Century House

The Century House is located between Mohican Adventures campground and Morris Motors.

LOUDONVILLE -- One of the oldest houses in the Loudonville area is the "Century House," located between Mohican Adventures campground and Morris Motors.

The house is constructed of two-foot thick native sandstone blocks, and believed to have been built around 1840 (c. same time frame as the Workman Cabin in Central Park).

It was a rumored one-time stop on the Underground Railroad while owned by Dr. Ephraim Fuller, whose family continued to own it until the mid-1900s. The building experienced numerous additions and renovations over the years, but the sandstone still remains visible.

It has been used as a home, stagecoach stop, restaurant, apartment building, office, and is now rented out to overnight guests by Mohican Adventures.

It has been rumored to be the eternal home of a ghost or two, with legend claiming someone is buried in the basement. Rumor had it that the deceased was Olidine, a beautiful younger relative of the Fullers who was also a morphine addict, and eventually died of its use.

It is claimed she was buried beneath the basement floor and ever since her ghostly image has been seen haunting the halls of the historic home. However, Dr. G.B. Fuller who eventually owned the house himself, stated that Olidine did not die in the house nor is she buried in the basement ... and he should know, because he attended her funeral!

More information on the Cleo Redd Fisher Museum can be found at this link.

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