For oil rigs to function effectively, they need to use the proper tools and machines. These machines must be extremely durable to withstand the work and harsh conditions. 

Since oil rigs are often exposed to the factors that create a corrosive environment for metals, it is important to use machinery made with metals that can withstand these rough conditions. There are plenty of different types of machinery used on the rigs. Here are some of the most useful machines for oil rigs.

Sand Pumps

Sand pumps move dirt and deposits away from the drilling site. These machines are placed inside oil or fluid tanks and maintain the tank and transport the deposits to a different location. It transports the debris through a series of pipes so that there is no need for manual labor.

Top Drives

Many people do not know that the top drive is essential for drilling the hole in the ground to obtain the oil. The top drive is a motor that starts the movement of the drill. To do this, it pulls on the drill string and moves up and down the mast of the drill rig. 


Another one of the most useful machines for oil rigs to remember is the degasser. Degassers are essential for the workers’ safety around the oil rig. They remove gases such as carbon dioxide and methane from drilling fluids to prevent any explosions and mishaps.

There are two different types of degassers. They function in different ways but achieve the same goal. The first one is a vacuum degasser. It reduces the pressure inside a container to remove the gases from the liquid. The second type of degasser is an atmospheric degasser. This degasser spins a propeller to spread out the liquid to release the trapped gases.

Shale Shakers

Shale shakers have the important task of removing any solids from the drilling fluids. Basically, the shale shaker strains the fluid using a vibrating wire-cloth screen. The debris is left behind on the screen while the liquid flows through with ease.

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