Ashland City Schools

Elementary and Middle School student lunches are expected to increase in price during the upcoming school year.

ASHLAND -- The Ashland City Schools Board of Education and Teachers Association will meet again on Tuesday, Sept. 24 in the next scheduled negotiating session, according to the teachers' union.

On Sunday, Sept. 9, Ashland City Teachers’ Association membership voted "overwhelmingly" to reject a a tentative agreement reached between their bargaining team and the administration of Ashland City Board of Education, according to a press release from the union.

"The membership did not feel confident in supporting an agreement in which major concerns remained," reads a statement from the union. Additionally, the membership was disheartened to discover the Board stated that they refuse to move any further in negotiations.

"The ACTA believes that a resolution is obtainable and requires nothing more than an equal commitment from both parties.

ACTA spokesperson, Richard Wasowski states that the bargaining team and membership are focused on the needs of Ashland City’s students.

“Following the vote, the ACTA reached out to the Board to request additional mediation," Wasowski said. "The ACTA remains committed to working with the Board’s team in an upcoming negotiations session on Tuesday, Sept. 24 to reach a settlement that is good for students and fair to both negotiating parties.”

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