Miller’s-Hawkins Market (File Photo). 

ASHLAND -- It's business as usual for Miller's-Hawkins Market despite change in its building's ownership, store manager Karen Graves confirmed Tuesday, April 28.

According to the Ashland County Auditor's office, "Premier Housing Ltd" bought both 1617 Claremont Avenue and 1505 Claremont Avenue, Ashland for $4,200,000 from "Hawkins Markets Inc." 

"It was a seamless transition. They came in met us, and it's been business as usual," Graves said. 

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Screen Shot 2020-04-28 at 11.51.17 AM.png

The property transfer includes two buildings. The one at 1617 Claremont Avenue houses Miller's-Hawkins, Goodwill and Discount Drug Mart, and the other at 1595 Claremont Avenue is a small vacant storefront. The latter is positioned directly along the corner of the Miller-Hawkins shopping plaza's parking lot. 

Premier Housing Ltd. purchased the buildings and immediately released the spaces the existing tenants, according to Graves. 

Nothing changes, the manager of Miller's-Hawkins said. She confirmed the market is staying. Discount Drug Mart is also continuing its lease, an employee confirmed. Goodwill was not immediately able to be reached. 

The following is a complete list of Ashland County property transfers from the Ashland County Auditor's office for March 25 through April 28. Property transfers are published monthly by Ashland Source.


316 East Main Street, Ashland; Donna P. Gern by PSO to City of Ashland; $70,140

514 East Liberty Street, Ashland; David R. Miller to Adam B. Pees and Ellyn F. Meade; $117,900

409 Pleasant Street, Ashland; PNC Bank National Association to Jason Eric Hoak and Chad Christopher Owens; $24,000

716 Edgehill Avenue, Ashland; Rachel D. Painter to Madison K. Szabo; $101,000

106 West 10th Street, Ashland; Adlou Ltd. to Doniel Ltd; $64,000 

290 South Countryside Drive, Ashland; Grady B. and Nicole Stier Justice to Albert and Michelle F. Spieldenner; $250,000

1455 Southwood Drive, Ashland; Denny D. and Randi P. Bittle to Jason D. and Ashley M. Kline; $290,000

1490 Orange Road, Ashland; Terry and Mary A. Adkins to Austin W. Miles; $67,000

228 Lindale Avenue, Ashland; Matthew Lehnhort to William F. Shannon Sr.; $165,000

328 East Main Street, Ashland; Ronald E. Harrison to City of Ashland; $80,000

210 Steele Avenue, Ashland; John G. and Susanne Gerbino to Eileen Clay; $100,000

419 Taylor Street, Ashland; Dean A. Etzwiler to Caleb R. Stutz and Hailey D. Fliger; $83,000

326 Ohio Street, Ashland; Gary J. and Rebecca A. Austin to City of Ashland; Ohio; $1,000 

2521 Silver Fox Trail, Ashland; Patrick L. and Leah J. Sprague to Tyler J. and Erika F. Bird; $220,000

1164 Foxmoor Lane, Ashland; James J. Perry to John A. and Nancy L. Koon; $185,000

100 West 10th Street, Ashland; CaMc2 Investments LLC to Jennifer J. Bentley; $12,000

929 King Ridge Drive, Ashland; Buster Daniel to Denise A. and Beverly A. Lukity; $134,000

337 South Countryside Drive, Ashland; Thomas A. Donelson to Jonathon B. and Adrienne L. Qualls; $173,534.60

127 Lilac Lane, Ashland; Sharon L. Schnappacher to Stephanie Evans; $101,000

1126 Union Street, Ashland; Christopher J. Nommay to Michael A. and Shannon R. Rush; $70,900

835 Oakbrook Drive, Ashland; Roberta M. Harpster to Dale E. and Eleanor M. Wells; $186,500

1531 Greenbriar Drive, Ashland; Karl F. and Denee A. Schlotterer to Robert M. and Tracey A. Baum; $246,000

666 Katherine Avenue, Unit B, 694 Katherine Avenue, Units C & D, Ashland; Kingston Rentals LLC to PDPRN Properties; $172,000 

1617 Claremont Avenue and 1505 Claremont Avenue, Ashland; Hawkins Markets to Premier Housing; $4,200,000

908 Avalon Drive, Ashland; Marlene J. Harvey to Gary Maxheimer; $124,500

53 County Road 2575, Lakeville; Willow Brook Dairy LLC to Laura J. and Stephen M. Vales; $120,000

831 Stone Creek Boulevard, Ashland; Jarrod and Heather Gable to James P. and Melissa L. Speelman; $240,000

242 W. Main Street, Ashland; Kelleigh Dotson to Synergy Property Solutions; $11,000

32 and 34 West Tenth Street, Ashland; Paul David Young II to Jere D. Young; $0

324 Dorchester Street, Ashland; Cody J. and Chelsea A. Burton to Evan M. Briggs; $105,500

929 Laurel Avenue, Ashland; Christopher Stoffer to Kenneth Thompson; $180,000

317 Ohio Street, Ashland; NRZ REO VI-B LLC to RJW Property LLC; $20,000

172 Lincoln Avenue, Ashland; Weaver Management Properties to Joanne Fyffe; $84,900

1700 Orange Road, Ashland; Take Down Enforcement  Products LLC to Jeffery A. Zuhlsdorf; $72,500

1160 Rock Drive, Ashland; Michael N. Sladky to Flory and Jeanne M. Mauriocourt; $165,000

292 Cleveland Avenue, Ashland; Mike and Parker Joe Nelson to Stefanie Taylor Fockler; $112,000

253 Sherman Avenue, Ashland; Eliza D. Jenkins to Jason P. And Barb Ladwig; $62,000

1038 Oakhill Circle, Ashland; Herbert Guenther, successor trustee to Kyle and Elizabeth Klingler; $230,000

126/128 East Walnut Street, Ashland; Lee A. Schlingman to Alexander Investments LLC; $70,000

Green Township

891 Township Road 2375, Perrysville; Jerry and Denis Burton to Dustin B. and Logan N. Martin; $161,000

1.098 acre tract of land on State Route 39, Perrysville; Milton E. Spreng Trust/Donna M. Spreng Living Trust/William A. Spreng and Beverly A. Bliger to Linden Avenue LLC.; $1,084,000

106 Burwell Avenue, Loudonville; Julia A. Grassman, trustee to Tyler J. and Jessica M. Cates; $75,000

206 West Loudon Avenue, Loudonville; Ashland County Sheriff/Robert W. Butler and Tracey M. Butler to John E. and Ryan Jane Pearce; $26,000

545 Vincent Drive, Loudonville; Emma C. Harper to Brooklyn Danielle and Dylan Roy Graveley; $206,000

2539 Township Road 687, Loudonville; Larry A. and Sarah S. Marlin to Charles E. and Laura E. Neff; $265,000

Hanover Township 

236 South Market Street, Loudonville; Adam and Diana Tournoux to Alexis Heffelfinger and Freg Griffin; $89,000

424 West Main Street, Loudonville; Loudonville Canoe Rentals to Loudonville Canoe Livery; $297,500 

500 Wally Road, Loudonville; Bert A. and Kerry L. MacQueen to Josephine K. Shafer; $285,500

Pine Hill, Perrysville; Carolyn S. and Benny R. Smith to Devin L. and Cynthia A. Holtapple; $30,000

224 West Washington Street, Loudonville; Kauffman Properties LLC to Karen L. Amstutz; $99,000

Jackson Township 

2085 Tarragon Drive, West Salem; His Amazing Grace Trust (Peggy Morrison Hee) to Jordan J. And Shelby M. Swart; $128,000

367 County Road 700, Polk; The Carol M. Ambers Revocable Living Trust to The Inge M. DeWald Trust; $350,000

County Road 700, Polk; The Carol M. Ambers Revocable Living Trust to Ted and Lynn D. Ambers; $1,000

1499 Brandy Lane, West Salem; Eileen A. Clay to Janice H. Middleton; $117,500

668 County Road 175, West Salem; Richard R. and Kathy D. Becker to Donald W. and Erika M. Wilder; $267,500

4058 Cinnamon Drive North, West Salem; JP Morgan Chase Bank National Association to Curtis Tanner; $81,100

712 State Route 89, Polk; E & E Welch LLC and Holstein Brothers LLC to Terry and Lynn Morrison; $50,600

Cinnamon Drive West Lot 74, Surv Unit 111; Dawn L. And Gregory L. Williams to Tyler Lee Taylor; $3,200

Lake Township

2626 County Road 457, Loudonville; Joshua A. Miller to Andrew J. and Emma J. Miller; $30,000


227 South Market Street, Loudonville; David A. Hzelett to James E. Wolfgang; $91,000

129 South Spring Street, Loudonville; JP Morgan Chase Bank National Association to Gregory J. Stanley; $59,000

200 School Drive, Loudonville; Jessica M. Cates to James W. And Pamela J. Porter; $84,000

Mifflin Township

606 Lakeview Road, Ashland; Betty R. Thomas and Regie D. Lloyd; $105,000

1713 Township Road 1153, Ashland; Larry C. Goon Jr. to Michael E. and Tracy S. Henthorn; $248,000

609 Lakeview Road, Ashland; Charles Andrew and Natalie A. Bell to Cory M. Simmons; $164,900

Milton Township 

28.019 Acres on Township Road 1506, Ashland; Penton Properties LLC to Alba Longa LLC; $154,104.50

1644 Township Road 1153, Ashland; Kamenik Real Estate LLC to Samual D. and Morgan R. Kamenik; $258,900

1326 Township Road 1253, Ashland; Paul Middleton and Anita Kassuba-Middleton to Paul G. Middleton II; $150,000

1630 Township Road 1353, Ashland; Linda L. Stutz to Justin Platt; $86,000

1249 County Road 1475, Ashland; Candy Bar II LLC to Zackery W. Hershey; $75,000

1148 Township Road 1186, Ashland; Aaron D. Kline to Angela and Brock Ringler; $235,000

3.522 Acres County Road 1353, Ashland; Susanna A. Goschinski, trustee to Mark S. And Maureen R. Smith;  $30,000

Mohican Township 

State Route 95, Jeromesville; Mark Taylor to Roger T. and Lori A. Voltz; $21,000

70 County Road 1950, Jeromesville; Raymond A. Bowman to Ian T. Gilt; $140,000

335 County Road 30-A, Jeromesville; Phyllis Jean McIntire to Peggy S. Figley; $157,000

116 and 116 1/2 West Main Street, Jeromesville; Lawrence E. Cutlip, trustee and Wanda K. Cutlip, Trustee to Kevin R. Cline; $73,500

Montgomery Township 

1671 County Road 995, Ashland; James D. and Heather Booher to Vicky Van Horn; $230,000

1320 Township Road 685, Ashland; Benjamin J. and Mary E. Roby to Jon J. and Mary B. Mould; $80,000

1164 U.S. Route 250, Ashland; Timothy S. Pollard to the City of Ashland; $25,640

Vacant Land on County Road 655; Larry A. And Ruth Ann Donelson, trustees to Greg McNaull Real Estate LLC; $104,483.40

Orange Township 

1076 Township Road 704, Ashland; Matthew A. and Diana R. Simpson to Nikki Dull and Nicholas Thomas; $151,000

782 State Route 302, Nankin; Jeanette L. Campbell to Shelby E. Jordan; $90,000

847 Township Road 1101, Ashland; James E. and Barbara S. Stauder to Matt and Diana Simpson; $68,500

0.192 Acres on County Road 1175, Ashland; Susan M. Raschke and Jessica L. Elliot to Adam and Megan Smith; $1,344

848 B. State Route 511, Ashland; Collins Complexes LLC to Joshua M. and Melissa A. White; $175,000

Perry Township

1474 County Road 251, Jeromesville; Karen S. Carl and Kenneth P. Carl to Larry C. Goon Jr.; $170,000

180 State 250, Polk; Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Harvest Creek Properties LLC; $5,000

1219 State Route 89, Ashland; Penton Properties to Charles J. Rinard; $156,000

Vacant Land Perry Township, 4.287 acres; Robert M. and Juanita Kilbane to Matthew S. and Julie E. Hicks; $18,500

180 U.S. Route 250, Polk; Harvest Creek Properties to Pail D. Jaskulski Junior; $15,000

35 County Road 1100, West Salem; Nathan A. And Kinsey M. Workman; $323,000


108 Church Street, Perrysville; Sonja K. Sears aka Sonja K. Mileti to William D. and Carol M. Herman; $100,000

Ruggles Township

221 Township Road 1281, New London; Pamela J. Christensen to Colton T. Hickey; $230,000

Sullivan Township 

655 Township Road 150, Sullivan; Edward A. Brosius to Matthew T. and Jennifer Polley; $174,000 

660 Township Road 150, Sullivan; Jeremiah Harshman to Cody L Eisten and Kaitlyn J. Kish; $105,000

450 U.S. Route 224, Sullivan; Melvin A. and Jennifer L. Scott to Julia Wade; $14,000

306 County Road 40, Sullivan; Rosemary Pabin to Lewis Szanyi III, $370,000

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