Charles Mowery

Charles Mowery is shown here in a Stutz racer.

LOUDONVILLE -- Loudonville was home to an early race car driver that could find his way to the podium.

In the 1910s, young Charles Mowery was an enthusiastic automobile racer.

At a time when few people even owned automobiles, let alone raced them, "Charlie" was already pushing the envelope on the dirt path known as Ashland Road, where he'd reach speeds over 60 miles per hour.

Automobiles, especially fast ones, were rather expensive at the time and so Mowery could not afford his own. But the owner of the grain mill -- H.J. BeBout -- could.

BeBout had a Stutz Racer, shown here with Mowery at the helm. On Oct. 11, 1915 Mowery placed third in the 100 mile Ohio Amateur Championship race held in Columbus, Ohio.

More information on the Cleo Redd Fisher Museum can be found at this link.

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