A gazebo at Tom Kruse Wildlife Conservation Park.

ASHLAND — You could win some prizes if you visit a county park in Ashland. 

Ashland Young Professionals has launched a campaign to get residents out to at least 10 of the 18 Ashland County parks. If you do, you could win a $100 gift card, a shirt or some gear from the Ashland County Parks District. 

The catch? 

Snap a photo at 10 of the parks and post them to AYP’s Facebook or Instagram accounts by July 31. 

“We love to raise awareness of our Ashland County Parks,” said Emily McKinley, AYP’s Steering Committee Liaison. “Not a lot of community members realize that we have so many parks throughout the county. We came up with this event idea to encourage community members to make memories this summer while exploring some neat locations.” 

The photos don’t have to be anything fancy. 

“We’re just asking people that they make it obvious which park they’re at,” McKinley said, adding it could be of the park’s sign with its name or an iconic image from the park. The photos don’t have to be “selfies,” either. 

Submitting the photos to social media will earn you the chance to win a $100 Shop Local Ashland Community gift card, an AYP T-shirt or swag from Ashland County Parks District, including a free reservation to Ashland Fire Company Nature Cabin, also known as Fireman’s Cabin, at 1498 State Route 511 South 

AYP is a division of the Ashland Area Chamber of Commerce. It provides opportunities for area professionals under the age of 40 to connect and network. 

For more information, visit AYP’s website.

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