Lowden Fire Dept.

The fire department in Lowden, Iowa is responsible for the safety of the village's approximately 780 residents.

LOUDONVILLE -- Loudonville, Ohio is the namesake of Lowden, Iowa.

Lowden is located along Route 30 on the eastern side of Iowa and has a population of approximately 780. It's situated between Davenport and Cedar Rapids along the original route of the Lincoln Highway.

In 1857, the families of Thomas Shearer, J.D. Shearer, C.S. Burwell and other area residents left Loudonville and headed west. The Iowa Land Company was surveying land and platting a new town on 12 acres in advance of the Chicago, Iowa and Nebraska Railroad, which was being built through the area.

Map of Lowden, Iowa

Lowden is located on the far eastern edge of Iowa.

The Loudonville families were among the first official residents of the new town and decided to name it Loudon, Iowa -- in honor of their hometown in Ohio.

Just as Loudonville suffered from numerous misspellings over the centuries, so did Loudon.

When the railroad arrived, the station was listed as "Louden," causing confusion with travelers. Then, when the post office was built, it bore a new spelling of "Lowden," and as goes the post office so went the town.

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