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ASHLAND -- The following is a complete list of Ashland County property transfers from the Ashland County Auditor's office for April 29 through May 26.

Property transfers are published monthly by Ashland Source.


963 Overlook Drive, Ashland; Tenrab LLC to Dwane P. Postlethwait Jr.; $130,000

1028 Elm Street, Ashland; Cathy Kaeser to Dean A. Etzwiler; $35,000

1230 Columbus Circle North, Ashland; Jacob and Amanda Studer to Kolleen Crall; $169,500

1229 King Road, Ashland; Christina M. Fannin wtta Christina M. Winland Carr to Michael M. and Alexis T. Fellciano; $111,000

845 Ridge Road, Ashland; Sara S. Smetana, Thomas A. Shenberger, Susan V. Pesci and Stephen R. Shenberger to Jarrod Gable; $154,000

1.10 Acres on Commerce Parkway, Ashland; Light Eagle LLC to Heffelfinger Properties LLC; $110,000

610 Heltzman Avenue, Ashland; Diann Kay Smetzer to Donovan S. and Renee N. Linder; $108,000

717 Center Street, Ashland; Dean H. and Janice Banta to Veta Capital; $214,000

517 East 5th Street, Ashland; Patricia Ramsey to Lindsay Householder; $15,000

1276 Center Lane, Ashland; The Hansen Webel Living Trust to Roger A. and Laura Bowling; $235,000 

2605 Mifflin Avenue, Ashland; Jeffery C. and Jamie L. Honsker; $125,000

1427 Smith Road, Ashland; Laurie Kay Vanglider to Kelly Goettsche; $190,000

864 Country Club Lane, Ashland; Regen Properties LLC to Brian F. and Tammy J. Miline; $239,900

225 West 4th Street, Ashland; Kathryn I. Hall Trustee to Lindale Holdings; $38,000

411 Katherine Avenue, Ashland; Tamara Webb to Elizabeth A. Webb; $150,000

114 Ferrell Avenue, Ashland; Michael L. and Elizabeth A. Leasure to Crystal D. Hamilton; $98,000

950 Thomas Drive, Ashland; Kyle L. and Elizabeth E. Kingler to Audrey G. and William N. Carr III; $175,000

932 Woodview Drive, Ashland; James P. and Donna L. Thomas to McKenzie Metzger and James Nemeth; $186,750

209 Vine Street, Ashland; Jericho Holdings to Kaley R. Adkins and Dalton C. Reed; $59,900

131 Countryview Avenue; Lance P. Ebert to Cheryl Lynn Bates; $139,000

2217 Oakcrest Lane, Ashland; Sale R. and Marcia L. Stoffer to Paul R. and Molly Stoffer; $260,000

1315 Meadow Lane, Ashland; Henry C. Stapleton to Ivey J. Buffenmyer; $150,000

642 Marlo Avenue, Ashland; Christopher P. Harding to Joseph M. Mitchell; $68,500

255 South Countryside Drive, Ashland; Thomas B. and Ann M. Wurster, trustees to Denny D. and Randi P. Bittle; $425,000

885 King Ridge Drive, Ashland; Joyce M. Fowell, trustee to Nannette K. Anderson, Marcy and Radoslaw Bolek, Jennifer A. Ko and C. William Anderson; $155,000

127 Brookside Drive, Ashland; Robert and Brittany F. Fisher to John A. and Anita L. Hickinbotham; $117,500

840 Ridge Road, Ashland; Perry F. Jr. and Cheryl L. Tanner to Michael L. and Jessica L. Harris; $102,000

1735 Kingwood Court, Ashland; Norma J. Spencer to Sharon Kay (Tinsley) Tatsch, trustee; $190,000

137 West Main Street, Ashland; Justin Singleton to Tracy J. Jones; $170,000 

Clear Creek Township

806 Township Road 1101, Ashland; William R. and Lucy A. Krumlaw to Justin D. and Amanda L. Garcia; $232,500

1.112 Acres on Township Road 1056, Ashland; Anne E. Halley to Travis KcKenzie; $30,000

810 Township Road 1101, Ashland; Terry D. Bowman to Michael T. and JoAnne Parsons; $29,000

Green Township 

1064 B. Township Road 2375, Perrysville; Clifford Jay and Crystal R. Harris to Levi C. Harris; $135,000

Vacant Land on County Road 917, Perrysville; Alan L. and Lois M. Miller to Dale R. and Patricia J. Libben; $160,430 

2.404 Acres on State Route 39, Perrysville; Mohican River Canoe Livery to Ayers Farms; $25,000

Hanover Township

627 West Main Street, Loudonville; Donald W. and Shelly L. Taylor to Megan M. Swainhart; $125,000

336 Wales Drive, Loudonville; Sue E. Banks to Adam Tyler and Emma Catherine Harper; $235,000


15 North Mechanic Street, Hayesville; Lori K. Shoudt to Meghan L. Copeland; $110,000

Jackson Township

704 Roberts Street, Polk; Brian and Tammy Hildebrand to Todd L. and Sarah A. Hildebrandt; $54,500

1061 Challot Drive, West Salem; Michelle Persinger, Daniel Persinger, Katelyn Richardson (Persinger) to Elizabeth A. Dailey and Robert T. Dailey III; $71,500

1473 Branca Court, West Salem; John E. Kneler to Lynn Jones; $2,500

1580 Cinnamon Drive South, West Salem; Gordon L. and Kathryn L. Myers to Evan Huegel; $150,000

996 County Road 175, Polk; Linda Horton and Evelyn Foster to Eli J. and Rebecca Swartzentruber; $21,000

Vacant Land on Township Road 251; Beverly J. Dobson to Josiah Evan Dobson; $125,000

1131 Cinnamon Drive, West Salem; Adele Sawatzi and Ursel Vaughn, Co-trustees to Kevin R. Jarrell; $137,500 

Unit 3, Lot 278 Cinnamon Lake Subdivision; Cinnamon Lake Association to Victor and Rosemary Dublina; $500

Unit 3, Lot 274 Cinnamon Lake Subdivision; Cinnamon Lake Association to Victor and Rosemary Dubina; $500

Unit 2, Lot 140 Cinnamon Lake Subdivision; Cinnamon Lake Association to Scott and Karen Gerwig; $500

Unit 1, Lot 516 Cinnamon Lake Subdivision; Cinnamon Lake Association to April McPike; $500

Unit 3, Lot 273 Cinnamon Lake Subdivision; Cinnamon Lake Association to Victor and Rosemary Dubina; $500

906 County Road 175, Polk; Larry and Helen Kerr to Chester and Nicole Danielle Claypool; $240,000

Unit 1, Lot 554 Cinnamon Lake Subdivision; Josef and Deborah Franz to Dornell Kelly; $2,500

Lake Township

Township Road 327, Loudonville; Emma S. Hostetler to Samuel L. and Rachel Hochstetler; $70,000


122 South Jefferson Street, Loudonville; Margaret Callahan, Joel Shanab and Elias Abu Shanab to Preston Marshall Frazee; $109,900

721 East Main Street, Loudonville; Kathryne L. and William M. Shafer to Colton B. Cronebach; $98,000

Mifflin Township

415 Lakeshore Road, Ashland; Frank A. Snyder II to Branda Kay Rowe; $230,000

1224 Township Road 1875, Ashland; David M. and Sandra K. Stimpert to Brittany H. and Ryan C. Poling; $228,000

Mohican Township 

331 County Road 30A, Jeromesville; Rex B. Schaefer to Aaron B. and Nicole N. Tallmadge; $217,000

County Road 1975, Jeromesville; Karen R. Freelon to Craig Austin; $12,000

Montgomery Township

10-87 County Road 1600, Ashland; John F. Baker to Hogan G. and Brenda K. Barnes; $220,000

719 U.S. Route 42, Ashland; Lester E. and Diane M. Hoffman to Cory D. Reed; $225,000

1134 Township Road 793, Ashland; Tracy L. and Betty M. McBride to Jason and Agata Mcbride; $142,875

Orange Township

975 Township Road 783, Ashland; Gary Howard Fortney to Terry A. Brown and Shari A. Harper; $200,000

Perry Township

152 U.S. Route 250, Polk; Estate of Marcella L. Pryor to Timothy J. and Theresa L. Pryor; $7,500

1585 and 1589 State Route 89, Jeromesville; Hal J. Vacco to Amend Enterprises LLC.; $230,000

1604 Township Road 65, Jeromesville; James E. and Patricia A. Kenyon to Robert L. Weaver; $275,000


128 East Third Street, Perrysville; John J. Jr. and Miriam E. Keim to Mark A. Hill; $87,000


539 Middle Street, Polk; Jon J. Yoder and John P. Miller to Edwin A. Jr. and Tammy R. Rastorfer; $115,000

Ruggles Township

429 County Road 1281, Greenwich; Kolleen Crall to Corona Enterprises LLC; $715,440

Vacant Land on U.S. Route 224, Sullivan; J & S. Country Acres LLC to The Top Revocable Living Trust dated April 6, 2007; $95,000

Sullivan Township

439 State Route 58, Sullivan; John E. Pine Jr. and Krista R. Pine to Stephen H. and Patricia A. Dailey; $450,000

Vacant Land on County Road 500; Kathleen A. Singer Attabbaa to Spencer Development Group LLC; $32,000

492 Township Road 212, Sullivan; Michelle Lowe to Erin Rowland; $10,000

Troy Township

927 U.S. Route 224, Nova; Thomas M. Herpel to Joseph Caldwell and Steven Bowen; $56,500


Vacant Land on Township Road 555, Jeromesville; Staci J. Seibert to Joseph W. and Heather K. Lewis; $33,000 

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