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A new adaptive side-by-side tricycle will be available for public use at certain designated times at Ashland County Park District's Freer Field.

ASHLAND -- The Ashland County Park District Wednesday announced the formation of the "Me Too Adventure Club" for people with disabilities or special needs and their families.

To celebrate the club’s kickoff, the Park District is sponsoring “The Great Bike Stampede of Ashland” from 1 to 4 p.m. Sept. 29 at Freer Field.

Park Commissioner Robert DeSanto explained that children of all ages and abilities are welcome to attend this free event to have fun, sharpen their bike riding skills and learn safety and how to repair a flat tire repair.

They’ll also have a chance to compete in bike events, where prizes will be awarded. Further, a bicycle, provided by the Ashland Bike Company and the Ashland County Park District, will be given away. 

The “Me Too Adventure Club” is a non-profit organized and run by volunteers. Its mission is to serve the area’s special needs families and to assist them in organizing themselves. 

The club is expected to organize “adventure events” for special needs persons and will make extensive use of the Park District’s adaptive bikes for some events. 

Other get-togethers may include hayrides, fishing, camping and parties -- all suitable for persons with special needs. The emphasis will be on children, but people of all ages can participate and volunteer. 

“We want it to be fun and experience adventure together,” said one of the organizers, Mona Campbell.

Membership to the club is free. 

The park district offers a variety of bicycle options, including ones with electric-power assit. 

“Ashland County Park District is looking for those individuals with special needs or disabilities that would like to utilize the Park District bikes that are adapted to serve the needs of the disabled persons in the area, said Dave McClure, an Ashland County Park District commissioner. 

“Available at the Park District is a wheelchair bicycle tandem that combines the latest cycle technology with advanced wheelchair design. Also available is a twin tandem cycle where the driver and the passenger sit next to each other and can engage in conversation and enjoy together the fun of cycling.” 

The Park District acquired the bikes last year in part from a grant from the Samaritan Hospital Foundation.

McClure encourages those interested to stop by the Park District booth at the Ashland County Fair under the grandstand or visit the Park District website at

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