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ASHLAND -- The following is a complete list of Ashland County property transfers from the Ashland County Auditor's office for Jan. 27 through Feb. 23, 2021.

Property transfers are published monthly by Ashland Source.


317 E. 9th Street, Ashland; Sheri A. Cyrus to Ashview Properties LLC; $59,500

233 Diamond Street, Ashland; Gary A. Kolp, Steven E. Kolp and Sheridan L. Shriver to Gary A. Kolp; $71,000

2150 State Route 179, Jeromesville; David R. Miller to Matthew T. Butler; $93,100

331 West Main Street, Ashland; Mark Douglas and Shirley Jean Gilland; $78,750

1245 Middle Rowsburg Road, Ashland; Ashland Rex Properties to Mile Zero Properties; $220,000

1723 Olive Court, Ashland; Linian Properties to Jeremy J. Adato; $66,950

401 Dorchester Street, Ashland; Frederick A. Triesler to Sarah Grim; $68,000

308 Vesper Street, Ashland; Josif B. and Diana Oldja to David and Haley Burdick; $106,500

1021 Orange Road, Ashland; Phillip M. and Alana R. Stackhouse to DB Cooper Holdings LLC; $40,000

622 Evergreen Street, Ashland; Keri L. Mosley and Peyton Smith to Jordan M. Campbell; $93,500

58.285 acres on Smith Road in Ashland; Ward-Withcomb, an Ohio General Partnership to Hunsigner Builders LLC; $390,509.50

314 Goodman Court, Ashland; Carole Moore to Stuart Lee Mathias; $15,000

314 Goodman Court, Ashland; Brooke Hull to Stuart Lee Mathias; $7,500

0.082 acres on Cottage Street, Ashland; Carol E. Clark to R.A. Smith LLC; $6,000 

1210 Park Street, Ashland; David H. More to Addison D. and Breanna R. More; $103,000

716 Ellis Avenue, Ashland; Jeremiah J. and Lisa C. Lang to Cody Uhler; $158,000

2618 Sliver Fox Trail, Ashland; Dale E. Harbaugh and Kerry A. Harbaugh top Alex Patrick Valentine and Allyson Nicole Valentine; $219,500

229 Freer Court, Ashland; Laurence R. and Lisa S. Schiemann to Terry R. and Ronda K. Tomlinson; $197,000

118 Vernon Avenue, Ashland; Cynthia L. Hudnut to Euel R. and Vicki Farley; $138,000

337 West Main Street, Ashland; Carl E. Clark to Grundy Properties LLC; $57,000

802 and 802 1/2 Cottage Street, Ashland; Carol E. Clark to Alexander Investments; $89,000

17 Morgan Avenue, Ashland; Herbert A. Swind and Helen M. Swind to Evelyn Wiler; $117,500

321 1/2 Cleveland Avenue, Ashland; Charles E. Guthre to Ann Guthrie; $0

235 East 11th Street, Ashland; Thomas M. Jumkp II and Carol M. Jump to Top Flight Real Estate LLC; $50,000

1719 Olive Court, Ashland; Richard E. Shopbell to M. Todd Grim; $6,200

1070 Cooper Drive, Ashland; Jeremy M. and Stephanie Lynn Vogel to Stephanie Vogel; $128,000

739 Eastern Avenue, Ashland; Katie F. Heilman Hughes to David W. and Mariah D. Rohn; $147,000

Lot 4436 Shady Lane, Ashland; AAA Real Estate Ashland LLC to Rodney W. and Julie A. Rogers, trustees; $60,300

1574 County Road 1575, Ashland; McNaull Real Estarte to Keith Eldon Clinkel; $265,200

405 Sandusky Street, Ashland; Catherine P. Kearns to NE Ohio Capitol LLC; $89,000

1108 Center Street, Ashland; Arrow Properties to Dylan W. Counts; $147,000

369 Cleveland Avenue, Ashland; Tyler DiBert to Robert Piatt; $10,000

Clear Creek Township

868 Township Road 1243, Ashland; Wilmer and Miriam E. Not to Lamar S. and Erma Zimmerman; $546,000

873 Township Road 1243, Ashland; Austin D. Pratt to Ramonda L. and Jason E. Bloodhart; $275,000

863 U.S. Route 250, Ashland; Arden L. and Patricia J. Fitch to Richard T. Knowlton and Natalie Jo Pryor; $48,000

Green Township

1062 Township Road 2375, Perrysville; Todd A. and Malea A. Kanzig to Rebecca L. and Seth C. Wenell; $232,000

54 Engween Drive, Perrysville; Isaac and Alison M. Todd to Renee and John Makl; $155,000

704 Taylor Avenue, Loudonville; Lawrence H. Ziegler to Theresa A. Sabens; $25,000

435 North Mount Vernon Avenue, Loudonville; Nicholas D. Blubaugh to Michael D. and Nicole L. Thompson; $80,000

Hanover Township

vacant land on Township Road 3364, Loudonville; Kelly S. Mallory to Todd and Lori Busby; $170,096

321 South Wood Street, Loudonville; Brian and Jennifer Wade to Arthur J. DeLorenzo; $121,000

216 South Jefferson Street, Loudonville; Joshua C. and Bliss E. Neville; $98,500

Jackson Township

292 County Road 700, Polk; Troy M. Richman and Glenda M. Richman to Zachary A. and Shelby C. Thompson; $179,000

4017 Cinnamon Drive N., West Salem; Carl D. and Pamra S. McElroy; $147,500

4144 Cedar Lane, West Salem; Eric B. Barlow to Sheila Ann Smith and Joan Katherine Hineman; $132,000

4035 Cinnamon Drive, West Salem; Jason A. Reese and Maghan D'Fiala to Richard C. and Nora Lee Darr; $139,000

201 County Road 800, Polk; Iverrine M. Lowrey to Eliezer David Perez and Tina L. Perez; $160,000

115 West Congress Street, Polk; Amy J. Wright to Jason Scott White II; $207,000


104 Campbell Street, Loudonville; Jeffery L. and Cheryl D. Allerding to Daren B. and Shenandoah R. Morris; $113,000

Mifflin Township

38 East Maine Street, Mifflin; Brian C. and Jamie Kirby to Mifflin Drive Thru; $79,500

Milton Township

State Route 603, Ashland; Russell W. Morris, John W. Boyer and Deborah S. Boyer to John W. Boyer and Deborah S. Boyer, trustees; $220,151.75

Mohican Township

1710 Township Road 251, Jeromesville; Duane and Virgina Bodager to Storm and Michaela Nelson; $265,000

44 Highland Avenue, Jeromesville; Ashley S. Austin to Elizabeth K. Miller; $124,000

Montgomery Township

251 South Countryside Drive, Ashland; Evelyn Elsie Weiler to Chandler Leasing; $405,000

Ruggles Township

1630 Southwood Drive, Ashland; Richard A. and Elaine M. Hess to Matthew R. and Amanda M. Hess: $20,000

Sullivan Township

Vacant Land on Township Road 581, Sullivan; Chris A. Simons to Seth A. and SaRee D. Lamb; $40,000

State Route 58, Sullivan; Gregory A. and Tracy M. Costello; $25,000

County Road 40; Patricia J. Deane to Rebecca J. Fossaceca; $53,107

County Road 40; Mary S. and Ronald Cuffman to Rebecca J. Fossaceca; $53,107

Troy Township

878 Township Road 462, Nova; James M. and Pamila L. Drumm to Eli D. Gingerich; $90,000

Township Road 1031, Nova; Beverly J. Brinker to Russell T. and Julie A. Stolcals; $256,000

264 State Route 511, Nova; Rusty B. and Crystal S. Callahan; $70,000

37 State Route 511, Nova; Billy J. and Deborah L. Grimes; $200,000

Vermillion Township

1727 State Route 60, Ashland; Jessica S. Stumbuaugh to Ashland Lawn Care; $81,400

793 Township Road 2204, Perrysville; Justin L. Skok to Ryan A. and Ruby L. Miller; $290,000

1852 Township Road 555, Jeromesville; Holly A. Pearson to Justin L. Skok; $550,000

69 East Main Street and parcels, Hayesville; William L. Weaver to BHK Real Estate Partners; $472,650

532 County Road 1775, Ashland; Eva J. Fitzgerald to Jarrod S. Oellerich and Rachel E. Darlak; $114,500

State Route 58, Sullivan; Joan K. Ross to Elizabeth A. and William J. Barker; $25,000

29.588 Acres of Township Road 1906, Ashland; Joseph Patrick Stimmell; $192,322

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