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ASHLAND -- The following is the complete list of Ashland County property transfers from the Ashland County Auditor's office for Nov. 25 through Dec. 29. 

Property transfers are published monthly by Ashland Source.


16 East Walnut Street, Ashland; Francine Volk Holbrook to Jamie L. Bailey; $73,000

31 Belle Avenue, Ashland; Calvin L. and Lynn A. Kiefer, trustees to BAM06 Rentals LLC; $71,500

1046 Claremont Avenue, Ashland; Gregory W. and Elizabeth Fryman to Heidi and Cecil Wyrick; $120,000

271 South Countryside Road, Ashland; Megan Oakes to Alexander T. and Emily E. Uselton; $250,000

240 High Street, Ashland; Po Kun Li and Jane Shen Li to David J. and Christina M. Price; $55,000

924 Masters Avenue, Ashland; Crystal Lea Bair to Holt Property Investments LLC; $34,000

700 East 7th Street, Ashland; Thomas D. Canfield to Christopher Harding; $12,000

801 Elm Street, Ashland; First National Acceptance Company to SKOR Properties LLC; $26,000

120 Sharon Avenue, Ashland; JR Funk Rentals LLC to Trevor Scott; $92,000

244 Sloan Avenue, Ashland; Stanton W. and Karen J. Winbigler to Big Biz Properties LLC; $72,500

448 East Liberty Street, Ashland; Kimberly C. Endsley to Trevor A. Clark; $120,500

309 Dorchester Street, Ashland; Lorie E. Diehm to Ishwar M. Upadhaya and Parulben Patel; $66,500

855 to 857 West Main Street, Ashland; Nancy L. Noble to Matthew P. and Connie L. Gorrell; $130,000

311 Carroll Street, Ashland; ADLOU Ltd to Courtney Miszczak; $25,000

316 Fairview Drive, Ashland; Timothy A. Daugherty to Bradley and Angela N. Daugherty; $140,000

1123 Grant Street, Ashland; Hayley Sherman to Robin Carlton; $113,500

226 Highland Boulevard, Ashland; Tonya Jean Hildebrand to Grundy Properties LLC; $89,000

822 Laurel Avenue, Ashland; Richard E. Mosher and Teresa K. Mosher to Stephen M. and Barbara J. Swartz; $192,000

422 Cleveland Avenue, Ashland; Susan K. Kelly to E3 Marketing LLC; $114,000

1023 Winthrop Lane, Ashland; James A. Kiefer to Titus and Katelyn Lamb; $89,000

835 King Ridge, Ashland; John E. and Reba L. Lentz to Timothy J. and Lori F. Briggs; $156,000

1304 Columbus Circle S., Ashland; Robert M. Briggs to Freddie Vincent and Margaret Elizabeth Nazelrod; $160,000

26 Leawood Avenue, Ashland; Herbert A. and Helen M. Swind to Karen L. Brown; $152,675

425 Ohio Street, Ashland; Laura L. Mestas to Jimmie R. Mestas; $40,000

2347 Magnolia Drive, Ashland; C. Thomas Banbury to Leland P. and Susanne C. Reineke; $275,000

1325 Edgewood Drive, Ashland; Richard A. Boyd to Kevin and Heather Jacob; $153,000

429 Sandusky Street, Ashland; Kim M. Dean to Jackson Lefever and Devan Lowman; $95,000

514 West Walnut Street, Ashland; Joie Anne and Mark G. Starr to Ganesh Property LLC; $50,000

1189 Hunters Walk, Ashland; Melissa D. Melnyk to Curtis A. Shell; $140,000

724 West 18th Street, Ashland; Jeanne A. Roller to Stephen J. Mattingly; $68,000

718 West 18th Street, Ashland; Jeffery D. Berru and Carol L. Berry to Jeanne A. Roller; $40,000

1571 Greenbriar Drive, Ashland; Michael T. and Jean L. Neil to Steve B. Borah; $230,000

1216 Troy Road, Ashland; Ricky D. and Carrie N. Adams to Sydra Wentworth; $85,000

20 Acres of Landon Township Road 1153 and Township Road 1186, Faultless Drive Extended, Ashland; MAG Investments to Lippert Enterprises; $320,000

1390 Edgewood Drive, Ashland; Mike Nelson to Emily N. Gerome and Chase A. Ritchie; $219,900

157 Glenwood Drive, Ashland; Richard P. and Diana L. Eberhart to Melissa Gasper; $140,500

945 Grove Avenue, Ashland; City of Ashland to Charles Michael and Kathy Michael; $2,001

558 Bank Street, Ashland; Franklin C. Mateo to Christopher and Megan Adkins; $140,000

525 Jacobs Street, Ashland; Matthew Kadey to Colton Lee Scott Argabrite and Andreah M. France; $116,000

1033 Columbus Circle, Ashland; Dorita M. Ramage to Josiah A. and Laura J. Travis; $148,500

764 Woodview Drive, Ashland; David L. and Georgia D. Bradford to Kimberly C. Endsley; $300,000

2013 Stone Hedge Lane, Ashland; Benjamin W. Keener to Troy M. and Makayla J. Chipka; $209,000

307 Vesper Street, Ashland; Broken Properties LLC to Lindsey Wiseman; $109,900

1111 W. Main Street, Ashland; Joseph and Doris J. Skafec to HB Custom Homes LLC; $99,900

2343 Rock Road, Ashland; Community Improvement Corporation of Ashland to Baker Properties-Ashland LTD; $260,000

707 Center Street, Ashland; J & H Rentals to Heffelfinger Properties LLC; $170,000

707 Center Street, Ashland; Heffelfinger Properties LLC to Penton Properties LLC; $175,000

1918 Mifflin Avenue, Ashland; George B. Mitchell Jr. to Todd Steinberger; $110,000

1177 Center Lane Drive, Ashland; Sarah J. and Glenn R. Black to Jeffery Taylor Jones and Joy Lynn Goodwin; $203,500

1057 Elmarna Avenue, Ashland; Allyson Drinkard to Joseph Baker; $183,500

1938 Stone Ridge Drive, Ashland; Roberta J. Phenicie to Samuel D. and Jamie R. Dawley; $290,000

1177 Clifton Avenue, Ashland; Barbara P. Balsizer, trustee to Scott M. Buzzard; $20,000

753 Smith Road, Ashland; Justin M. and Katharine J. Kidd to David J. and Leslie N. Truesdell; $129,900

213 Vine Street, Ashland; Faye A. Finley to City of Ashland; $4,500

318 East Walnut Street, Ashland; Krystal B. Clark to Kristefer Collins and Jewels A. Rose; $86,000

292 Sherman Avenue, Ashland; Judith A. Mumaw to Joseph M. Wysocki; $135,000

Clear Creek Township

County Road 956, Ashland; Albert W. and Mary E. Keim to Brendan and Alta Zimmerman; $228,000

15 Scott Street, Ashland; Tenrab LLC to Michael and Chelsea Cox; $133,500

1029 Township Road 1443, Ashland; Roget Endicott and Sara Endicott to Melissa S. and Jake Lawrence; $290,000

48.409 Acres of land on County Road 1353, Ashland; Andy R. and Anna L. Hershberger to John S., Katie and Noah J. Miller; $405,000

Green Township

Vacant Land on Snyder and Vincent Drives, Loudonville; William T. and Karen A. McKee, trustees to Thad G. and Stephanie S. Gribble; $150,000

940 Township Road 2408, Perrysville; Nathan D. Bartram to John E. and Angelia M. Fitch; $85,000

828 State Route 95, Loudonville; Daneen K. Workman-McGrane to Shyann L. Kick; $49,000

1/3 Interest in Vacant Land, Green Township; Terry Ann Aker Trustee to Lindsay J. and Matthew M. Carr; $1,313.40

Vacant land on Sugar Ridge Road, North Ridgeville; GG and Wil Inc. to Bradley J. and Susan T. Baker; $97,500

100 South Bridge Street, Perrysville; Jennifer Johnson to Ben Mapes and Devin Thompson; $105,000

748 State Route 95, Loudonville; Darlow C. Bartram to Debra A. McClure; $19,500

Hanover Township

3005 Township Road 809, Perrysville; Donald L. Chubb to David M. Wengerd and Verna M. Wengerd; $450,000

1086 Township Road 2916, Perrysville; Gerald S. Great to Courtney and Chelsie Steffens; $62,500

821 East Main Street, Loudonville; Heidi M. Plant to Evan Gongwer; $122,000

124 North Jefferson Street, Loudonville; Cindy Whitaker to Scott E. Mowry; $100,000

Property on Township Road 3075, Loudonville; Hochstetler Milling LTD to Leo N. and Erma H. Yoder, Larry N. and Susan P. Yoder, Monroe N. and Lori S. Yoder, and Eddie N. and Dena Marie Yoder; $520,000

897 County Road 2920, Perrysville; Kevin Burkhart to Amanda L. DiBenedetto, trustee; $38,000

Jackson Township

2241 Byrrh Place, West Salem; Coonor A. and Gary R. Hermann to Dennis and Carol R. Roberts; $135,000

850 Township Road 53, West Salem; Shelia A. Haury to Carl M. Way III and Sarah J. Way; $43,000

1004 Township Road 133, West Salem; Rhonda L. Rinehart to Joseph and Amber Orchard; $144,000

2245 Byrrh Place, West Salem; Jamie Ann Ballard to Natalie Riley; $195,000

533 Township Road 101, West Salem; Carol Griffith to Deborah K. Vrabel; $140,000

6009 Cinnamon Drive, West Salem; Jefferey Gundling to Christina Teets; $100,000

1498 Carum Place, West Salem; Judith A. Matjasic to Luke T. Brewer; $1,500

1498 Carum Place, West Salem; Luke T. Brewer to NEO Panama Holdings LLC; $1,500

3345 Acuminata Drive, West Salem; Janet M. Hershey and Karin L. Crawford to Charles J. Darnell Jr. and Linda J. Darnell; $238,000

3302 Acuminata Drive, West Salem; James A. and Diane L. Snyder to Alexander Laszlo and Lauren A. Pal; $220,000

4034 CinnamonDrive, West Salem; Richard Bruyere to Eric J. Kessler; $2,500

Mifflin Township

136 Minnesota Street, Ashland; Brandon Wolf Properties to Bradley B. Baker; $62,000

1696 Township Road 1419, Mansfield; Jerry Lee Campo to Seth and Shelby Shearer; $189,900

1199 County Road 2075, Ashland; Julie Coblentz to Diane L. Snyder; $210,000

1849 Township Road 1215, Ashland; Caleb B. and Bailey V. Smith to David Ramsey; $427,700

Milton Township 

116 State Route 545, Ashland; James C. Sanders to Jennifer J. and Robert V. Heichel; $264,000

1302 Township Road, Ashland; Richard C. and Ida Gwynette Becker to Justin T. and Jessica L. Teschler; $120,000

1526 State Route 603, Ashland; Charles and Colleen Vaughn to Raymond E. and Jessica M. Day; $55,000

1282 US Highway 42, Ashland; Robert Dean Babcock Jr. and Theresa Babcock to Timothy H. and Christa S. Andreotti; $327,500

1412 County Road 1475, Ashland; Garry W. Kline to Chad E. Harrison and Melissa L. Harrison; $253,750

1292 State Route 603, Ashland; Levi A., Elizabeth E. and Johnny Raber to Raymond N. and Amanda A. Keim; $180,000

1406 Township Road 1353, Ashland; David E> Bowser to Calvin L. and Lynn A. Keefer, Trustees; $350,000

Mohican Township 

Vacant Land on County Road 1975, Ashland; Michael H. and Raylene M. Hlavaty to EJ Construction; $110,000

66 Plum Street, Jeromesville; Timothy and Chantalle Kurtz to George Bihun; $150,000

217 County Road 2000, Jeromesville; Ellen M. Gribben, Cynthia White and Katherine Crossen tp S. Payne Properties; $250,000

73 Township Road 2250, Lakeville; HHH Farm LLC to Michael J. and Raylene M. Hlavaty; $1,056,000

1812 Township Road 85, Jeromesville; Dean Luikart to James A. and Janice C. Gardner, trustees; $309,750

Montgomery Township 

701 Township Road 1102, Ashland; Robert Flake and Cynthia Webber to Midwest Estates LLC; $180,000

1142 Township Road 793, Ashland; James Neil Kramer to Justin Alan Flatt; $145,000

830 Township Road 1504, Ashland; Timothy J. and Kaitlum M. Atchison to Penton Properties LLC; $90,000

1468 Township Road 853, Ashland; Scott D. and Rosemarie Donley to Cheryl Sutton, Houston Leluika and Brittany Leluika; $577,500

Vacant Land on Township Road 653, Ashland; Kelly K. Clements to Greg and Olivia Tobe; $172,000

1514 State Route 60, Ashland; LNJ Properties of Ashland to Zachary and Rebekah Morsensen; $180,000

563 Township Road 1274, Ashland; Clint M. Leibolt to Rickey A. and Elizabeth J. Pierce; $340,000

1188 Township Road 593, Ashland; Joshua G. and Marianne Hutchens to Russell D. Walker; $260,000

787 County Road, Ashland; Sheryl C. Johnston to Cameron W. Stlodt; $176,520

Orange Township 

Vacant Land on County Road 601, Ashland; Daniel L. and Diana L. Johnson to James N. and Hillary L. Heydinger; $40,000

834 County Road 601, Polk; Donald J. Kozak and Stephanie L. Taylor AKA Stephanie L. Kozak to Kristi A. and Daniel T. Kirshnick; $285,000

131 County Road 1175, Ashland; Tracy A. Arthur and John D. Miller to Jeffery R. and Virginia R. Miller; $147,000

563 State Route 302, Ashland; Robert S. Hendrix, trustee of the Echelberger Family Trust to Samuel A., Andy J. and Saloma E. Miller; $195,000

715 State Route 58, Ashland; Forrest Stewart Jr. to Valerie Stewart; $62,175

952 Township Road 813, Ashland; Betsy Litten Miller, Robin Litten and Jenny Litten Glasser to Gregory and Jennifer Stone; $117,000

1083 County Road 500, Nova; Shane A. and Catharine N. Dusz to Raymond J. and Heather Frazier; $240,000

Perry Township

 131 U.S. 250, Jeromesville; Matthew D. and Jill S. Stoffer to Taylor D. and Ashland B. Sherman; $175,000

30.0 Acres on Township Road 1275, Ashland; Thomas D. and Thelma J. Keener to Stauffer 30 Rocks Farm LLC; $195,000

499 Township Road 1500, Ashland; Robin Steigert, Richard Steele Jr., Penelope Dulton and Benjamin Todd to Alan L. and Levi A. Miller; $855,000

12 Township Road 1400, Jeromesville; Harley R. and Heidi M. Snode to Dakota and Lauren Kiner; $269,000

155 US Route 250, Polk; Kristie A. Ward to Richard T. Taylor; $135,000

Ruggles Township

Vacant Land at 69 Township Road 1461, New London; UKE Ranch INC to Gary And Cynthia Habel; $102,270

360 County Road 1183, Nova; James R. Hunter and Ruth E. Hunter to Paul H. and Verna S. Zimmerman; $270,000

15 State Route 60, New London; Gregory Family Trust to George Skubon and Patsy Castek-Skubon; $380,000

265 Township Road 1101, Nova; MTG Holdings Ohio LTD to James W. and Brenda L. Reuer; $120,000

1508 U.S. Route 224, Greenwich; Michael S. Hoffman to Jacob T. Carney; $220,000

1219 Township Road 346, Nova; Sandra M. Cline and Jennifer L. Bosnak to Roberto R. Rodriguez; $325,000

Sullivan Township

481 Township Road 391, Sullivan; Michael and Judith Canfield to David and Wendy Kiewel; $379,000

369 County Road 681, Sullivan; David L. Hostetler to Cory Foster; $175,234

Vacant Land on County Road 681, Sullivan; Chris and Wendy Bayle to Ricky J. and Cheryl Prosser; $24,000

Vacant Land on State Route 350, Nova; Mike and Kathy M. Guarino to Chase and Brooke Galloway; $237,000

374 Township Road 391, Sullivan; Josif Oldja and Aurelia Oldja to Heidi M. Byers and Scott E. Byers; $68,267

246 Township Road 391, Sullivan; Jared T. Herb to Marjan and Rita Susec; $170,500

Troy Township

913 Township Road 150, Nova; Cathy A. Pummell to Robert and Donna Harris; $185,000

Vacant Land on State Route 511, Nova; Rolling Acres Golf Club to Timothy M. and Nancy J. Adams; $41,250

Vacant Land on County Road 40, Nova; Rolling Acres Golf Club to Dana A. and Tammy L. White; $208,774

63 State Route 511, Nova; Rolling Acres Golf Club to Rolling Acres Ohio LLC; $763,332

Land on State Route 511, Nova; Rolling Acres Golf Club to Jack and Barbara Edwards; $136,543

811 County Road 40, Nova; Rolling Acres Golf Club to Michael G. and Deidre L. Krinov; $193,610

Vermillion Township 

2176 Township Road 505, Loudonville; Juliana K. Crider to Dannie and Katie Miller; $250,000

Vacant Land on Road 2104, Loudonville; William H. and Karen S. Regan to Julie L. Coblentz; $205,000

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