Ashland Soil & Water Conservation District

During the evening Ashland SWCD will recognize it’s 2021 award winners.

ASHLAND — It’s a return to normal: Ashland Soil and Water Conservation District and Ashland Farm Bureau will return to a full annual meeting this year to celebrate the successes of the last year and make decisions about their organizations’ futures.

This year’s joint annual meeting will take place Aug. 18 at the Myers Convocation Center at Ashland University at 6:30 p.m. with voting for the Ashland SWCD election opening at 6 p.m. Tickets are just $5, and registration is required.

“We’re just really excited to be able to return to our traditional, in-person program dn celebrations,” said Jane Houin, Ashland SWCD program administrator. “The last year has been a challenging one, but we feel like we’re coming out stronger on the other side.

"This is going to be a great opportunity to come together as a community to celebrate agriculture and conservation in Ashland County and to make decisions that will impact those areas for years to come.”

During the evening Ashland SWCD will recognize it’s 2021 award winners:

Cooperator of the Year Atterhold Farms, Volunteer of the Year Boy Scout Troop 356, and Horizon Award winner the Swaisgood family. The district will also celebrate the accomplishments of the last year.

“We are excited to recognize such a diverse group of people in our annual meeting this year, from first generation full-time farmers like the Atterholts to long-time soil and water conservation enthusiasts like the Swaisgood family,” Houin said. “We want to share their stories of how the citizens of Ashland County can partner with organizations like Ashland SWCD and Farm Bureau to make an impact on the soil health and water quality in our community.”

And of course, the annual meeting would not be complete without a little business. Election voting will take place for both Ashland SWCD and Ashland Farm Bureau as well as policy development for Farm Bureau. SWCD election voting is open to all Ashland County residents and landowners age 18 and over; voting will take place July 22 and Aug. 20 at the SWCD office as well as at several in-person event like the annual meeting.

“Election of our board of supervisors is critical to the long-term success and vision of Ashland SWCD,” Houin said, noting that Ashland SWCD is governed by a five- member, publicly elected board of volunteers that shape the mission and direction of district programming.

This year, residents will select one new member of the Ashland SWCD board of supervisors. Candidates are David Elson, Steve Hughes and Karen Welch. More information about the candidates can be found at in the news section of the site in the summer issue of The Steward newsletter.

Guests can RSVP to Ashland Farm Bureau at 330-263-7456 and pay at the door for their tickets.

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