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ASHLAND — The following is a complete list of Ashland County property transfers from the Ashland County Auditor's office from Sept. 21 to Oct. 26.

Property transfers are published monthly by Ashland Source.


1255-1257 Hillcrest Drive, Ashland; Thomas J. Budd II to Linan Properties LLC; $166,000.

1018 Priscilla Lane, Ashland; Thomas A. and Jane K. Workman to Broken Properties LLC; $62,000.

Lot 4445 Shady Lane, Ashland; AAA Real Estate of Ashland LLC to Jan W. and Sharon L. Howe; $37,500.

2320 Twin Leaf Court, Ashland; Bradley T. Stromack to David C. and Tiffany M. Blake; $220,000.

1002 Laurel Drive, West Salem; Beau M. Dudte to Troy R. Whitman; $183,400.

634 Arthur St., Ashland; Wilma J. Ferguson to Brian E. Ramey; $99,000.

256 East 10th St., Ashland; Sally A. Mohrman to Darrell E. and Cynthia L. Hanke; $130,000.

815 Union St., Ashland; Christopher Roman and Doyle E. and Raye L. Back to Carrington Mortgage Services LLC; $80,929.74.

859 Ridge Road, Ashland; Traci L. Harpster to Brandon M. Brown; $190,000.

Rocky Lane, Ashland; Fred A. and Lori L. Gottfried to 400 Westlake Drive LLC; $5,100. 

357 E. Fourth St., Ashland; Dale A. Lutz to Stevie L. Grissinger; $79,999.

807 Hillcrest Drive, Ashland; Patricia Y. Oxley to Nikolas C. Kaufman; $200,000.

1738 Cottage St., Ashland; William E. Snook II and Beverly K. Snook to Michael C. Kochenderfer; $290,000.

162 Arthur's Court, Ashland; Executive Contracting Group Ltd. to James B. Grant Jr. and Angela B. Grant; $209,000.

1121 Hillcrest Drive, Ashland; Harriet E. Moore to Glenna Y. Osborn; $134,900.

1630 Southwood Drive, Ashland; Matthew R. and Amanda M. Hess to Josh and Courtney Bull; $309,500.

905 Avalon Drive, Ashland; Allan Andersen to Kathleen A. Allman; $125,000.

1022 South Parkview Circle, Ashland; Aaron W. LaRue to Terry W. Flint; $64,000.

1002 Smith Road, Ashland; Madgie Remy to Denzil L. Hunt III and Theresa E. Hunt; $170,000.

1235 Jacobson Ave., Ashland; Lippert Enterprises Inc. to RMB Real Estate Investments LLC; $1,100,000.

104 W. Washington St., Ashland; Regen Properties LLC to Tyler and Jamie Jarvis; $122,500.

1007 Mascot St., Ashland; AVLD LLC to Ronald L. and Paula D. Schurman; $229,900.

1204 King Road, Ashland; Thomas B. and Tammy L. Dishman to Leslie M. Mack; $127,500.

1341 Smith Road, Ashland; Frank O. Hamed to Lorraine K. Kaufman; $175,000.

228 Race St., Ashland; Charles E. Keplinger to Samantha M. Barrick; $105,000.

1449 S. Baney Road, Ashland; John W. and Nancy A. Brown to Ralph L. Taylor; $212,000.

815 East Bank St., Ashland; Cheryl A. Hildebrand to John W. and Nancy A. Brown; $181,000.

744 Keen Ave., Ashland; Larry Cooke to Kestner Properties LLC; $60,000.

260 E. Eighth St., Ashland; Lloyd E. Gibbons Jr. to Mary V. Bogovich; $94,000.

Clear Creek Township 

568 County Road 1101, Nova; Joshua T. and Danielle F. Ward to Riley Power; $195,000.

843 Boulevard Road, Ashland; Eric Carr to Angie E. Weston; $140,000.

789 State Route 545, Ashland; David Eric Taylor Jr. to Elmer M and Fannie J. Miller; $70,000.

885 North U.S. Highway 250, Ashland; Richard C. Morgan to Garrett C. and Courtney L. Morgan; $180,000.

Green Township

685 Township Road 2850, Loudonville; Gary E. and Carol E. Young to Paula D. Healy; $154,500.

71 Forest Hill Road, Perrysville; Laurence L. and Rebecca Kendrick to Robert E. Hazel Jr. and Shannon Hazel; $247,000.

State Route 39, County Road 1075, 111 E. Bridge St., Perrysville; Messner Bros. to Thompson Property Managements LLC; $90,000.

548 State Route 95, Loudonville; Ray H. Miller to OFP Land Holding Company; $320,000.

2754 State Route 39, Perrysville; Joel Andrew and Sidney Dingus to Daniel J. Heichel and Candice A. Adams; $185,000.

19 Edgewood Road, Perrysville; Tiffany K. Hammack to David J. and Patricia A. Carney; $280,000.

2762 County Road 1075, Perrysville; Atlantica LLC to Cameran Lutze and Hannah Erich; $79,900.

647 County Road 2404, Loudonville; Kenneth D. and Betty L. Roberts to Jeffrey T. Findley; $184,140.

Hanover Township

224 North Spring St., Loudonville; Kenneth L. Longnecker to SGOCD Properties LLC; $9,000.

3317 Township Road 1079, Perrysville; Sivad Construction Inc to Michael E. See; $258,000.

329 West Washington St., Loudonville; Premiere Mohican Properties LLC to Sherri and Dakota Hersman; $65,000.


Jackson Township 

1488-1489 Carum Place, West Salem; Mark J. and Margaret M. Romaniuk to Beau M. and Amanda Dudte; $229,000.

2113 Tarragon Drive, West Salem; Luke A. and Brittany L. Zaletel to Douglas Brodwolf II and Kayla M. Velmin; $300,000.

2013 Coriander Drive, West Salem; Matthew M. Taylor to Jonathan B. Qualls, Larry Qualls and Karen Qualls; $215,000.

3307 Acuminata Drive, West Salem; Olga J. Corbett to Casmir J., Mary K. and Adam Cieplowski; $194,900.

425 North Main St., Polk; Quality Horizons LLC to Garlan J. and Olivia Mullins; $150,000.

1101 Challot Drive, West Salem; Scott W. and Leila E. Gerwig to Zachary T. Jogan; $149,900.

1084 Olive Place, West Salem; Kurt Gerhardt Reinhold to Quest Property Holdings LLC; $31,000.


230 North Water St., Loudonville; Jerrold L. and Judith A. Dudte to Reidenbach Rentals LLC; $58,961.37. 

421 East Washington St., Loudonville; Cal Hans Ford, Inc to Casey M. Young; $80,000.

229 N. Water St., Loudonville; Kauffman Properties LLC to Mary Kathleen Roehrenbeck; $243,500.

809 S. Mt. Vernon Ave., Loudonville; Steven T. and Suzanna M. Freelon to Gerald L. and Gayle L. Staten; $273,000.

Lake Township

411 Township Road 2402, Loudonville; Raymond A. and Leah J. Hostetler to Vernon M. and Rebekah Beachy; $265,000.

2302 State Route 179, Loudonville; Vernon M. and Rebekah L. Beacy to Kenneth and Betty Roberts; $120,690.

Mifflin Township

319 Schiago Trail, Ashland; David Damron to Jessee and Sandra L. Chapman; $360,000.

1182 Township Road 2306, Perrysville; Linn D. Steward to Paul A. and Lauren E. Liu; $128,000.

Milton Township

1408 Township Road 1596, Ashland; Charles A. and Lois J. Rodgers to Nicholas K. Hagen; $185,000.

1430 State Route 603, Ashland; Candy Bar II to Aden V. and Lydia E. Yoder; $450,000.

1416 Township Road 1596, Ashland; John W. Warrick Jr. and Sharon Warrick to Timothy D. and Jessica R. Stevens; $80,000.

Vacant land on Township Road 1426, Ashland; Roger D. and Deanna L. Gordon to Candy Bar II LLC; $380,000.

Vacant land on Township Road 1450, Ashland; Kelly B. Farragher to Jeffrey W. and Charleen S. Dowiatt; $25,000.

1251 Township Road 1253, Ashland; Cassandra White to Sharla Menotti; $165,000.

Mohican Township 

2141 Township Road 505, Loudonville; Tadd and Angela Elliott to David H. and Ada A. Lehman; $385,000.

Montgomery Township 

786 Township Road 1600, Ashland; Rebecca K. Veazy to Jason R. and Lacey E. Thomas; $575,000.

Vacant land on County Road 1600, Ashland; Scott A. Conery to Small Town Pearl LLC; $4,930.

1459 Township Road 973, Ashland; G&K Rowland Homes Inc to Christopher A. and Lauren M. Massie; $336,000.

Orange Township  

791 State Route 302, Ashland; Teresa C. Gingery to Todd S. and Tisha Smith; $123,000.

Perry Township 

383 Township Road 1500, Jeromesville; Gary R. and Ruth A. Cripe to Richard C. and Sandra L. Hootman; $6,772.50.

1117 County Road 175, Polk; Sheila M. and Paul G. Casto to Timothy James Snow; $80,000.

198 County Road 1302, Ashland; Timlee Holdings LTD to Eli A. and Emma M. Swartzentruber; $126,000.

1330 County Road 175, Polk; Jacob S. and Mary Swartzentruber to Jacob A. and Lena Hershberger, Ezra A. and Mattie J. Hershberger; $640,000.

1487 Township Road 355, Jeromesville; Richard C. and Sandra L. Hootman to James R. Smith; $9,705.

Perrysville Village

105 Tom Dick and Harry Lane, Perrysville; Dale F. Lepp Jr. and Tammy M. Lepp to Maxwell Lepp; $116,000.

Polk Village

107 West Congress St., Polk; Craig T. Wiley to J&J Housing II LLC; $42,000.

Sullivan Township

376 State Route 58, Sullivan; Robert M. and Juanita Kilbane to Amos M. and Amanda A. Lehman; $50,000.

310 State Route 58, Sullivan; James W. and Holly L. Bowling to Garrett and Carla Vandervort; $15,000.

7 Township Road 581, Sullivan; Robert D. and Linda J. Krieder to Spencer Development Group LLC; $422,000.

480 Township Road 391, Sullivan; James Dove III and Wynette D. Dove to Eli D. and Annie Mast; $295,000.

198 County Road 681, Sullivan; Ronnie D. Myers to Jessie and Vada Faye Stiltner; $35,000.

Troy Township 

31 State Route 511, Nova; Tyler J. and Phylicia Hayes to Donald J. and Tammy L. Johnson; $265,000.

Vermillion Township

1723 State Route 60, Ashland; Ramona Weese to K Props LLC; $155,000.

2065 County Road 2175, Jeromesville; Tom G. and Linda L. Kern to Gregory E. Slutz and Tori McCoy; $210,000.

State Route 60, Perrysville; Russell Allen Schwan to Mills Dairy Farm LLC; $1,058,190. 

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