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ASHLAND -- The following is the complete list of Ashland County property transfers from the Ashland County Auditor's office for June 24 through July 28.

Property transfers are published monthly by Ashland Source.


30 Belle Avenue, Ashland; David L. and Juanita Trustees to Rhonda L. Sisinger; $110,000

1248 Partridge Way, Ashland; Field of Diamonds LLC to Fredrick N. Honneffer; $145,000

409 Pleasant Street, Ashland; Jason Eric and Thalia L. Hoak to Chad C. Owens; $67,500

513 Ohio Street, Ashland; Michael A. Riley to Michael P. McPherran; $56,500

234 E. Walnut Street, Ashland; Dagmar A. Wickiser to Harry C. Stapleton; $65,000

623 Evergreen Street, Ashland; Dennis A. and Beverly A. Lukity to Nathan E. and Shawna L. Kane; $95,000

256 Steele Avenue, Ashland; Nancy R. Herman to Arline Hardman; $125,000

704 Cleveland Avenue, Ashland; L. Evelyn Youkin-Silver Trustee to Lindsey B. Shelton; $64,000

872 Stone Creek Boulevard, Ashland; Sheldon M. and Ashley N. Reid; $259,900

504 Buckeye, 332 Miller Street, 800 Arch Street, 302 Ashland Avenue, 304 Luther Street, Ashland; L. Evyln Younkin-Silver Trustee and Penelope Wells Trustee to DJB Rentals LLC;  $208,000

1451 Smith Road, Ashland; Ethan R. and Narrah K. Crumlick to Robert A. and Christine M. Wylie; $197,500

1221 Berwyck Court, Ashland; Shannon L. Baker and Joshua T. Baker to Ashley Danielle Boscia and Anthony Lee Boscia; $294,000

1198 Jacobson Avenue, Ashland; Roger D. Tobias to Phillip M. and Alana R. Stackhouse; $128,000

240 East 9th Street, Ashland; Brian Noah R. Cook to Mercedes J. Bragg; $96,000

120 Morgan Avenue, Ashland; Christine E. and William P. Tyner to Megan Sippey; $165,900

603 Eastern Avenue, Ashland; Wendy Smetzer Beer, Trustee to Sarah Zopf Bent; $107,000

1463 Center Lane Drive, Ashland; Jacqueline A. Tupps and Kip D. Van Tilburg to Franklin Mateo; $212,000

924 Edison Street, Ashland; Devin W. Roberts to Brian K. and Amy S. Johnson; $126,900

208 High Street, Ashland; WN Collins LLC to Kasco Development LLC; $82,000

602 Cottage Street, Ashland; Richard E. Henthorn to Matvenceno LTD; $35,000

1212 Redburn Drive, Ashland; Roger D. and Megan Laughlin, trustees to Wayne A. Laughlin; $60,000

107 West 10th Street, Ashland; New Heights South LLC to Grundy Properties LLC; $45,000

221 East 10th Street, Ashland; William E. and Heather D. Russell to Darren Keith White II; $71,500

224 Samaritan Avenue, Ashland; Raymond M. Leek II and Jacqui M. Leek to Elaine L. Zamora; $146,500

108 East Liberty Street, Ashland; Perry and Erin Ohi to Kellie Louise Hayes; $100,000

982 Thomas Drive, Ashland; Zane D. and Michelle A. Steppingstones to Taylor L. and Shannon O. Brown; $155,000

1390 Edgewood Drive, Ashland; Alvin Edwin Jackson to Mike Nelson; $84,000

742 Smith Road, Ashland; Seth W. Miracle to Raven V. Rudy; $150,000

813 Orange Street, Ashland; William J and Cassandra Wentworth to Midwest Estates LLC; $30,600

630 Smith Road, Ashland; Darren D. and Julie K. Subler to Samuel and Emily Olewiler; $128,000

1420 Orange Road, Ashland; Arrow Properties to Michael Edward and Amanda R. Derr; $114,000

925 Chestnut Street, Ashland; Ashland SF Housing LLC to Tracy and Laine Hartge; $119,900

752 Garmon Street, Ashland; Pamela R. Moore to John T. Patton; $82,000

25 East 12th Street, Ashland; Susan M. Buffenmyer to Arrow Properties Ltd.; $44,000

2064 Stone Hedge Lane, Ashland; Lesa A. Sexton to Katherine M. Manocchio; $264,900

412 Pleasant Street, Ashland; Katelyn F. Mittelstaedt to Troy M. Marksberry and Taylor Nebergall; $110,000

1057 Broad Street, Ashland; 1057 Broad Street Ashland LLC to Chandler J. Minnard; $128,000

223 West Walnut Street, Ashland; Michael A. and Kristina L. Eighinger to Christian A. Langston' $92,250

527 East 7th Street, Ashland; Tim's Shop Real Estate to Poor Boys 4 by 4 LLC; $85,000

314 Taylor Street, Ashland; Jerry Click Jr. and Carrie E. Click to Top Flight Real Estate; $47,500

306 East Washington Street, Ashland; Jerry Click Jr. and Carrie E. Click to Top Flight Real Estate; $90,000

229 West Liberty Street, Ashland; Chris D. and Pamela A. Tuttle, trustees to Natalie Helenthal; $97,000

941 West Main Street, Ashland; Megan Martin to Matthew Wolfson; $108,000

309 East 9th Street, Ashland; Lizzie P. Yoder to TENRAB LLC; $63,000

950 Grove Avenue, Ashland; Arther Kyle and Douglas Kyle by Sheriff E. Wayne Risner to Bryan E. Weirick; $16,000

418 Parkwood Drive, Ashland; Ryan L. and Chrisa L. Kalisz to Logan Mitchell Martin; $130,000

961 Woodview Drive, Ashland; Timothy J. and Carly F. Black to Ryan L. and Chrisa L. Kalisz: $215,000

1600 Greenbriar Drive; U.S. Bank Trust to Timothy J. and Carly G. Black; $226,800

889 King Ridge Road, Ashland; Jim C. and Helen M. Long to Paul R. and Janice M. Dienstberger; $129,000

33 East 8th Street, Ashland; Michael L. Flowers to Keegan and Makenzie Graybel; $69,000

921 Hoover Drive, Ashland; Paul R. and Janice M. Dienstberger to Michael A. and Kristina L. Eighinger; $129,000

545 Bank Street, Ashland; Robert D. and Carolyn L. Kramer to William E. and Heather D. Russell; $95,000

Clear Creek Township

43 North Main Street, Ashland; Savannah Presbyterian Church in the USA to Bonnie A. Meyers; $72,900

873 Wesley Road, Ashland; Michael L. and Dana M. Futrell to Simon C. and Mary J. Young; $140,000

1283 Township Road 608, Polk; Melissa Ashley, executive of the estate of Cynthia Miller to Daniel W. Miller; $75,320

4 South Main Street, Savannah; David A. and Karen A. Samsel to Tyler G. Walter; $75,000

810 Township Road 1101, unit 4, Ashland; Angela Ramsay to Robert and Diane Rivenburgh; $32,000

15 and 15 1/2 Scott Street, Savannah; Ben and Renee Kunkel to TENRAB LLC; $175,000

Green Township

630 1/2 State Route 95, Loudonville; Steve Abrams Trustee to Scott A. Butts; $120,000

129 East Third Street, Perrysville; Brenton D. and Shannon M. Canfield; $75,000

2444 State Route 39 South, Perrysville; Rodney A. and Alexis M. Zaletel to S and S Aggregate Company; $350,000

734 Pearl Drive, Loudonville; Andrew L. and Jennifer R. Huffman to Rickie L. and Darlene Bilger; $69,900

520 State Route 95, Loudonville; Scott Savage to Edwin J. and Katherin M. Byler; $143,000

Vacant Land on Township Road 749, Loudonville; Thomas Ray Mumper to Jordan T. Rutherford; $22,000

Hanover Township

Equity Trust Company, Custodian FBO Ronald Patterson IRA to Tommy Lee and Nancy Donaldson; $169,000

No address listed, C10-014-0-0030-00; Roger W. Brown to JJO Structures LLC; $177,000

3269 State Route 3, Loudonville; Elmer B. and Ruth Ann R. Sensenig to Mohican Country Cabins; $165,000

231 South Adams Street, Loudonville; Robert K. Hinkle to Enda Janice Wilson; $113,500

311 North Adams Street, Loudonville; Charles E. and Tiffany M. Hill to Roger Allen Smith Jr. and Cindy Smith; $63,500

2991 County Road 529, Loudonville; Thomas E. Stake and Christine L. Bowman, co-trustees to Benjamin J. Schrock; $198,500

236 North Spring Street, Loudonville; Zachary R. and Breanna J. Ervin Hilliard to Adam N. and Diana Tournoux; $82,500 

Jackson Township

2093 Tarragon Drive, West Salem; Gretchen M. Patrizi to Ryan J. Thomas; $234,000

Unit / Lot 64, Cinnamon Lake subdivision; Cinnamon Lake Association to Mark and Wendessa Kover; $1,000

Unit / Lot 65, Cinnamon Lake subdivision; Cinnamon Lake Association to Mark and Wendessa Kover; $1,000

Unit / Lot 512, Cinnamon Lake subdivision; Cinnamon Lake Association to Gary Shank; $1,000

Lot 247 Byrrh Place, West Salem; Chrstine E. Hartman, Trustee to Russell Benjamin; $1,000

4099 Teak Place, West Salem; Estate of David L. Bell to Gary Whetstone; $106,000

1196 Ginko Drive, West Salem; George and Vitoria Corell to Kermit Neal and Michelle Stacy; $169,900

Chervil Drive, West Salem; Scott Kelso , Robert Runyon and one other to Brenda Nash; $100

83 State Route 42, West Salem; Richard A. and Jane E. Super to Healing Care Ministries; $399,490

2079 Tarragon Drive, West Salem; Scott A. and Karen A. Gerwig to Michael and Lauren Phillips; $162,000

Vacant land on County Road 500, West Salem; Edward C. and Kimberly A. Mann to Ervin and Amy McKinney; $17,291

Allium Court, Lot 228, West Salem; James D. Maxen to Thomas G. Cromer Sr. and Linda L. Cromer; $1,000

Unit 3, Lot 166 Cinnamon Lake subdivision; Cinnamon Lake Association to Lynn Jones; $1,000

Unit 3, Lot 167 Cinnamon Lake subdivision; Cinnamon Lake Association to Lynn Jones; $1,000

Unit 3, Lot 168 Cinnamon Lake subdivision; Cinnamon Lake Association to Lynn Jones; $1,000

Unit 3, Lot 169 Cinnamon Lake subdivision; Cinnamon Lake Association to Lynn Jones; $1,000

Unit 2, Lot 227 Cinnamon Lake subdivision; Cinnamon Lake Association to Jordan and Candace Ressler; $3,000

Vacant Land at Acuminata Drive, West Salem; Sandra L. Argirakis to Dennis D. and Brian S. Cottrell; $2,000

1421 Minosa Lane, West Salem; Scott Jancura to Tami Dreher; $2,461.29

405 County Road 700, Polk; Susan Mueller to Aaron Frazier; $148,000

Lake Township

2498 County Road 37, Lakeville; Matthew J. Steiner Sr. and Gail M. Steiner to Willow Brook Dairy LLC; $40,000

Vacant Land on Township Road 2450, Loudonville; Douglas L. and Susan K. Raubenolt to Tea Hill Organics LLC; $149,250

286 Township Road 2450, Loudonville; E. Andrew and Krystal Raubenolt to Tea Hill Organics LLC; $120,000

2564 Township Road 327, Loudonville; James Keith and Linda M. Fisher to Andrew J. and Tyann M. Hanna; $115,668

Mifflin Township 

1992 Township Road 1165, Ashland; James P. and Dorthy L. Brown to Chad McQuillen; $135,000

Vacant Land on Harlan Road, Lucas; Brent R. and Katherine N. Watson to Maglott Properties LLC; $3,000

Milton Township

1220 Township Road 1253, Ashland; Justin P. and Carrie L. Blair to Ethan R. and Narrah K. Crumlick; $249,000

Mohican Township

42 Plum Street, Jeromesville; William C. and Alicia M. Nethero to Hunter Scott and Tiffany Cornell; $135,000

Montgomery Township

1137 County Road 1175, Ashland; Barbara J. Warner to Marcanthony A. Hyme; $38,062.36

1.010 Acres on TownshipRoad 1516, Ashland; Michael P. and Regina M. Welch to Benjamin and Jennifer Thoma; $10,500

677 County Road 1302, Ashland; Kevin and Tammy Repp to David E. and Diane D. Eichelberger; $175,000

737 US Highway 42, Ashland; Ricky R. and Katherine L. Gough to Carrie and Jason Gough; $180,000

679 County Road 1302, Ashland; Ryan and Elizabeth Gilman to Kevin A. Regal; $154,000

696 County Road 1302 Unit A, Ashland; Carolyn Diane Freer, trustee of the Carolyn O. Freer Trust to Carolyn Diane Freer; $200,000

1058 County Road 1600, Ashland; Autumn R. Bachelder to Robert E. Bachelder; $82,500

Orange Township 

870 State Route 58, Ashland; Arline Hardman to Paul J.N. and Brittany N. James; $145,000

1000 State Route 302, Ashland; Duane L. and Mertie L. Dotterer to Jerry A. and Deborah A. Gibson; $421,500

2.172 Acres on County Road 620, Ashland; Countrytyme Norwich LLC to Arthur G. and Heather M. Puckett; $15,450

583 Township Road 761, Ashland; The Annabel M. Robinson Trust to Christopher D. and Emily J. Grilley; $73,000

Vacant land at County Road 620, Ashland; Eugene P. and Sherry J. Hayton to Caleb Kipp; $92,500

Perry Township

1660 Township Road 251, Jeromesville; David F. and Nancy L. Cartwright to David F. Cartwright II; $82,500

284 US Highway 250, Jeromesville; Stephanie M. Hall to Christian R. Ryan and Morgan P. Reed; $140,000

1681 Township Road 251, Jeromesville; Michael D. and Bonnie S. Bickel to Tenrab LLC; $167,000

1456 State Route 89, Ashland; William D. and Barbara A. Sloan to Jessica E. Sloan; $161,250


114 East Church Street, Perrysville; Ronald J. Lee to Kenneth E. Lee; $24,500

Sullivan Township

244 County Road 500, West Salem; Mose and Lena Swartentruber to Diannie H. and Mary J. Gingerich; $330,000

535 US Route 224, Sullivan; Steve Ferguson to Jerry E. and Stephanie L. Canfield; $135,000

Spencer Development Group to Menno A, Lydia D and Sammie D Hershberger; $39,500

State Route 58, Sullivan; John J. Miller to John M. and Millie A. Lehman; $185,000

Vacant land on County Road 281, Sullivan; Cathleen M. Mancuso Johnson, trustee to Vicki L. Heyman, trustee; $25,000

Vacant land on US Route 224, Sullivan; Madden, Hurdle Trust, Hurdle Investments to Ferg's Construction LLC; $53,000

615 Township Road 462, Sullivan; William C. and Gail A. Burkhead to Alicia D. Bartsch; $112,000

Troy Township

1062 US 224, Nova; Donald W. Wilder to Leonard A. and Kara A. Scaggs; $235,000

Vermillion Township

Vacant Land on Main Street, Hayesville; Annis B. Strine Trustee to Village of Hayesville; $120,632

1073 County Road 1754, Ashland; Robert E. and Dorthy Joan Piar. trustees to Matthew W. and Lauren F. Rafeld, trustees; $315,000

1720 Township Road 1714; Ashland; Jarrod K. Carroll to David R. Hinkle; $190,000

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