Interim treasurer Sheryl Shaw-Stewart swears in Gina Deppert as the newest member to the Ashland City School District Board of Education. 

ASHLAND -- The Ashland City School District Board of Education approved new rates for substitute staff at its organizational meeting Monday. 

The five-member board approved an $80 daily rate for all substitute teachers with an additional $12 for substitute teachers who begin their day at the high school or middle school and move to an elementary school building for the afternoon. 

“It’s a longer day. High school starts earlier than elementary school, so we did that a couple years ago,” said Dr. Doug Marrah. 

The rate approved on Monday compares to a former two-tier rate of $80 for certified substitute teachers and $70 for others. 

Before approving the rate, board members asked about the availability of substitute teachers. 

“We have a pretty good group of people coming in,” Marrah said. 

The board discussed possibly offering a higher rate for certified, long-term substitutes. Dr. Marrah said he’d look into this. 

The board also approved a change in classified substitute pay rate to $8.80 an hour. This matches the State of Ohio’s new minimum wage increase effective Jan. 1, 2021. 

Affected substitute staff include food service workers, noon and bus duty workers, secretaries, casual field technicians and a variety of paraprofessional roles. 

At the beginning of Monday’s meeting, Gina Deppert was sworn-in as the board’s newest member. She replaces Dustin Kruty, who resigned in December.  

Thank you board. I’m excited to join your team,” she said. “I love this city, and I love this district.”

Gina Deppert

Gina Deppert, was sworn in as the newest member to the Ashland City School District Board of Education Monday evening. 

Deppert had interviewed with the BOE in fall 2020 when Dr. Fred Gingrich was chosen to replace former member Mike Heimann. She has previously served as an interim treasurer at Ashland City School District and has held the position for other districts.

We’d like to thank Ms. Deppert for stepping into the role as board member. I look forward to working with her,” said board president, Zack Truax. 

The board chose Truax and Brandon Wells to continue serving in their leadership roles of board president and vice president, respectively. 

Rick Ewing was appointed to the Ashland County West-Holmes Career Center Board for a three year term, running from January 2021 through Dec. 31, 2023.

“I know Mr. Ewing has been doing this a long time. He will serve this position really well,” Deppert said. 

Throughout the coming year, the board will typically meet at 5:30 p.m. every third Monday of the month at the district’s administrative offices, 1407 Claremont Ave. Work sessions, as needed, will be held at 5:30 p.m. on the first Monday of the month.

However, the next few meeting times will differ from the regular schedule. The board is expected to meet Jan. 25 and Feb. 22 for regular meetings and Feb. 8 for a work session.

In 2020, the board meetings had been held at 6:30.

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