1929 Loudonville Street Fair

The Cleo Redd Fisher Museum found this rare 1929 color photo of the Loudonville Street Fair taken by the National Geographic magazine.

LOUDONVILLE -- The Loudonville Street Fair has a long, proud history.

It was disrupted in 2020 by the COVID-19 pandemic.

But organizers hope to resume the fair in 2021.

As early as 1876 the Loudonville Independent Agricultural Association hosted an annual harvest celebration in a field along North Mt. Vernon Avenue (near the present-day football field).

In 1888 the owner of the field was unable to harvest the crops before the event was to be held, forcing the association to consider canceling the annual event -- until the village of Loudonville agreed to host the event downtown.

The temporary fix turned out to be a huge success and from then on the the harvest celebration permanently became known as the Loudonville Street Fair.

As far back as 1929, the Cleo Redd Fisher Museum has uncovered a rare color photo of the Loudonville Street Fair taken by the National Geographic.

More information on the Cleo Redd Fisher Museum can be found at this link.

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