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ASHLAND -- The following is a complete list of Ashland County property transfers from the Ashland County Auditor's office for April 28 through May 25. 

Property transfers are published monthly by Ashland Source.


347 S. Countryside Drive, Ashland; Shaw T. Rader to Patrick E. and Suellen Arter; $345,000.

1023 Thomas Drive, Ashland; Estate of Judith A. Boeh, Juston T. Boeh, Administrator WWA to Kelly S. and Jeffrey M. Franklin; $149,000.

1029 Jackson Drive, Ashland; Allen M. Fawley and Jenna R. Fawley to Dylan J. Lee and Molly R. Lee; $175,000.

502 W. 10th Street, Ashland; Bany V. Whitt to Michael Buzzard; $1,000.

East 8th Street, Ashland; Nicolaus Schwan and Lisa E. Schwan to Christopher P. Harding; $50,000.

1123 College Boulevard, Ashland; Kevin S. Lacey and Bridget A. Lacey to Jason Daniel Schwalm; $225,000.

1040 Westview Avenue, Ashland; Eagleland Properties, LLC to Terry H. Wardle and Cheryl L. Wardle; $160,000.

185 Sharon Avenue, Ashland; Angela L. Diehl to Erica L. Ryals; $111,000.

513 Carroll Street, Ashland; DLB Properties, Ltd. to Seth Shearer; $29,000.

326 East 3rd Street, Ashland; Valerie Woods to Barry D. Goheen; $10,400.

226 West Liberty Street, Ashland; Steven J. Kaiser II to Mayve Riedy; $142,900.

306 Phillips Avenue, Ashland; Rebecca A. Sabo to JoAnne E. Smalley; $185,000.

11 East 9th Street, Ashland; Three-C Rentals, LLC by Curt Conner to Zachary Pryor and Alishe Armentrout; $35,000.

1142 Fox Run Drive, Ashland; Jay S. Edmondson and William R. Edmondson to Lance Morgan Wray and Taylor Lynn Krause; $190,000.

1100 Columbus Circle, Ashland; Kristi L. Ward to Scott Meyer and Angela S. Meyer; $187,000.

159 Sunset Drive, Ashland; Sondra M. Shepherd to Nathan Richey and Julia Beeson; $170,000.

Lot 3671 on Mifflin Avenue, Ashland; Catherine J. Chandler Kline to Michael S. Walker and Cynthia Lynn West; $38,000.

920 Chestnut Street, Ashland; Samuel L. Roberts and Jenna K. Roberts to Shawn Stover; $123,000.

240 Samaritan Ave., Ashland; Jeffrey J. and Kimberly L. Bood to Taylor E. McPherran; $144,900.

430 W. Main St., Ashland; Homer W. and Brenda K. Sherk to 62 Invest, LLC; $100,000.

2381 Woodview Court, Ashland; Beth Dray to Rodney W. and Julie A. Rogers, co-trustees; $365,000.

1702 Claremont Ave., Ashland; JerDan Real Estate, Ltd. to D and D Auto, LLC; $90,000.

1753 Kingwood Court, Ashland; Margaret J. Powell to Anna L. Tackett; $198,500.

227 E. 10th St., Ashland; Theodore J. Masaitis to EMROMOW, LLC; $65,000.

940 Avalon Drive, Unit B, Ashland; Lisa Armstrong to Harry R. Hill and Lucinda L. Hill; $124,900.

309 E. Ninth St., Ashland; TENRAB, LLC to Melody A. Schlesing; $84,900.

316 W. Main St., Ashland; R-House-4U, Ltd to Samuel David Hartshorn and Laura Maria Hartshorn; $85,000.

1115 College Blvd., Ashland; Julie A. Rawson to Misako Kawai; $118,000.

1122 Country Club Lane, Unit 201, Ashland; Karen J. Mickey, Trustee of the Karen J. Mickey Revocable Trust to Brian J. Stryker; $96,700.

615 West Main St., Ashland; Luke Cellar to Jose G. Ortiz Sr.; $59,000.

226 W. Second Street, Ashland; Adijer James Black to Top Flight Real Estate LLC; $45,000. 

1187 Pheasant Run Lane, Ashland; Donald E. Aten to Nancy L. Noble; $156,000.

327 Jennings Ave., Ashland; Jeffery S. Cooper Jr. to Trevor T. Callaham; $70,000.

Lot 3896, Miller Street, Ashland; BP Products North America to Miller-Ashland Properties, LLC; $3,000.

403 Park St., Ashland; Midwest Estates LLC to Samantha D. Dewitt; $92,900.

310-312 W. Fourth St., Ashland; JG Carlin LTD to Grundy Properties LLC; $94,000.

820 McKinley Blvd., Ashland; Roberta R. Ihrig to Justin T. and Alissa L. Gibson; $425,000.

Clear Creek Township 

1068 Township Road 1443, Ashland; Perry J. Keim and Mary N. Keim to Justin D. Welter and Sara K. Welter; $340,000. 

1269 Township Road 608, Nova; Christopher James Stigall to Cassie M. Coffman; $102,500.

Green Township 

653 County Road 2404, Loudonville; Janet Ellis to Jeffrey and Cheryl Allerding; $395,000.

625 State Route 39, Loudonville; Brandon L. Grimes to Stephen R. Lycans and Carol A. Lycans; $138,000.

2452 State Route 60, Loudonville; Thomas Zeno to Kara L. Roberts; $118,000.

114 West Burwell Ave., Loudonville; Corey R. Sprang to Nicole R. Bilancini; $120,000.

38 Maplewood Lane, Perrysville; Richie E. Poland, Trustee of The Poland Family Irrevocable Living to Mark McCleary; $70,000.

845 Township Road 2475, Loudonville; Etta Lorene Bailey to Joel and Sidney Grace Dingus; $150,000.

563 Township Road 2474, Loudonville; Eicher Development LLC to Jacob Eicher and Elsie H. Eicher; $250,000.

2459 Township Road 1025, Perrysville; Kim M. Lewis to Ayla M. Uhl; $75,000. 

Hanover Township

208 East Washington St., Loudonville; Estate of Laurel L. Ludick to Kerry L. MacQueen; $47,073.34.

3302 Township Road 799, Loudonville; Richard E. Dittrich and Stacey A. Dittrich to Johnny A. Miller and Cinda D. Miller; $429,000. 


30 South Mechanic St., Hayesville; George H. Huffman II and Elissa Buchanon Huffman to Tyler D. Manchester; $109,900.

Jackson Township 

Unit 2 Lot 115 Cinnamon Lake Subdivision, Jackson Township; Cinnamon Lake Association, Inc. to Christelle Emma and Matthew Charles O'Donnell; $2,500.

Unit 1 Lot 286 Cinnamon Lake Subdivision, Jackson Township; Cinnamon Lake Association, Inc. to Adam and Diana Rhodes; $3,000. 

4152 Cedar Lane, West Salem; Donald E. Pierce and Elizabeth K. Pierce to David J. Miller and Deborah S. Miller; $3,000.

3018 West Cinnamon Drive, West Salem; J. Robert Mansperger and Patricia A. Mansperger to Kevin P. Seuberling and Arden L. Seuberling; $176,000.

4213 Majorna Drive, West Salem; Stephen G. Nash and Diana J. Nash to Paul A. Golla and Donna R. Golla; $299,900.

187 Township Road 500, West Salem; Thomas Earl Smith II and Jennifer Smith to William A. McKinney and Madalyne D. Miller; $23,500.

496 Township Road 700, Polk; Rodney W. and Julie A. Rogers, Trustees to Bethan Szijarto; $550,000.

Unit 1 Lots 368 and 369 Cinnamon Lake Subdivision, Jackson; Lynn Jones to Richard A. Fredrickson and Melanie B. Fredrickson; $2,000.

Lot 303 on Acuminata Drive, Jackson; Kevin G. Eifel to Alexander L. Pal and Lauren A. Pal; $24,500.

Unit 1 Lot 87 in the Cinnamon Lake Subdivision, Jackson; Sandra-Jo Pisaneschi to NEO Panama Holdings LLC dba OPM Holdings LLC; $100.

County Road 530, West Salem; Daniel D. Huber and Janet C. Huber to Daniel W. Freitag and Karen J. Freitag; $31,000.

110 County Road 530, West Salem; Peggy A. Steele to Madeline L. Poldruhi; $125,000.

Unit 2, Lot 148 of Cinnamon Lake Subdivision, Jackson; Cinnamon Lake Association, Inc. to Justin and Melissa Vorhies; $3,200. 

1099 County Road 251, Polk; Christopher Lloyd Miller to Christina Aber; $113,000.

2160 Tarragon Drive, West Salem; Michele L. Clafin and Robin Suzanne Baker to US Bank National Association; $101,401.


416 N. Wood, Loudonville; Lori A. and Michael Oswald to Frank Fortney and Wayne Campbell Sr.; $136,000.

135 N. Market Street, Loudonville; Schrack Rental Properties, LLC to Susan M. Timmons and Kathleen A. Thompson; $105,000.

115 West Campbell Street, Loudonville; Derick J. Amstutz and Samantha Ann Amstutz to Juan C. Molina and Alicia M. Molina; $130,000.

 Mifflin Township

0 Township Road 1704, Ashland; Donna M. Kinney to Kevin D. Taylor and Lydia R. Taylor; $21,000.

164 Washington St., Ashland; Dennis S. Silvert to Benjamin Lee Silvert and Amanda M. Silvert; $97,500.

1853 Township Road 1255, Ashland; Terry E. Ashby and Lisa Ashby to Joshua Allen Ryan; $222,000. 

Milton Township

1642 Township Road 1323, Ashland; Lanny J. and Lynn K. Chio to Kerri L. Young; $182,150.

1228 Township Road 1433, Ashland; Ray Stimmer and Ashley Stimmer to Sarah Buca and Matthew Buca III; $299,000.

Township Road 1153, Ashland; Derrek T. Farver and Morghan A. Farver to Ishwar M. Upadhaya and Parul Patel; $44,900.

1558 Township Road 1273, Ashland; Laura Lynn Scherer, Guardian of the Estate of Nancy Pennepacker to Erica Clark and Taylor Clark; $68,600. 

1182 County Road 1475, Ashland; Thomas D. Rose to Kyle A.T. Grimm and Emily K. McKinley; $175,000.

1273 County Road 1475, Ashland; Linda Marie Morris and Lora Lynn Custer to Steven M. and Sharon Lynn Teffenhardt; $180,000. 

1219 Township Road 1433, Ashland; Joseph E. Linder and Lana S. Linder to Keith E. Ramsdell and Tina M. Ramsdell; $389,900. 

Mohican Township 

Township Road 2100, Jeromesville; Andrew D. Hall to Rosedale Enterprises, LLC; $600,000. 

2063 County Road 175, Jeromesville; Linda Garman to Brooke R. Martin and Lucas D. Berkshire; $171,500.

1890 State Route 89, Jeromesville; Jeffrey Noggle and Karen Noggle to Andrew D. Hall; $820,000. 

Montgomery Township 

572 US Highway 42, Ashland; Mike A. Schneeg to Craig J. Murray and Tiffany D. Murray; $250,000.

830 Township Road 1504, Ashland; Penton Properties, LLC to Zachary L. Lawson and Audra P. Maynard; $129,000.

Township Road 653, Ashland; Addisonian Hill, LLC to Hide-A-Way Farm, LLC; $1,000.

Nova Village

908 County Road 40, Nova; Eric H. Masline and Brianne A. Masline to Daniel A. Hose; $315,000. 

Orange Township 

Township Road 851, Ashland; Thomas J. LeComte and Tricia L. LeComte to Curtis Mick; $48,000.

555 Township Road 1041, Nova; Michael C. Koniarski to Jeffrey S. and Vicki S. Moody; $350,000.

Vacant land on State Route 58, Ashland; D&D Keener Real Estate Holdings, LLC to Martin W. Wesner and Jennifer J. Wesner; $589,512. 

549 State Route 511, Ashland; Wells Fargo Bank to Karen Jones; $70,000.

555 Township Road 902, Polk; Kurtis A. Cragel and Angela S. Cragel to Samuel E. Hershberger and Naomi E. Hershberger; $405,000.

1071 Township Road 803, Ashland; Jeanette E. Michel-Lewis to Hannah I. Compton and Cody W. Compton; $199,000.

Perry Township 

1457 State Route 89, Ashland; William J. Beyer to Michael Schneeg and Stacy Schneeg; $245,000.

342 Township Road 1275, Polk; Cindy K. Hines to PNC Bank; $43,400.

1133 County Road 175, Polk; Michael Rock to Robert James Jeffrey; $9,000.

1681 Township Road 251, Jeromesville; Tenrab, LLC to Spencer Alexander Hale; $179,900.

155 Township Road 1402, Polk; Robert P. Bell to Terry A. Weber and Stacey L. Weber; $176,000.

407 County Road 1302, Polk; Chad A. Rowe and Judy R. Rowe to GKAN Properties; $72,000. 

Ruggles Township 

1439 County Road 16, New London; Estate of Walter R.J. Payne Jr. to J. Lloyd Zimmerman, etal; $1,270,500.

Sullivan Township

650 County Road 500, Ashland; Twila A. Gast to Caleb C. Ahrens; $274,000.

703 Township Road 350, Sullivan; Elizabeth A. Kirby to Alexander C. Earley; $66,500.

Township Road 851, Sullivan; William C. Burkhead and Gail A. Burkhead to Corey M. Mullet and Carol A. Mullet; $62,000.

Vacant lot along US Route 224, Sullivan; The Thelma L. Glick Trust to Rebecca Salutric and Cole E. Van Buskirk; $44,900.

Vacant land along Township Road 462, Sullivan; William C. Burkhead and Gail A. Burkhead to Zackary D. Beard; $55,700. 

Vacant land along Township Road 462, Sullivan; William C. Burkhead and Gail A. Burkhead to Vernon P. Beard III; $43,500.

593 US 224, Sullivan; John M. and Millie A. Lehman to Daniel and Anna Swartzentruber; $155,000. 

701 Township Road 350, Sullivan; Glen M. Goff, Sr. and Penny L. Goff to Jerry Pantaleano III and Kasandra Pantaleano; $295,000. 

407 County Road 681, Sullivan; Edward Hudson and April Hudson to Michael J. Beiler and Deborah J. Beiler; $65,000.

462 US Route 224, Sullivan; Amanda E. Hodge and Adam Fredrick Bode to Jason L. Weaver and Candice J. Weaver; $120,000.

Troy Township

40-C Township Road 1031, Nova; Todd M. McCreary and Pamela G. McCreary to Great Escapes Cleveland, LLC; $495,000.

Four parcels at 40-C Township Road 1031; P and T, LLC to Great Escapes, LLC; $905,000.

830 US Route 224, Nova; Mark W. Stegman to Leroy and Mary Francine Chambers; $369,000. 

Vermillion Township

1747 County Road 1095, Ashland; M. Scott Royen and Melissa R. Van Royen to Jordan M. Van Royen and Heather M. Van Royen; $175,000. 

Township Road 1804, Ashland; McNaull Real Estate, LLC to Karen L. Cook; $2,500. 

 89 W. Main Street, Hayesville; James J. and Kay L. Lindsey to Arlon Sparks; $190,000.

1681 Township Road 251, Jeromesville; Michael A. Sexton to BOW Holdings, Ltd.; $184,000.

849 County Road 1904, Ashland; William E. Harner and Elizabeth J. Harner to Donita L. Murray; $200,100.

1834 State Route 60, Ashland; Jeffery A. Markel Sr. to Jeffery A. Markel Jr.; $120,000. 

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