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EDITOR'S NOTE: This weekly series highlights the United Way of Ashland County's partner agencies, or the organizations that are funded by the United Way. 

ASHLAND -- The United Way of Ashland County supports four of the Ashland YMCA's programs, including free children's swim lessons for low-income families and the annual special olympics program. 

"We're trying to have a positive impact on the lives that come in our door," said Ashland YMCA's executive director Molly Riley in a video made by this year's United Way chairs, Joe and Brittaney Reep. 

She encouraged the community to support the United Way, which in turn benefits the YMCA. She explained that $52 -- a dollar per week -- could support at least one child's free swimming lessons.

The Campaign

Earlier this year, the chairs of the United Way of Ashland County's “Rockstars & Legends” campaign promised to have fun with their fundraising efforts. In doing this, Joe and Brittaney Reep set out to highlight every partner agency with the United Way in a weekly video series, which the United Way then agreed to share with Ashland Source. 

They hope by highlighting the United Way of Ashland County's partner agencies that they can show the difference one dollar a week can make for an agency and the people they serve. Just $52 -- or a dollar per week -- they say, can have a significant impact.

The partner agencies include: Ashland Parenting Plus, Associated Charities, Ashland Cancer Association, Ashland Access, Ashland County Council on Aging, Ashland County Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, Ashland YMCA, Catholic Charities, the Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center, Olive Tree Care Program, American Red Cross, Kidney Foundation of Ohio, Appleseed Community Mental Health Center, Hospice of North Central Ohio and the Ashland Christian Health Center.

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