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ASHLAND -- The following is a complete list of Ashland County property transfers from the Ashland County Auditor's office for Feb. 26 through March 24. Property transfers are published monthly by Ashland Source.


1681 Orange Road, Ashland; Dalton Corporation, Ashland Manufacturing facility to Kaeser Properties LLC; $75,000

925 Ridge Road, Ashland; William E. and Verona L. Meredith, trustees to Zachariah J. and Crystal D. Spencer; $143,000

873 King Ridge Drive, Ashland; Tanya S. Slagle to Dodge A. and Shirley E. Slagle, trustees; $182,703.74

1215 Crestview Drive, Ashland; Robert J. Klaameyer to Christina Klaameyer; $72,000

621 Bruce Avenue, Ashland; Benjamin M. Benedetti to Jeffery T. and Karen M. Buren, trustees; $106,000

829 Avalon Drive, Ashland; Larry E. and Peggy S. Briggs to Calvin L. and Lynn A. Kiefer, trustees; $122,000

911 West Main Street, Ashland; Brandon R, Mosher to Douglas W. and Shirley A. Scheck; $110,000

1330 Jacobson Avenue, Ashland; Norma Jean Briggs to Jason E. Markel; $113,000

123 Lincoln Ave., Ashland; Denice M. Jacobs to Doll M. Fehling; $54,900

255 Orange Street, Ashland; James P. Costello to The Spoke LLC; $50,000

1738 Cottage Street, Ashland; Alice P. Farnam, trustee to William E. Snook II and Beverly K. Snook, trustees; $140,000

415 East Walnut Street, Ashland; Laura J. Bullard to Bruce A. and Renee M. Day; $125,500

520 Evergreen Street, Ashland; Gerald E. and Ruth Myers aka Ruth Tester by Sheriff E. Wayne Risner to Jericho Properties LTD; $12,000

1198 Jacobson Avenue, Ashland; Aaron D. and Wendy J. Barker to Roger D. Tobias; $86,000

513 Cherry Avenue, Ashland; Barbara Jean Townsend to Lewis Z. Parsons and Iris A. Morton; $87,500

129 Ferrell Avenue, Ashland; PNC Bank to Kenny L. Howman and Brock J. Bixler; $71,000

118 West 13th Street, Ashland; Lisa K. Martin and Cory Lee Dawson to Lukes J Given and Katrina Miller; $64,000 

223 West Washington Street, Ashland; David R. Miller to Teresa A. Watkins; $104,900

1122 Country Club Lane, Ashland; Ashland Faith Family Church to Donnie L. and Chin O. Moss; $45,600

270 South Countryside Drive, Ashland; Tyler and Jamie Jarvis to Patrick L. and Leah J. Sprague; $185,000

1846 Cottage Street, Ashland; Albert R. and Kelly M. Yutzy to Tyler R. Stuhldreher; $134,000

1058 Thomas Drive, Ashland; Kayla M. Mathison to Rodney A. and Rebekah D. Wilson; $150,000 

502 East Liberty Street, Ashland; Harold Mercer to Weaver Management Properties; $35,000

2.822 Acres on Sugarbush Road, Ashland; SVCN 5 LLC to Octagon Associates Ltd.; $287,655

1203 Wick Avenue, Ashland; Jason E. and Thalia Hoak to Clay O. Gibson; $65,500

25.6335 Acres on U.S. 250, Ashland; Octagon Associates to Ashland Development Ltd.; $1,702,015

2.8 Acres on U.S. 250, Ashland; Octagon Associates to Ashland Development Ltd.; $222,057

Clear Creek Township 

877 Wesley Road, Ashland; Calvin L. and Lynn A. Kiefer, trustees to Jeremy Oxender and Leighanna Cawrse; $114,500

4.085 Acres on State Route 545, Ashland; Warren L. and David W. Bobo to Timothy W. and Deborah R. Bernhard; $662,860

Green Township 

308 West Loudon Avenue, Loudonville; Jeremy Edmondson to Codee A. Bebout Valentine; $59,000

720 North Birch Drive, Loudonville; Dane P. Royse to Eric S. McCaskey; $63,000

169 East Third Street, Perrysville; Bruce and Shelba McCoy; Daniel E. and Sarah Ann A. Wengard; $40,000

103 Walnut Alley, Perrysville; Marilym Mowery to Casey M. Young; $13,000

Hanover Township 

305 Riverside Drive, Loudonville; estate of Ursula Studer, Ramona L. Emery, executrix to 305 Riverside Drive, Loudonville; $85,000

Vacant Land Township Road 539, Loudonville; John M. Boychi, Ann M. Boychi, Christopher J. Boychi and Kyle J. Boychi to Larry, Michelle and Jonathan Mullen; $109,900

449 S. Mount Vernon Avenue, Loudonville; Cody M. and Allie M. Ullman to Jason Arnold and Rachel A. Sndyer

Jackson Township

797 County Road 175, West Salem; Crist S. and Elizabeth Swartzentruber to Levi D. and Katie J. Stutzman; $130,000

Unknown Address; Ronnie D. and Pamela A. Brown to William D. and Dorthy I. Remington. $1,000

1090 Township Road 353, Polk; Raymond R. and Deborah S. Crawford to Tyler M. Wile; $135,000

3099 Curry Lane, West Salem; Robert and Peggy Moran to Hilary Martin; $375

3100 Curry Lane, West Salem; Robert and Peggy Moran to Hilary Martin; $375

6036 Sequoia Place, West Salem; Dennis and Janet Wilson to John L. Anderson; $133,500

1312 Brandy Lane, West Salem; Sandra Kay Wilfong to Theodore E. Svenson; $173,000

2002 Corlander Drive, West Salem; Russell J. Maier to Richland C. and Norma L. Darr; $220,000

Lake Township

2354 Township Road 257, Jeromesville; Marlin N. and Barbara Ann Beachy to Nelson M. Beachy and Karen Miller; $20,208


124 West Loudon Avenue, Loudonville; Garold H. and Mary Irene Hunt to Bryan M. Hall; $84,000

415 and 415 1/2 South Water Street, Loudonville; Robert I. Shopley to Homerun Properties LLC; $104,000

Milton Township 

1172 State Route 96, Ashland; Cody N. and Hannah M. Granneman to Colby and Brianna Dauch; $110,000

1326 Township Road 1253, Ashland; Gary D. Williams to Paul Middleton and Anita Kassuba-Middleton; $126,500

1220 U.S. Route 42, Ashland; Bradley G. and Laura E. McAfoos to US 42 Storage LLC; $231,500

1274 Township Road 1253, Ashland; Estate of Robert T. Thompson to Vernon H. and Ella A. Yoder; $93,500

1425 Township Road 1688, Ashland; Ronald G. Whited Jr. to Top Flight Real Estate LLC; $86,500

28.019 Acres on Township Road 1506, Ashland; John W., Deborah S. and Russell W. Morris to Penton Properties; $112,000

1001 Chestnut Street, Ashland; Raphil Crain to David and  Joseph B. Crain; $20,000 

1451 County Road 1475, Ashland; Nancy L. Neer to Ralph L. Ammons Sr. and Deborah K. Ammons; $168,100

1183 County Road 1353, Ashland; Mitchell F. and Susanna Goschinski to Daniel and Gina Deppert; $325,000

Mohican Township 

267 County Road 30A, Jeromesville; Bryan, Ronnie and Duane Bodager, co-trustees to Sharon K. Seiter and Daniel Joseph McWeeny; $370,000

Montgomery Township 

1 acre of land on Township Road 1600, Ashland; George E. and M. Ann Franklin to Brock and Amy Rader; $4,000

947 Township Road 1514, Ashland; G & K Rowland Builders Inc to Percy R. and Bonnie L. White; $268,500

763 Township Road 1102, Ashland; Christopher R. Billinghurst to Alexis Schoenian; $152,500

1511 State Route 60, Ashland; Bradley L. Schlechty to Henry E. Schalabach; $200,000

1514 State Route 60, Ashland; Douglas R. LeFever to LNJ Properties of Ashland LLC; $39,000

Orange Township 

848A State Route 511, Ashland; Collins Complexes to Bonnie J. Harigan; $150,000

15.876 acres on Township Road 851, Ashland; Andrew N. Zimmie to Douglas W. and Ginger R. Huff; $119,000 

650 State Route 302, Ashland; Kyle D. and Rachel B. Mendenhall to Christopher R. and Kaylee D. Billinghurst; $303,000

Perry Township

1339 Township Road 63, West Salem; Eddie and Barbara Miller to Orrin J. and Naomi I. Miller; $95,000

330 County Road 1302, Polk; Aaron H. and Lindsey M. Forbes to Benjamin M. and Julie Benedetti; $225,000

1624 Township Road 65, Jeromesville; Moses Paul and Stacey J. Miller to Charles A. and Heather J. Moore; $332,000

49.274 Acres on State Route 89, Ashland; Todd E. Ross to CliffordR. and Catherine L. Campbell; $240,000

Sullivan Township

0 U.S. Route 224, Ashland; William F. and Kathleen C. Hurdle to Wayne A. and Jessica L. Christopher; $11,000 

Troy Township

Vacant Lane County Road 150, Nova; Estate of Donald A. Davidson to John S. Hadgis Trustee; $370,000

914 U.S. Highway 224, Nova; Freedom Mortgage to Adam and Malinda Gancos; $45,000

99 State Route 511, Nova; Patrick Doran to Curtis and Jani Sword; $37,000 

Vermillion Township 

2025 State Route 60, Perrysville; Ronald Armstrong to David and Whitney Strory; $21,000

2288 Township Road 925, Perrysville; Richard L. Shambaugh to Raymond P. Miller; $48,111

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