Keeping up with household chores and organization is challenging. We’re here to help you organize your home. Here is how to straighten up: going room to room organizing.

Clean Storage Spaces

When you clean room to room, make storage spaces the first item on your checklist. Make sure you utilize space for areas like your kitchen, living room and your bedroom when looking over these storage spots in your Ohio home.

Closets are another area you want to spruce up to help avoid any clutter. If you have a junk drawer, do a deep clean occasionally to clear out any stuff you don’t need, has expired or doesn’t work anymore. This feels tedious, but once you clear out the junk, the area will seem more organized.

Clean Shared Spaces

With shared rooms, clear the shelves of any hardly or never used products. If you share any items, make sure to line everything up so that nothing gets mixed up or lost. In the living room, pick a designated area for your children’s toys.

Clean Personal Spaces

Knowing how to straighten up: going room to room organizing will help make cleaning feel like less of a chore. Your personal space matters the most, so go through your closet and dispose of clothes you no longer wear.

You will feel better after getting rid of clothes that no longer fit or have no sentimental value. Also, straighten up your room to help open space again.

Clean Small Spaces

You can save plenty of time by keeping small spaces organized. Through cleaning the laundry room, closets and bathroom, you will have a straightened area where you can unwind without the clutter. If you have a guest room with small spaces, clean them before a guest comes over. That way you have extra time to spend together.

Having cleaned up areas will bring a balance of peace and organization. Spruce up your space with a cleaning checklist that you can repeat throughout the week to keep every room organized.

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