There’s no need to limit hunting to the summer months. With these cold-weather hunting tips, you can enjoy your favorite hobby regardless of the windchill.

You can’t confine hunters to just the summer months! If you’re itching to get back out into the wild, but there’s snow on the ground, we can help. Here are some essential cold-weather hunting tips you need to know.

Invest in warm gear

The first and most critical tip is to invest in high-quality warm clothing. Breaking out three sweaters and four pairs of pants may sound effective, but you have mobility to consider.

While layers are important, you can maintain more freedom of movement by buying quality insulating clothing. Consider long underwear with a layer of wool, then add your camo parka and insulated coveralls on top.

The peripherals are crucial, too. Don’t forget a hat and warm gloves (you can also opt for mittens with flip-open fingertips for easier access to your trigger). Make sure you wear waterproof boots, too — you don’t want your toes freezing off after your foot slips into a puddle.

Don’t stay still

Hunting often requires hours of limited movement, but you can’t stay motionless in the cold. Stretch before you head out, and stay limber by bending all your joints slowly while you wait. Stand as often as you can, since sitting for too long can result in significant aches and pains.

Test equipment before your trip

Before the day of your hunting trip, get geared up and take your equipment outside.

Practice shooting in your hat, gloves and layers to get a feel for the added bulk. You don’t want to adjust your technique on the fly, so take a little time to get to know how shooting feels with the extra padding.

Eat and hydrate

Bring along nuts, jerky and other high-protein snacks for your trip. These will help combat the extra calories your body burns while working to keep you warm and they’ll prevent you from getting lightheaded. Keep liquids on hand, too — never underestimate the importance of proper hydration, especially when out in the cold.

Now that you’re ready with all the cold-weather hunting tips you need to know, consider expanding your hunting skills even further by improving your accuracy.

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