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ASHLAND -- Ashland Source has compiled school reopening information for five school districts located within in Ashland County. 

Many districts shared plans offer both in-person and virtual-only options. The following information was gathered through interviews with school officials and also from district websites late last week.

Plans are fluid and remain subject to change based on state orders and local health information. Please visit district websites for most current information. 

Ashland City School District  

First day of school: Tuesday, Sept. 8

View the updated school calendar here.

In-class instruction: Ashland City School District will be able to offer in-person classes to students in Kindergarten through twelfth grades. 

Elementary School buildings have ample space to accommodate for students to return for daily, in-person classes with social distancing measures in place. 

The middle and high schools will take additional precautions to allow students to return. These precautions include the implementation of a rotational schedule. 

Read more about the reopening plans and watch informational videos at the district’s website.

Virtual instruction option: Entirely remote learning will be offered for those who choose to use it through a learning management system called Canvas, which district administrators say will offer enhanced consistency and communication tools and allows teachers access to more data on how students are engaging with their assignments.

Ashland City School District teachers will be allotted time throughout the school day to connect with students who opt for virtual instruction. 

Chromebooks are available for distribution as needed.  

School website: 

District phone number: 419-289-1117 

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Crestview Local School District  

First day of school: Tuesday, Sept. 8 

In-class instruction: The district is preparing a plan that will allow students to attend classes five days a week with appropriate distancing and safety measures in place. 

In Richland County should become classified as level four (purple) at any time, the district would pivot to teach remotely to students. 

The formal details about how this will look, what classes are to be offered and when are forthcoming. These decisions are going to be made at the building levels, in tandem with input from building staff while in line with the most current safety guidelines in the next couple of weeks. 

Read the latest updates at the district’s website. 

Virtual instruction option: The Crestview Online Academy will be available to all Crestview students, Kindergarten through 12th grades. It will operate separately from the in-class option, even if those who choose in-person instruction must pivot to an online setting.

Students who enroll in the Crestview Online Academy will have regular contact with school officials and will be able to select from a wide variety of elective courses. 

All students enrolled in the academy will receive a chromebook to use to complete their coursework.  

School website: 

District phone number: 419-895-1700 

Hillsdale Local School District 

 First day of school: Tuesday, Sept. 8. 

View the updated school calendar here.

In-class instruction: Hillsdale Local School District has announced a four-tiered plan for returning to school, which allows the district to move from four plans throughout the year, depending on the circumstances surrounding COVID-19 as it relates to Hillsdale Schools and Ashland County.

Plan A would  allow all students to attend school every day for in-person instruction. This option is possible if it is safe enough to reduce social distancing guidelines.

Plan B would allow students to have two days of in-person instruction per week with three days of remote instruction. There will be two groups of students following an alternating schedule.

Under Plan C, students would receive remote instruction from teachers, but buildings would be open for students who need a learning space. Plan D would also require students to receive remote instruction from teachers, and buildings would be closed. 

View the most updated reopening plan in the PDF at the bottom of the school’s website.

Virtual instruction option: Hillsdale Local School District is also offering a self-paced, completely virtual option as an alternative to in-person learning for the 2020-21 school year.

The district has selected the Jefferson County ESC online curriculum and platform, which follows an Ohio Learning Standards-aligned curriculum, but one that is different from that which is presented in the face-to-face or blended options. 

Parents interested in this option for their children should register them by Friday, August 14.

School website: 

District phone number: 419.368.8500  

Loudonville-Perrysville Exempted Village School District 

First day of school: Unknown

In-class instruction: The district is making plans to allow students in classrooms with face-to-face instruction offered by district teachers. 

The district intends to take precautions, which include requiring face coverings for everyone as facilities and classrooms lack ample square footage to maintain social distancing consistently throughout the day. 

Additional information regarding the calendar and student start day, potential open houses, and other topics will be coming soon, according to a July 28 letter from Superintendent Catherine Puster.

Read the latest from Superintendent Puster here. 

Virtual instruction options: A remote learning environment will be offered to students at home with curriculum and instruction provided by district teachers. Specific details for grade level and content are still evolving.

Another option is the Online Redbird Academy, which would have students mostly at home with curriculum and instruction provided by a vendor; instruction, not by LP teachers. 

Parents may also choose traditional homeschool. In this scenario, parents are responsible for providing curriculum and instruction and have curriculum approved by the superintendent. These students would not be considered to be enrolled in the district.

The choice parents make for their student is to last the duration of a semester, unless otherwise approved by the principal or superintendent. 

School website: 

District phone number: 419-994-3912

Mapleton Local School District 

First day of school: Monday, Aug. 24

In-class instruction: Under its drafted reopening plan, the Mapleton Local School District intends to operate under one of three plans (A, B or C) upon reopening. This plan is to be reviewed again in a special meeting at 5 p.m. Monday, Aug. 10.

Under Plan A, the district would offer in-person learning at 100 percent capacity. 

Plan B would offer blended learning by splitting students into two cohorts. One group would report for in-person learning Tuesday and Wednesday, and the other would attend in-person classes Thursday and Friday. Students would be expected to complete virtual assignments additionally. 

Plan C would require students transition 100 percent to an at-home setting with remote instruction from classroom teachers.

The district is readying to move between these plans at any time due to changes in COVID-19 incidents. 

View the reopening plan in a slideshow posted to the district’s website.

Virtual instruction option: The district will offer an expanded version of the existing Mapleton Virtual Academy for K-12 students through a partnership with the Jefferson County ESC Online Curriculum Services.

To choose this option, students should have reliable Internet service. They will be required to remain in the remote learning program for the duration of a full semester. 

The district will provide a Chromebook to the student if needed and allow the student to participate in extracurriculars and athletics. 

School website: 

District phone number: 419-945-2188

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