals, LLC to Kingston Rentals, LLC; $220,000

151 Steele Avenue, Ashland; Kenneth R. and Jane M. Uhl to Brent P. and Jane A. Sponsler; $150,000

307 Vesper Street, Ashland; Douglas S. and Dorothy Deanne Denbow, Trustees to Broken Properties, LLC; $55,000

1124 Smith Road, Ashland; Jeffrey R. and Jana J. Funk to James Schupbach II and Delila Schupbach; $160,000

2623 Mifflin Avenue, Ashland; David P. Moore to Lucas D. Snader; $159,900

117 W. 10th Street, Ashland; Jerry S. Schoenian to Brandon Paul Nalley; $69,000

713 Eastern Avenue, Ashland; Flory and Jeanne M. Mauriocourt to Taylor Addison Shopbell; $102,500

v/l Mifflin Avenue, Ashland; Pyper, LLC to AVLD, LLC; $51,000

267 N. Countryside Drive, Ashland; Michael R. Miller and Jill R. Miler to Steven A. Huber and Melanie M. Huber as Co-Trustees of The Steven A. Huber and Melanie M. Huber Family Trust Dated July 1, 2016; $175,000

289 Sherman Avenue, Ashland; Jeremiah J. and Lisa C. Lang to Sheila L. Anderson; $73,900

1002 Chestnut Street, Ashland; Jason R. and Jerri A. Shultz to Cassie M. and Kyle D. Kitts; $123,400 

1736 Kingwood Court, Ashland; Tamara J. Shaw to Donna G. Gribben; $215,000

2631 Mifflin Avenue, Ashland; Bruce A. Purdy and Catherine A. Purdy to Darl D. Snader and Patricia A. Snader; $184,500

385 Cleveland Avenue, Ashland; Hanover Properties, LLC to City of Ashland, Ohio; $70,000

202 Miller Street, Ashland; Richard D. Welch to City of Ashland, Ohio; $55,000

448 East 4th Street, Ashland; Calvin F. Bartley, Betty J. Bartley, Cheryl Bartley, Trustees to Heather Hershey; $32,540

938 Mt. Auburn Avenue, Ashland; Brett W. Mesenburg, Trustee to Cary K. and Holly A. North; $184,450


844 Boulevard Avenue, Ashland; Calvin L. and Lynn A. Keefer, Trustees to BAM06 Rentals, LLC; $71,500

42 Bailey Street, Ashland; Keith E. Canfield and Kristyna K. Canfield to George L. McAndrew and Cassandra A. McAndrew; $189,000

873 Township Road 1243, Ashland; Shannon Snyder to Austin D. Pratt; $230,000

601 State Route 60, Greenwich; Marlene R. Krisko, Executor of Estate of Warren Hugh Applegate, dec. to Elmer B. and Ruth Ann Sensenig, husband and wife, js; $650,000


334 North Spring Street, Loudonville; Delline J. Hinkle to Andrew N. Dumiat and Karen F. Dumiat-Suehrstedt; $87,000

2630 Township Road 687, Loudonville; Fouzi S. Hajabed, Successor Trustee of the Andree Reed Hajabed Revocable Living Trust dated January 3, 2013 to Nathanael Troyer and Mary Troyer; $227,000

30.691 acres, County Road 2575, Loudonville; Doris E. Weaver, Successor Trustee, Roy D. Weaver and Doris E. Weaver to Lester Eicher and Naomi Eicher; $222,919

560 Township Road 2402, Loudonville; Delbert J. Yoder to Allen D. and Julia L. Brubaker; $370,000

1 Shoreline Drive, Lot H-001X, Perrysville; Ronald W. Schrack to Thomas J. and Coralita C. Truax; $152,000

Smith Road, Loudonville; Lance W. Miller and Sandra G. Enderby to Foose Properties, LLC; $38,000

Acres St. Rt. 60, Loudonville; Dale W. Cable to Foose Properties, LLC; $140,000

8.14 Acres Co. Rd. 2404, Loudonville; Rex G. Riley, Trustree to Philip Howard and Julianne Gebbie; $85,500


808 West Main Street, Loudonville; Fredric J. Heffelfinger and Sandra L. Heffelfinger to Tina M. Cooperrider and Tim A. Cowan; $180,000

1094 Township Road 2916, Perrysville; Jennifer J. Brown to Karl J. Dria and Joy M. Mattox; $62,000

533 North Park Place, Loudonville; Kimberly A. Dodd, Trustee to Brent D. Turner and Katie M. Turner; $163,500


270 Jackson Township Road 1080, Polk; Schoonover Rentals, LLC to Rebecca Zimmerman & Michael Zimmerman; $110,000

1211 Ginko Dr. West Salem; Sabrina L. Katsaris & Christopher Katsaris to Carrie Joy Smith & Benjamin Paul Smith; $142,000

3337 Acuminata Drive, West Salem; Judith A. Matjasic to Luke Thomas Brewer and Kristen Joy Bricker; $140,000

2043 Coriander Drive, West Salem; Rita F. Strouse to Justen E. McMahan and Amanda J. McMahan; $252,000

0.36000 AC - Laurel Drive, Ashland (Lot No. 403, Unit 1); Michael A. John and Aimee L. Johns to Robin S. Burton; $2,000

564 CR 175, West Salem; Seth A. and Jennifer M. Beaver to Cameron William Becker and Tara Lynn Becker; $30,000

5034 Maderia Drive, West Salem; Justen E. McMahan, Amanda J. McMahan to David A. Lebo, Juanita R. Lebo; $142,500

1253 Tupelo Lane, West Salem; James R. Walsh and Karen M. Walsh to Kevin Knight and Carrie E. Knight; $49,000

3259 Acuminata Drive, West Salem; Katherine Yonkof htta Kathryn Yonkof and William Yonkof to John P. Lehner and Annette M. Kutney-Lehner, Trustees of The Lehner Family Revocable Trust dated 12/21/16; $3,500

121 County Road 500, West Salem; Thomas E. Chlam to Jamie Barlay Soto; $65,000

Vacant lot, 2065 East Cinnamon Drive, West Salem; Daryl Eugene Metsker and Deborah Ann Metsker to Jimmy D. Whitmyer; $3,000

V/L Acuminata Drive, Jackson Township; Charlotte Zak to Cary A. Pagan and Liane W. Pagan; $35,000


49 North High Street, Jeromesville; Mary E. Bowman to Penton Properties, LLC; $60,000


421 Township Road 2402, Loudonville; Carli N. Mitchell to Christopher R. Kindt; $144,000

365 County Road 2575, Loudonville; Joy E. Stitzlein, Trustee and/or Successor Trustee of the Joy Stitzlein Trust dated 6/6/2012 to Michael J. Bitner and Marcia K. Bitner; $695,048

Land Loudonville; Joy E. Stitzlein, Trustee and/or Successor Trustee of the Joy Stitzlein Trust dated 6/6/2012 to Douglas Stitzlein and Michelle Stitzlein; $18,886


4,799 acres SR 3, Loudonville; Marilyn L. Byers to Carlisle Holdings, LLC; $91,181

221 S. Market Street, Loudonville; First Servant Enterprises LLC to Shawn and Linda Rowell; $149,500

103 West Burwell Avenue, Loudonville; Pamela S. Beachler to Julia A. Grassman, Trustee; $92,000

622 North Market Street, Loudonville; William S. Dye and Suzanne Louise Rutt to Terry W. Weirich, Trustree; $65,000


1906 Township Road 1095, Ashland; Thomas R. Yannayon and Carol R. Yannayon settlors to Duane L. Dotterer and Mertie L. Dotterer; $275,000

216 Yacht Point Drive, Lucas; Judith L. Jamison, fka Judith L. McCallister to Gregory L. Wiese and Tracy M. Tikos-Wiese; $91,500

605 Lakeview Road, Ashland; Michelle I. Adams and Matthew A. Adams to Brian F. Milne and Tammy J. Milne; $95,000

60 Maine Street, Ashland; Trading Post & Supply Co., LLC by Curt Conner, its Priniple to Holle E. Curry; $5,000


1195 Ohio 96, Ashland; Derrek Farver to Melissa Young; $122,500

1494 St. Rt. 96, Ashland; Vicki Peters, Exec. Estate of Edward L. Wynn to Jonas R. and Mary V. Yoder; $300,000

1389 County Road 1356, Ashland; Michael J. and Haley Donofrio to Kelli L. Bachman; $340,000


67 Township Road 1700, Jeromesville; Dianna W. Lombardo to Michael R. and Tonia S. Beyeler; $247,500

243 Township Road 2150, Jeromesville; W. Jason Lewis to DB REntal - 243, LLC; $70,000

V.L. TR 85, Jeromesville; David J. Markling, Trustee to Mark B. Hoverstock and Tammy A. Hoverstock; $72,000


834 County Road 1600, Ashland; KLM Development, Inc. to Seth S. & Shenna M. Cole; $180,000

531 US Rt. 42, Ashland; Harvey G. Zahniser to Colt Porterfield; $171,500

1173 Township Road 753, Ashland; Joshua Barr to Joshua S. Alleman and Rachel J. Alleman; $169,000

1134 US Rt. 250 N. Ashland; Timothy Goines to John A. and Stephanie L. Featheringill; $230,000


1144 State Route 89, Ashland; Todd E. Ross to Mark and Kristen T. Shoup; $335,000

1110 County Road 251, Polk; Raymond C. Bielfelt and Marilyn L. Bielfelt to Jake Dunn; $83,000


323 South Main Street, Polk; ASAP Homes, LLC to Jason A. Bosley and Alan E. Bosley; $97,500


90 Township Road 791, Nova; Carrie Buckley, Executor of the Estate of Winford Mueller to Aaron Bram Burger and Christeena Faye Burger; $158,000

Township Road 350, Nova; Dennis C. and Marcia A. Edwards to Robert J. and Shelby J. Steiskal; $9,500


604 County Road 2000, Jeromesville; Betty J. Windsor to Tyler L. Snoddy; $116,000

1723 State Route 511, Ashland; Caleb A. Young to Lisa Ratliff; $190,000

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