Raby Hardware in Loudonville

Raby Hardware has a multi-generational history in Loudonville.

LOUDONVILLE -- Raby Hardware originally began in Loudonville around 1875 under the name Hartupee & Reed, and was located on the southwest corner of Main and Water street.

In March of 1885 a share of the business was sold to George Franklin Raby, who acquired the remaining shares in April of 1900. With Hartupee & Reed out, the name was changed to G.F. Raby Hardware, and George invited his sons Harry and Harvey to join the business.

In 1909, Raby purchased the building at 223 W. Main from Mary Haskell Garlough at a price of $4,500 (worth approximately $127,000 today) and moved Raby Hardware there, where it has remained since.

In 1991, the business expanded into the adjoining building to the west.

After four generations, the Raby family continues to operate the business. In 2010, Dave Raby and the rest of the family celebrated 125 years of business in Loudonville.

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