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ASHLAND -- The following is a complete list of Ashland County property transfers from the Ashland County Auditor's office for Feb. 24 through March 30. 

Property transfers are published monthly by Ashland Source.


804 Elm Street, Ashland; David and Barbara Kircher to Mid- Ohio Home Pros LLC; $1,000 

1015 Hillsdale Drive, Ashland; Judy Mae Burke to Shaun M. and Bethany A. Montgomery; $196,000

818 Union Street, Ashland; Ashland Community Credit Union to Dylan 23; $60,000

343 Hillcrest Drive, Ashland; Stephen M. Sneed to Penton Properties; $80,000

515 Ohio Street, Ashland; Donald E. Bigelow to Debra K. And Troy A. Veigi; $129,500

1004 Wick Avenue, Ashland; Brendan L. Duffey to Jeanette Vanetta; $75,000

1006 East Main Street, Ashland; Jonathan J. Ekey to Gavin and Kristina White; $21,000

Cottage Street, Ashland; Deborah Bursley and Jamey Roland to Robert L. and Elizabeth M. Newcomer; $45,000

516 West 10th Street, Ashland; William Joseph Kollar to Trevor M. Kusa; $78,000

1065 Broad Street, Ashland; William D. Davis to Reed and Janet Stone; $128,000

1062 Shady Lane, Ashland; Kevin A. and Kristen L. McClain to Nenjamin W. Bolin; $205,000

877 Avalon Drive, Ashland; Martha J. Abram, Roger C. Yost, Curtis Yost and Luann Brunner to Todd O. and Elan W. Simonson' $120,000

420 Broad Street, Ashland; Carlos R. and Meghan L. Rodriguez to Equity Trust Company Custodian FBO Sherry A. Butcher, Roth IRA; $120,000

1109 Troy Road, Ashland; Craig J. and Tiffany Murray to Brendan L. and Breeanda N. Duffey; $125,000

1522 Short Street, Ashland; Tish D. Mullins to Hunter Martin and Malorie Kinney; $80,000

307 Diamond Street, Ashland; Lavaranda L. Andy to Kelly and Casey Cooke and Tuler and Jamie Jarvis; $52,500

858 King Ridge Drive, Ashland; Mark L. Hastings to Jacqueline L. Workman; $165,000

1031 Wick Avenue, Ashland; Myreda R. Johnson to Richard C. Tyler; $69,500

148 Samaritan Avenue, Ashland; Amanda R. Frye to Arron J. Blubaugh; $149,900

1817 Master Avenue, Ashland; Liqui Box Corporation to FSC LBC Master LLC; $5,279,693

142 Matthews Avenue, Ashland; Timothy L. and Rebecca S. Plank to Tyesha Cheatham; $94,000

341 Goodman Court, Ashland; Stuart Lee Mathias to Maren Holdings LLC; $10,000

224 Sharon Avenue, Ashland; Rick A. and Elizabeth J. Pierce to Joseph E. Stimpert; $140,000

901 Avalon Drive, Ashland; Estate of Robert M. Patalano to Mary Faith Hammond; $120,000

1397 Meadow Lane, Ashland; Matthew Aaron Thomas Sweet II and Brooke Ashley Sweet to Patrick Vern Murphey and Elisabeth Murphy; $205,000

260 Ashland Avenue, Ashland; Julie E. Mulkey to Steven R. Bowen; $63,500

420 East Walnut Street, Spencer T. and Kaitlynn M. Dolezal to Brayden RT Faith; $103,000

113 Downs Court, Ashland; Cynthia A. Spoon to Heather M. Moheman; $60,000

141 Holbrook Street, Ashland; Kevin Regal and Tami Tester to Christina J. Thompson; $78,000

1017 College Boulevard, Ashland; Michael S. Anderson and Karen D. Wanggaard-Anderson to Quinn A. and Grace C. Watson; $122,900

402 Carroll Street, Ashland; Carol E. Clark to Henok G. and Sarah G. Begashaw; $62,000

1236 Hunters Walk East, Ashland; Mary E. Witmer to Llyd Emerson Ringley Sr. and Estella Kay Ringley; $160,000

705 Country Club Lane, Ashland; Lorne E. and Dixie R. Miller to Curtis R. Baker; $292,000

103 East 12th Street, Ashland; Keith A. Bryan to William Z. Edwards; $70,800

1403 Cottage Street, Ashland; Perry's Rentals to Charles Gregory; $30,000

1431 Orange Road, Ashland; Brittany Profit to Renee Russell; $95,390

133 Sloan Avenue, Ashland; Jeffery L. Harris and Joyce S. Hylton to Katherine C. Pritchard; $90,000

1738 Pinebrook Court, Unit A, Building 11, Ashland; Helen J. Adkins Trust, Edward E. Adkins to Charles K. and Arlene E. Deitz and Loretta A. Dietz; $214,900

319 E. Liberty Street, Ashland; Samuel and Caryl Richmond to Thomas E. Smoot; $70,000

211 Sloan Avenue, Ashland; Shayne M. Kessinger to Cierra Lisabeth Lynn Zeigler; $39,315 

919 Oakbrook Drive, Ashland; Oscar W. Jarvis to Pamela J. Bradley; $190,000

104 West Washington Street, Ashland; Marlana Hale to Regen Properties; $43,985

323 Delafield Avenue, Ashland; David Baker and Breeann Landis to David Baker; $33,400

222 Samaritan Avenue, Ashland; Timothy Cooper to Aaron and Angela Letterly: $157,900

Clear Creek Township 

1021 U.S. Route 250, Ashland; Sandra Uselton to BCU Properties; $115,000

Green Township 

630 State Route 95, Loudonville; Steven P. Abrams to Brian N. and Tonia M. Mowry; $370,000

716 Pearl Drive, Loudonville; Jay Restoring to Big Ten Property Rentals; $102,300

704 Township Road 2744, Loudonville; Stephanie A. and Joseph D. Glass to Eric and Julie Stitzlein; $280,000

635 Wooster Road, Loudonville; Ryan H. And Kaitlyn Reiheld to Payton E. and Alisha C. Colopy; $173,000

411 North Spring Street, Loudonville; Kay Huffman to Leah N. Kovas-Van Meter; $113,500

Hanover Township

267 West Main Street and 111 South Spring Street, Loudonville; Redbird Rental Properties to Big Ten Properties; $132,500

403 South Mount Vernon Avenue, Loudonville; Emily and Kirk Patrick to Mollie Neale; $110,000

815 East Main Street, Ashland; Robert and Melissa Looney to Lee Oliver; $251,000

613 Youngs Terrace, Loudonville; Kiel M. Dozier to Michael L. Workman II; $285,000

110 Penn Avenue, Perrysville; Jarrod R. Strine to Andrew J. and Cashayla D. Forsthoefel; $150,000

782 County Road 3275, Loudonville; Norene Emily Crawford to Chad and Kendra Buzzard; $61,200

782 County Road 3275, Loudonville; Chad and Kendra Buzzard to 2 rivers Holdings LLC; $95,000

Jackson Township 

541 Middle Street, Polk; Raymond D. Moore III to J & J Housing II; $50,000

4212 Majoma, West Salem; Fred and Ruth Rieman to Mary Dunham; $37,000

4194 Cinnamon Drive, West Salem; Carolyn Miller to Tammy L. Adams; $133,400

Unlisted property; Judith A. Petrime to Colleen Leuschel; $5,500

6003 East Cinnamon Drive, West Salem; Richard B. McClurg to Michael and Vicki Jean Lowe; $123,300

0 Township Road 353, Polk; Matthew J. And Tracie L. Elgin to Dennis Lee Yost; $20,000

Vacant Land Acuminata Drive, West Salem; James C. Linn to Sandra J. Rusinko; $51,000

202 State Route 604, Lot #2, Polk; Andrew D. Porter to Christopher R. Swanson; $120,000

2058 Cayenne Place, Jackson Township; Loewlien Herbert C. and Di Maio Diane E. to Fred and Ruth Rieman; $2,760

301 County Road 620, West Salem; David A. Hostetler to Menino M. and Lovina D. Lehman; $300,000

200 County Road 620, West Salem; Shawn and Amanda Yambor to Judith G. Grant and Randall S. Dystra; $185,000

Cinnamon Lake Unit 2, lot 56, West Salem; Mamoon W. and Annette Tackla to Al and Kathleen M. Zopan; $5,000

5040 Maderia Drive, West Salem; Jason M. and Nicole Kopek to Jeremy Dodge; $165,000

2.716 Acres on State Route 89, Jackson Township; Wayne E. Brinkerhoff to Sandra L. and Thomas W. Arrendale; $120,000

4150 Cedar Lane, West Salem; Edward D. and Dee A. Grant to Teddy O. Hamilton; $157,501

4228 Majorna Drive, West Salem; Fred and Jo Lynn Wertherly to Paul and Tamara Lentini; $3,500


145 Adams Street, Jeromesville; Trevor D. Cline to Danielle L. Hanning; $153,375

Lake Township 

Vacant Land Township Road 505, Loudonville; Cindy S. Quay to Brandon A. Allison; $200,000

9001 Township Road 461, Loudonville; Eric B. and Julie A. Stitzlein to Andrew J. And Joel Miller; $200,000


480 Stone Meadow Circle, Loudonville; Adam C. and Kristie L. Ray to Miranda and Adam B. Guy; $315,000

Mifflin Township

2103 State Route 603, Ashland; Carl M. and Karen S. Chelski to Curtis and Karen Nolen; $230,000

323 Schiago Trail, Ashland; Yvonne D. and Michael P. Halunen to Bryan Joel and Jennifer Marie Rychlik; $164,950

Milton Township

1283 County Road 1356, Ashland; Megan E. Harper to Bette J. James; $145,000

136.460 Acres State Route 96, Ashland; Gary A. Hummel to B. Kevin and Bernice Zimmerman and Stanley and Martha Zimmerman; $1,072,363.40

1214 Township Road 1506, Ashland; Dennis K. and Dona L. Paulo to David E. Bowser; $97,000

1407 State Route 603, Ashland; James Cleavenger to Jeremy and Sandra Detwiler; $42,938

Mohican Township 

15 Huron Street, Jeromesville; Ashland Lawn Care to Chad R. Eberhardt; $90,000

187 County Road 2000, Jeromesville; Nathan Bradley to Brent and Erin Altenburger; $269,900

488 County Road 1775, Jeromesville; heather Ho Heffelfinger to Craig and Malissa Draper; $599,500 

1840 County Road 2175, Jeromesville; Terri L. Hull to Debbie J. Hange; $5,000

1840 County Road 2175, Jeromesville; Rebekah L. Schafferto Debbie J. Hange; $5,000

1840 County Road 2175, Jeromesville; John M. Schaffer to Debbie J. Hange; $5,000

1840 County Road 2175, Jeromesville; Shelly J. Hottman to Debbie J. Hange; $15,000

2127 Township Road 505, Loudonville; Daniel Eicher and Martha Nisley Eicher to Jonathan H. and Mary J. Nisley; $168,000

291 County Road 2000, Jeromesville; Pamela J. Bradley to Joshua A. and Amanda L. Mitchell; $288,000

147 to 149 Township Road 75, Jeromesville; Robert and Eileen Thompson to Scott Titler; $320,000

2276 State Route 179, Jeromesville; Nickolas A. Thomas to Christopher and Jessica A. Chambers; $71,000

2155 State Route 179, Jeromesville; Chelson L. and Kristina J. Duck to Ryan N. and Hanna D. Sigler; $245,000

Montgomery Township 

1310 Township Road 653, Ashland; Gary H. Fortney and Gerald W. Fortney and Kelly L. Schlechty; $225,000

1149A U.S. Route 250, Ashland; Amanda Phillips to David M. Hanson and Melinda Gingerich; $133,500

Vacant Land State Route 60, Ashland; Daniel N. and Julia E. Kamburoff to Denny J. Smith; $450,000

696 County Road 1302, Ashland; Suzanne G. Carruthers to Brad and Jennifer Beckwith; $500,000

1523 County Road 1575, Ashland; The Meyer Revocable Living Trust to Rollin M. Cox II and Mary E. Cox; $90,500

County Road 1575, Ashland; The Meyer Revocable Living Trust to Christopher L. and Sharon J. Meyer; $146,000

1499 County Road 1575, Ashland; The Meyer Revocable Living Trust to Dewey and Karen Meyer; $115,000

County Road 1575, Ashland; The Meyer Revocable Living Trust to Dewey and Karen Meyer; $775,000

930 Township Road 1514, Ashland; G and K Rowland Homes to Michael M. and Brittanisy A. Grist; $315,900

873 County Road 1600, Ashland; Ronald and Barbara Leddy to Janice and John Eitelgeorge; $450,000

859 County Road 1600, Ashland; Ronald and Barbara Leddy to LuMae One; $680,000

Orange Township 

State Route 89, Ashland; The EdWin W. Zacharias Living Trust to The Flying Pig Farm Ltd.; $645,097.45

601 State Route 89, Ashland; The EdWin W. Zacharias Living Trust to Dewey and Karen Meyer; $1,401,811.62

687 County Road 620, Ashland; Eugene P. and Sherry J. Hayton to Danielle Heppner Stefanski; $277,000

828 Township Road 974, Ashland; Christina Thompson to Scott Thompson; $100,800

805 State Route 302, Nankin; Matthew D. and Kelsey A. Puster to Barry C. And Brittany Tanner; $112,000

Vacant Land on State Route 58, Ashland; Betty J. and Cheryl Bartley to The Flying Pig Farm; $1,000

Perry Township 

Vacant Land at 1110 County Road 251, Polk; Gregory A. and Suelle O. Datkuliak; $200,000

1156 State Route 89, Ashland; David M. and Debra Sue Emmons Vasel; $70,000

171 U.S. Route 250 East, Ashland; Jeremy J. Fagan to Aquapro Plumbing; $10,000

1156 State Route 89, Ashland; Summer Younce to Kevin Randall Younce; $80,000

1478 State Route 89, Ashland; Brian and Dianna Stimmeli to Kerri L. Schaub; $90,000

379 Township Road 1500, Jeromesville; Gary E. and Ruth A. Cripe to Sean A. Seal; $2,602

383 Township Road 1500, Jeromesville; Gary E. and Ruth A. Cripe to Richard C. and Sandra L. Hootman; $8,397.50

326 County Road 1302, Polk; Michael D. and Mallory L. Constance to Christina Michelle Galbraith; $195,000

1104 County Road 175, Polk; Kevin L. and Deborah L. Clemons to Red Haw Properties; $59,000


435 Main Street, Polk; Jerry L. and Rebecca E. Lelbolt to Jon Michael and Rachael Leibolt; $165,000

215 East Congress Street, Polk; Earl N. and Kathryn A. Crossen; $166,500

Ruggles Township 

Township Road 126, New London; David and Jennifer Fedders to Lee C. Miller; $55,000

1128 Township Road 346, Nova; James and Rebecca Beattie to Benjamin P. Klier and Sarah E. Carter; $159,900

Sullivan Township

251 Township Road 50, Sullivan; Donna D. Cutlip to Daniel Bailey; $300,000

State Route 58, Sullivan; James and Sharon S. Patterson to Paul Patterson; $1,000

335 State Route 58, Sullivan; Lonnie D. and Dawn M. McGlocklin to Richard Todd Brumback and Kim Lachendro; $190,000

527 Township Road 150, Sullivan; Brian R. Smetzer to Eli P. and Mary B. Miller; $195,000

474 State Route 58, 478 State Route 58, 517 Township Road 462 and 511 Township Road 462; Patricia Weber to Rockin T. Ranch; $1,712,500

County Road 681, Sullivan; Sabol, Teresa DHee to Deere Green Acres; $769,620

279 Township Road 581, Sullivan; Holly E. Curry to 4 Feet Love Properties; $82,500

424 Township Road 581, Sullivan; Linda L. Boyd to Gavin Lee and Summer C. Boyd; $125,000

Troy Township

897 Township Road 150, Nova; Robin L. and Timothy Jankowski to Jermey and Marie N. McDaniel; $125,000

954 County Road 40, Nova; Emery P. Miller to Rachel M. Fenik; $188,000

Township Road 150, Nova; Robert M. and Juniata Kilbane to Robert W. Lance; $16,000

1008 County Road 40, Nova; Allan D. Pace, Richard Pace and Theodore Von Pace to Timothy Debalzo; $249,900

Vermillion Township

1031 County Road 2075, Ashland; Jamie and Jacqueline A. Wolff to Kevin S. Hyatt; $115,000

589 Township Road 2152, Loudonville; Jeffery L. Young, Timothy R. Young, Douglas A. Young to Jeffery L. Young; $54,600

2132 Township Road 505, Loudonville; Robert K. and Joni M. Obrecht to Kevin and Lindsy Obrecht; $180,000

2176 State Route 511, Perrysville: Ashley Bolin to Gerald E. and Vicki R. Young; $425,000

2046 County Road 771, Perrysville; carol Ann Armstrong Gaines, Susan Armstrong Goard, Sharon Armstrong Crider, Ronald Armstrong, Joseph Armstrong, Patricia Armstrong Bailey to Mills Dairy Farm; $667,300

2061 County Road 775, Perrysville; Sharon Crider to Mills Dairy Farm; $1,619,000

West Salem

1046 Mango Court, West Salem; Warbucks Woods LLC to Timothy J. Rising; $59,900

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