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ASHLAND — The following is the complete list of Ashland County property transfers from the Ashland County Auditor's office for the month of September.

Property transfers are published monthly by Ashland Source.


1181 Pheasant Run Lane, Ashland; Corisa Holdings, Inc. to Kati K. Finley; $165,000

317 Pleasant Street, Ashland; Gilbert Plaza, LLC to Derrick Bowersock; $30,000

1247 Franklin Avenue, Ashland; Mark A. Bush and Gayle A. Baehr to Arrow Properties, Ltd.; $80,000

1688 State Route 60, Ashland; Jason Booth, executor of the estate of Kenneth E. Booth, deceased to Kyle A. Hughes and Katie F. Hughes; $223,000

1225 Hunters Walk Unit A, Ashland; Roger George and Mary Ann George to Kimberly A. Dodd, trustee; $174,000

741 Smith Road, Ashland; Angela G. Herndon and David G. Smith to Danny G. Smith; $48,682.43

42 W. Main Street, Ashland; Lowell E. & Barbara S. Bender to Penton Properties, LLC; $105,000

129 Ferrell Avenue, Ashland; Broken Properties, LLC to David A. Hyer, Jr. and Sarah Hyer; $147,000

633 Sandusky Street, Ashland; Jason Schawlm to Bradley C. Salois and Megan N. Lance; $127,000

1304 Park Street, Ashland; Thomas D. Jackson to Sarah J. Henthorn; $150,000

909 Oakbrook Drive, Ashland; Dan Martine and Mary Ellen Martine to Jeffrey K. Powell and Kim S. Powell; $206,000

716 Ellis Avenue, Ashland; Andrew A. Grimm, Sr. to Jeremiah J. and Lisa C. Lang; $60,000

509 E. Main Street, Ashland; That Schoonover Rentals, LLC to Brandon M. Carey and Jennifer M. Schoonover; $57,000

1061 Deer Crossing, Ashland; Keneth R. Beddow, executor of the estate of Ronald F. Beddow to Terry A. Morr and Karen R. Morr; $150,600

501 E. Liberty Street, Ashland; Brock A. Ringler and Angela M. Ringler to Matthew W. Reed and Regina A. Reed; $97,500

1217 Pheasant Run Lane, Ashland; Darl D. Snader and Patricia A. Snader to Joseph Robert Frantz and Diane Ruth Frantz, co-trustees; $165,900

927 Mohican Drive, Ashland; Timothy J. Briggs and Lori Frizzell Briggs to Edward J. Garner and Desiree L. Bonet; $184,999

925 West Main Street, Ashland; Calvin L. and Lynn A. Keefer, trustees to Margaret M. Warnes; $69,620

41 Samaritan Avenue, Ashland; Jennifer P. Webb to Peter James Amato; $136,000

1632 Edgewood Court, Ashland; Stephen M. and Jennifer M. Altrogge to David W. and Denise M. Barker; $238,000

436 Forestdale Road, Ashland; Jeffrey A. and Lynzie R. Chandler to Carolyn Glenn; $135,000

322 Buena Vista Avenue, Ashland; Jason C. Schuttera to Eddie P. Benedetto and Trishna Pradhan; $155,000

Lot 4444 Shady Lane; AAA Real Estate of Ashland, LLC to Phillip A. Johnson and Joy L. Johnson; $34,800

186 Lilac Lane, Ashland; James M. Doyle to Leslie R. Metcalf and Elizabeth I. Plant; $100,000

306 and 318-329 Carroll Street and 301-303 W. 4th Street, Ashland; M & L Properties to Maren Holdings, LLC; $360,000

218 N. Countryside Drive, Ashland; James Rodney Day to Aaron L. and Aubrey F. Bates; $240,000

2357 Magnolia Drive, Ashland; Sharon Kay Tatsch, trustee to Dawn E. MacMeans; $265,000

1309 Center Lane Drive, Ashland; Frederick Carl and June Sugar, co-trustees to James A. and Rachel Elizabeth Krieg; $176,750

2279 Ridgewood Court, Ashland; Floyd R. and Cheryl L. White, trustees to Guy N. and Margaret Sponseller; $268,000

312 Quarry Street, Ashland; John T. Gill and Carol S. Gill to Grundy Properties, LLC; $65,000

613 Eastern Avenue, Ashland; Gradley A. Gaut to Gregory Alan Murphy Jr.; $112,000

1116 Myers Avenue, Ashland; Richard W. Paitt to Mary C. Paulus; $64,900

196 Lee Avenue, Ashland; Three-C Rentals, LLC, by Curt Conner, its Principle to Mark Brinker; $6,000

931 West Main Street, Ashland; Terrence M. Valentine and Nancy Valentine to Dina Anderson; $82,000

464 Cleveland Avenue, Ashland; Estate of James P. Castello to Marli Properties, LLC, an Ohio limited liability company; $54,000

403 Lindale Avenue, Ashland; John D. Park and Sarah M. Park to Jennifer Jeffery; $105,000

185 Lilac Lane, Ashland; Estate of John P. Zahuranec to Robert D. Egyedi; $95,000

1546 Center Lane Drive, Ashland; TWK Properties, Ltd. to Zachary DJ Clark and Krystal B. Clark; $235,000

1530 Southwood Drive, Ashland; Daniel W. and Stacey Newton Stephenson to Zachary E. and Jessica M. Burgess; $293,500

890 Beechwood Drive, Ashland; Christopher A. Carpenter to Christopher L. Nicol and Sarah E. Nicol; $232,500 

1720 Center Street, Ashland; James L. Purtell, trustee to Daniel W. and Stacey N. Stephenson; $560,000

43, 47, 49 E. Main Street, Ashland; 5 S Property Development, LLC to Field of Diamonds, LLC; $170,000

453 Forestdale Road, Ashland; Tricia K. Applegate to Sean H. Daugherty and Chelsy E. Daugherty; $158,750

509 Sandusky Street, Ashland; Stuart H. and Grace M. Reichardt to Kellie L. Myers; $76,300

775 Sandusky Street, Ashland; Christopher P. Stewart and Laura M. Stewart to Joe E. Seamour and Diane L. Seamour; $149,500

303 Sandusky Street, Ashland; Russell D. Guiliford to Tyler W. Congdon; $56,150

221 Morgan Avenue, Ashland; Jack P. Kaiser to Garrett J. Dudte; $184,500

923 Winthrop Lane, Ashland; Cynthia S. Bender Bunn to Tyler Walter; $85,000

250 N. Davis Road, Ashland; Michael L. and Margaret S. Easton to Zachary R. Bishop; $187,000

701 Eastern Avenue, Ashland; Lindale Holdings, LLC to Morgan P. Geyer and Garrett S. Dotson; $106,500

1112 Cottage Street, Ashland; Collin M. Abbitt III and Margie B. Abbitt to Billy Wayne Kennedy Jr. and Amy Marie Kennedy; $90,000

1212 Applewood Court, Ashland; Chungkil Lewis Kang and Insook Dinah Kang to Jason E. Kieper and Sarah L. Kieper; $230,000

907 Oakbrook Drive, Ashland; William J. Bodnar, trustee to Robert J. Browning and Patrcia D. Browning; $178,000


743 U.S. Route 250 (Main Street, Bailey Lakes) Ashland; Jeremiah B. Cordes to Raymond D. Moore, III; $150,000


Township Road 1056; Anne E. Halley to Kevin A. McClain, Kristen McClain; $56,000

810 Township Road 1101, Building 27, Ashland; Janice Kinney to Daniel P. Sanders and Elizabeth A. Sanders; $7,000

2848 Omega Road, Greenwich; Clarence W. Finley to John T. Hale, Jr.; $16,500

28 N. Main Street, Ashland; Ashley D. Hughes to Dakotah A. Collins and Paige A. Gardner; $80,500

Township Road 856, Ashland; Harold O. Zimmerman and Esther Zimmerman to Matthew Z. Zimmerman and Amy M. Zimmerman; $200,000


552 County Road 2575, Loudonville; Kyle L. Mills and Holly L. Mills to Brooke M. Zickefoose and John D. Zickefoose; $185,900

2494 State Route 511, Perrysville; Estate of Matthew Allen Evans, a.k.a. Matthew A. Evans, to Rodney A. Zaletel and Alexis M. Zaletel; $90,000

2494 State Route 511, Perrysville; Estate of Lacy K. Sprang to Rodney A. Zaletel and Alexis M. Zaletel; $90,000

2243 State Route 511, Perrysville; The Park National Bank to Zachary D. Arnold; $99,900

425 N. Market Street, Loudonville; Donald L. Aker and Terry Ann Aker, trustees to Brenton A. Deusenberry; $90,500

4 Shoreline Drive, Perrysville; Gary L. Pember and Rhonda K. Pember to Matthew Miller and Rebecca Miller; $285,000


321 South Wood Street, Loudonville; Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC to Brian Wade and Jennifer Wade; $39,000

3138 County Road 3175, Loudonville; Darryl Mroski to Moody Holding Company, LLC; $195,000


4098 Teak Place, West Salem; Deborah L. Plank and Peter T. Plank to Mathew P. Evans and Rebecca L. Evans; $20,000

4216 Majorna Drive, West Salem; Rebecca Gray, trustee etal to Diane K. Harper; $44,000

VL Aspen Place, West Salem; Gunther & Elke Kretzschmar to George & Elaine T. Hollins; $12,500

VL Aspen Place, West Salem; Gunther & Elke Kretzschmar to David A. and Gale A. Dougherty; $12,500

Unit 3 Lot 177 Cinnamon Lake Subdivision; Cinnamon Lake Association, Inc. to Lynn Jones; $7,000

Unit 6 Lot 14 + 15 Cinnamon Lake Subdivision; Cinnamon Lake Association, Inc. to Brad and Joanne G. Talmage; $6,000

3285 Acuminata Drive, West Salem; L. Steven Ritchey and Deborah K. Ritchey, trustees etc. to Elmer J. Stoll and Gayle Stoll; $105,900

1020 Cinnamon Drive, West Salem; Doney Gower and Patricia Gower to George R. Hill and Patricia A. Hill; $2,500

3332 Acuminata Drive, West Salem; Lisa M. Bryant and Charles Bryant to Ryan Cradlebaugh and Helena Cradlebaugh; $40,000

Brandy Lane, West Salem; Valeria E. Richard, trustee to Warren Myers; $4,000

County Road 530, West Salem; Carl P. Edgar and Joyce A. Edgar to Daniel P. Huber and Janet C. Huber; $25,000

1540 Cinnamon Drive South, West Salem; Mark Bruyere aka Mark E. Bruyere to Donald D. Wheeler and Joyce L. Wheeler; $147,500

3334 Acuminata Drive, West Salem; Wilfred J. Bendig and Lucinda Gail Bendig, et al to Igloo Series II REO, LLC; $110,000

2139 Tarragon Drive, West Salem; Paul A. Woloszynek to Karen A. Gerwig, Scott A.; $3,000


318 N. Adams Street, Loudonville; John D. Zickefoose to Anthony C. Kincer; $132,000

638 Wooster Road, Loudonville; Russell Lee Slanczka II to Sharon A. and Jon A. Guilliams; $190,000

230 S. Water Street, Loudonville; Doris Holt to Theresa A. Sabens; $190,000

433 N. Union, Loudonville; William A. Kiefer and Lynnette Stone to Dylan R. Crew and Kayla M. Hoover; $128,000

303 N. Spring Street, Loudonville; Dawn Godsey to Sean Hoyt; $45,000


1181 County Road 1475, Ashland; Michael L. and Joy L. Stevens to Jason C. and Brittany Schuttera; $220,000


206 Township Road 1990, Jeromesville; Roy Thewlis and Karol Thewlis to Paul R. Keener; $115,000


1133 County Road 601, Ashland; Cleone A. Biglin to Jamie Britton and Christopher Britton; $255,000

5.512 acres County Road 1775, Ashland; Donald & Wendy Beer to Jonathan R. and Melinda N. Haag; $85,000

1463 Township Road 973, Ashland; G&K Rowland Homes, Inc. to Scott J. & Donna L. Cottrell; $274,500

1443 County Road 1575, Ashland; Jeremiah D. Thomas to Kyle P. Smeltzer; $148,000

747 U.S. Route 42, Ashland; Hatcher, LLC to Richard C. Kuhn and Melissa L. Marion; $175,000

718 U.S. Route 42, Ashland; Joseph Brownfield to Brandi Hyatt; $130,000

1310 TR 653, Ashland; Glenn M. and Mary E. Thompson, trustees (Share H and Share W) to Gary H. Fortney; $205,700

1332 Township Road 653, Ashland; Jonas Burns and Ashley Burns to Calba Longa LLC; $142,650

1049 Township Road 1682, Ashland; Jeffery M. and Mary Ann Tock to Tony L. and Christine K. Jones; $340,000


714 Township Road 1102, Ashland; Richard J. Gribben and Donna G. Gribben to Charlene F. Cornish, trustee; $255,000

Township Road 1104 and County Road 1175, Ashland; Susan M. Raschke and Jessica L. Elliott to Lawrence E. Holbrook; $240,000

T.R. 851, Ashland; Al and Kathleen M. Zupan to Jeremy L. and Jennifer L. Kelley; $20,000

571 Township Road 851, Ashland; Jeremy L. Kelley to Kurt Harstine and Emily Harstine; $328,000


171 U.S. Route 250, Polk; Cody D. Sumler to Jeremy J. Fagan; $14,500

406 Township Road 1500, Ashland; Neal J. Walsh to Rodney J. Walsh; $90,000

1619 Township Road 395, Jeromesville; David Strong II and Whitney Strong to Christopher R. Hicks and Paulett Mendez; $292,000

1167 State Route 89, Ashland; Schoonover's Hilltop Farm, LLC to Alp-View Poultry, LLC; $2,075,000

1269 Township Road 353, Polk; Enos P. and Rachel U. Miller to Roger Martin and Charlotte Denise Davidson; $152,900


119 West Congress Street, Polk; Cheryl Bishop, successor trustee of the Goon Trust dated 11/7/2002 to Grundy Properties; $73,700

401 N. Main Street, Polk; CBS Holdings, Ltd. to TA Pickering Properties, LLC; $180,000


6.026 Acres U.S. Route 224, New London; James W. Beattie and Rebecca L. Beattie, trustees to Keith and Amy Bailey; $38,500

265 Township Road 1381, Greenwich; MJRM III LLC, an Ohio Corporation, to Bradley Aaron Fennewald; $146,250


28 Chapel Street, Savannah; Linda Kruse to Dylan and Ashley Hughes; $220,000


478 County Road 681, Sullivan; Estate of Kathleen C. Gibbs, Bachmann, Richard L. executor to Joshua P. Wilhelm and Cassandra A. Wilhelm; $175,000

Township Road 581, Sullivan; Scott R. Thompson to Jeremy J. Fagan; $10,000

VL County Road 40, Sullivan; Marjorie A. Kohn, Martha Rae Skeeles, John Skeels to James Ray Diaz, Jr.; $219,135

68 County Road 281, Sullivan; Kaley Devore to Justin Gregoire and Dana Gregoire; $278,950

17 Township Road 391, Sullivan; Jan M. Hodgson to Nicole Perkins; $156,000

23 Township Road 391, Sullivan; Tucker Estep and Kadie Estep to Diana L. Brown; $174,900

Township Road 150, Sullivan; Iren Cseko to Ilya Prediy and Iullia Predly; $422,000


871 County Road 40, Nova; Janice Garner to Diana and Travis Frye; $32,500

261 State Route 511, Nova; Jehoida, LLC to Dee Ray Howell; $64,500

169 TR 1031, Nova; Linda Landis to Keith E. Landis and Tiffani D. Landis; $210,000


1751 County Road 1095, Ashland; Kendra C. Knapp to Timothy L. Slarb Jr. and Cassandra E. Slarb; $185,000

C.R. 2175, Perrysville; Lynn Freelon and James Freelon to Charles E. French and Pamela S. French; $8,000

956 County Road 1754, Ashland; The Gerald & Vicki Young Revocable Living Trust dated March 4, 2013 to Caleb A. Young and Abigail E. Young; $200,000

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