Are you interested in raising a beehive or selling honey products? If so, check out some of these surprising facts you may not know about honey.

It’s no surprise that people have been collecting, selling and consuming honey for centuries. However, there are still so many things people still don’t know about this amazing sweetener.

For those who are interested in starting a beehive in their own backyard or building a honey business, it’s vital to learn everything there is to know about this food. Learn more about the most surprising facts you didn’t know about honey here.

Not all honey is the same

When most people imagine honey, they think of it as one single product. However, there are actually several different varieties of honey.

When bees pollinate flowers and collect nectar, the type of nectar they collect affects the look, taste and smell of the honey they produce.

If you’re hoping to start a honey business, learn about honey’s different flavors and uses to ensure that you market your products appropriately.

Honey never spoils

Sometimes, business owners hesitate to order bulk honey because they cannot predict how quickly it will sell. To avoid throwing away unused inventory, many business owners instead start with more conservative orders. However, what most company owners do not realize is honey never spoils.

That’s right. When you store it correctly, this delicious syrup will never spoil. Over time, honey will crystallize into a grainy texture, but this change is not synonymous with expiration. You can simply melt the crystalized honey to liquid form, and it will be just as good as new.

If you’re considering buying honey for your business, remember that ordering bulk honey will not be a risky investment.

Honey is a natural anti-inflammatory

Whether you run a medical, food, beverage or cosmetic business, honey can add significant value to your products. One of the reasons that honey is such a popular product in each of these industries is that it’s a natural anti-inflammatory. Honey contains high levels of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that help to nourish while replenishing sore spots.

Plus, honey is an excellent and health-conscious addition to any menu or product formula.

Looking at these surprising facts you didn’t know about honey, it’s fascinating to see how people have used honey differently over the centuries. And even though we know more about its flavors and natural properties now than we did before, it has continued to be a consistent part of our lives.

As you use this product for your business, remember to keep these surprising facts in mind.

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