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ASHLAND -- Ashland University recently purchased nearly $1 million dollars worth of property along Moss Hill Drive in Ashland. 

According to recent property transfers from the Ashland County Auditor's office, the university bought three pieces of property along Moss Hill Drive for a combined $975,000.  

This includes: 967 Moss Hill Drive from Elizabeth W. Simmons, 950 Moss Hill Drive from Pamela A. Rasmussen and 921 Moss Hill Drive from Steven A. and Melanie M. Huber. Each was purchased for $325,000. 

The properties account for total of five acres. 967 and 921 Moss Hill Drive include a single family dwelling, and 950 Moss Hill Drive features a two family dwelling, according to the Ashland County Auditor's Office. 

Ashland University's vice president of operations and planning Patrick Ewing said the purchases are "strategic acquisitions due to the University already owning the rest of the surrounding property."

The properties are located behind Ashland University's Jack Miller Stadium. 

Below is the complete list of Ashland County property transfers for May 27 through June 23.

Property transfers are published monthly by Ashland Source.


1243 Troy Road and 1015 Cottage Street, Ashland; Will Caudy to SKOR Properties LLC; $50.000 

635 Sherman Avenue, Ashland; Patrick A. Shriver to Chanel A. Bluntschly; $84,500

426 Virginia Avenue, Ashland; Skye Lynn and Isaiah Porterfield to Ashley M. and Ricky R. Gough; $75,000

321 East Washington Street, Ashland; Brooke Elise Jones to Dex Rogers; $65,000

1010 Pricilla Lane, Ashland; Taylor Luke Brown to Michael A. Long and Harlie L. Graven; $95,000

317 Ashland Avenue, Ashland; Thomas E. Pate, Richard W. Pate and Sandra L. Benton to Jordan M. and Kaitlin N. Parsons; $119,900

345 West Main Street, Ashland; Norma McVey to Mike and Amy Nelson; $25,000

58 Sugarbush Court, Ashland; I-CO Realty Management LLC to LWM Properties LLC; $376,500

1738 Pinebrook Court, Ashland; Robert James Ferguson II and Ann E. Ferguson to Edward E. Adkins, trustee; $189,000

634 Marlo Avenue, Ashland; Aaron Reynolds to Heidi M. Bailey Hulcy; $90,000

971 Pricilla Lane, Ashland; Nathan C. and Cheryl A. Logan to Jason J. and Kelsey R. Wheeler; $124,000

888 Mowry Drive, Ashland; Ryan D. and Kayla K. Smith to Danielle L. and Aaron D. Reynolds; $185,000

1011 Winthrop Lane, Ashland; Susan E. Johnson to Douglas A. and Elizabeth A. Fieg; $87,000

1238 Park Street, Ashland; Jennie A. Ko and C. William Anderson to Alex J. Beer and Cassandra A. Halblaub; $179,000

174 Glenwood Drive, Ashland; Linda J. McMillen and Bruce A. Purdy to Edward E. Bowman; $142,000

314 West Liberty Street, Ashland; Jordan M. Parsons to Kaycee M. Newlan; $91,500

2040 Stone Hedge Lane, Ashland; Kenneth and Karen Jacob to Viral S. and Nandini V. Danak; $260,000

856 Sandusky Street, Ashland; Seth and Shenna M. Cole to Donald B. Manke; $130,000

1055 Cooper Drive, Ashland; Dale E. and Eleanor M. Wells to Brian D. and Amy Baker; $180,000

967 Moss Hill Drive, Ashland; Elizabeth W. Simmons to Ashland University; $325,000

950 Moss Hill Drive, Ashland; Pamela A. Rasmussen to Ashland University; $325,000

921 Moss Hill Drive, Ashland; Steven A. and Melanie M. Huber, trustees to Ashland University; $325,000

2326 Magnolia Drive, Ashland; Douglas L. and Emily B. Brown, trustees to Elizabeth Simmons; $267,500

1320 Coachman Court, Ashland; Kyung-Ja Lee to Stephen A. Walters; $320,000

642 Cleveland Avenue, Ashland; Carl L. and Laura A. Richert to Gerald F. and Cheryl L. Cole; $79,000

Sugarbush Drive, Ashland; Sugarbush Properties to Bull Market Properties; $80,000

1149 Foxmoor Lane, Ashland; Virgil and Barbara Cooke, trustees to Dexter W. and Sally L. Chumley; $180,000

1123 Union Street, Ashland; John W. Pinski, trustee to RCK Property Investments; $70,000

1050 Westview Avenue, Ashland; John Edward Weitzel to Susan J. Burkhart, trustee; $90,000

2032 Stone Gate Court, Ashland; Kandi L. Roach to Ryan D. and Kayla K. Smith; $309,000

247 E. 12th Street, Ashland; Renee A. Osborn to April Y. and Anthony Ochier; $73,500

521 E. 5th Street, Ashland; Wayne Null to Mike and Amy Nelson; $4,500

145 Steele Avenue, Ashland; James R. and Susan I. Am Stutz to Allison N. Stover; $135,000

507 West Main Street, Ashland; Christopher Patrick Harding to Taylor H. Craig and Rebecca M. Elias-Craig; $105,000

1046 Winthrop Lane, Ashland; Joyce A. Mansfield to M.L. and Tina M. Simpkins; $98,500

503 East Liberty Street, Ashland; Debra A. Kauffman to Ryan R. Hale; $63,100

215 High Street, Ashland; Todd Snyder to Jenny A. Lago; $65,000

968 Summit Drive, Ashland; Garrett J. Dudte to Brent A. and Nicole L. Patterson; $149,900

Clear Creek Township

7 North Main Street, Savannah; Jerry Liston to Ashley M. Smith and Nicholas Robert Gardner; $93,000

5 North Main Street, Savannah; Lee A. and Selora A. Schingman to Alexander Investments LLC; $78,000

Green Township 

Stone Meadow Circle; Leslie S. Weakland and Betty L. Robinson to Schlabach Builders LLC; $28,000

112 Cherry Alley, Perrysville; Justin R. Haas to Samuel McClain; $108,000

112 E. 3rd Street, Perrysville; James L. Bryan to Jonce and Janet Still; $15,000

133 West 3rd Street, Perrysville; Anna M. Baker to Lu-Crest Pest Control LLC; $5,000

Hanover Township

Township Road 539, Loudonville; Darlow C. and Beverly J. Bartram to Mohican Forest Village LLC; $408,000

3367 County Road 739, Loudonville; Jerold E. and Ester K. Schaefer to Auston Michael Monahan; $150,000

1098 Township Road 2916, Perrysville; Michael T. and Elizabeth A. Wurster, trustees to John D. and Wende J. Lance; $195,000

78.482 acres on Township Road 3375, Perrysville; Sharon F. Stevens to Advantage Wildlife Management; $392,410

Jackson Township 

1278 Tupelo Lane, West Salem; Estate of Jack L. Jackson to Mark Romaniuk; $72,000

3094 Cinnamon Drive West, West Salem; John O. Green to Gary Fortney; $74,481

1208 Ginko Drive, West Salem; Elizabeth and Steve Smith; $177,100

3019 Cinnamon Drive, West Salem; Ronald W. Motil to Lynn Jones; $2,500

368 and 369 Saffron Drive, West Salem; Tammy Young to Lynn Jones; $1,000

648 County Road 175, West Salem; Jacob and Jeanette Kulon, trustees to Denise A. Dunlap; $320,000

2252 Allium Place, West Salem; Debra Prosser to Haleigh D. Riffle; $25,000

Mifflin Township

1704 State Route 603, Mansfield; Keith Edward and Lisa Kay Greenwald to John Mlay Jr. and Grace Rose Mlay; $159,000

540 West Shore Drive, Lucas; Elizabeth Sheets to Kenneth and Linda Tomecko; $40,000

3.356 Acres on Township Road 1806, Ashland; Gerald E. and Vicki Young, trustees to Eric and Mary A. Galco 

Township Road 1215, Ashland; Robert David Hoover to Phillip R. Smith; $22,000

1903 Township Road 1215, Ashland; Crystal A. Tackett to Ridge M. Kitts and Deanna M. Cable; $165,000

Milton Township

1249 Township Road 1453, Ashland; Donald B. and Stacey A. Manke to Bernie H. and Bena J. Miller; $160,000

1215 County Road 1475, Ashland; Constance L. Sheppard to Frank B. and Sharon M. Perry; $255,000

1321 State Route 603, Ashland; Guy Walter and Nicole A. Trease to Benda L. Shipley and Wilkie G. Hood; $218,000

1175 Township Road 1153, Ashland; John and Janice Motter to Derrek T. and Morghan A. Farver; $208,000

Mohican Township 

1902 Township Road 405, Jeromesville; Stauffer 30 Rock Farms to Brandon Conner; $208,500

16 County Road 1950, Jeromesville; James H. and Deborah K. Brubaker to Weaver Farms Grain LLC; $170,000

Montgomery Township

Vacant Land Township Road 523, Ashland; Greg McNaull Real Estate LLC to Brian L. and Sonda H. Weaver; $55,000

783 Township Road 1600, Ashland; Nicholas A. Thomas and Karen K. Thomas to Paul L., Elaine L and Mark A. Weber; $235,000

Orange Township 

Vacant Land County Road 620, Ashland; Eugene P. and Sherry J. Hayton to Alvin Mark Davis Jr.; $139,678

914 State Route 58, Ashland; Billy J. Willis and Barbara A. Willis to Wayne S. Hopek Jr. and Kate N. Rock-Hopek; $125,000

Perry Township 

30 US Route 250, Jeromesville; Brian Stough to Darren S. Yutzy; $175,000 

206 U.S. Route 250, Polk; Ralph W. Bunch to Ryan L. and Emily R. Burkholder; $143,000


130 E. Church Street, Perrysville; Teddy Franklin Morton (deceased) to Lois A. O’Hall; $22,500

Ruggles Township

402 County Road 1183, Nova; Melody A. Pinson to Christopher Wayne Meyer; $111,000

Sullivan Township

222 Township Road 150, Sullivan; Mahlon J. and Katie Ann Gingerich and Henry H. and Sarah E. Hostetler to Mahlon J. and Katie Ann F. Gingerich; $90,310

440 State Route 224, Sullivan; Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to James A. Wells Linda S. Wells; $24,500

U.S. Route 224, Sullivan; Andrew J. and Caroline L. Byler to Ilya and Iulia Prediy; $5,000

U.S. Route 224, Sullivan; Ruben Hegedus to Bradley A. and Abigail L. Pondage; $72,000

286 County Road 40, Sullivan; Joseph J. Yoder to Menno J. and Lydia M. Swartentruber; $115,000

Vermillion Township 

38 West Main Street, Hayesville; Vernon L. and Lynnette M. Snoddy to Erica D. Kranz and Clarence E. Vess; $155,000

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