MOUNT VERNON — The International Bowhunting Organization (IBO) will bring its 2022 World Indoor Championship competition to Cooper Progress Park Feb. 11-13.

The IBO signed a lease with the Knox County Land Bank to use Plant 2 in CPP. The competition is not open to the public due to COVID.

According to Bryan Marcum, president and chief executive officer of IBO, the event draws about 500 people.

“It's one of our smaller events, actually,” he said. “It will be a nice event. We have all different age groups, from young kids to older adults. They come from all over the country.”

“They are not paying us very much in rent,” Jeff Gottke, president of the land bank, acknowledged. “It will provide some income for us, but we see it as a good thing for the community to bring money into the community.”

Relating to Cooper Progress Park, Gottke said that Schlumberger, owner of the former Siemens campus, has approved the transfer of all but four parcels in the park to the land bank. Gottke will go before the Municipal Planning Commission on Jan. 13 to request a lot split between what Schlumberger wants to retain and what can be transferred to the land bank.

“We know that will be a big deal because we have potential tenants waiting for a deed before they go ahead with their lease-purchase,” he said.

After the initial lot split, the next step is to split off each building in the land bank's portion. The rest will be common area maintained by a property owner's association.

Schlumberger also owns the parking lots on the east side of Sandusky Street. Gottke is researching to see if Schlumberger will transfer them to the land bank.

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