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JEROMESVILLE -- It's like the scene from a Hallmark movie, Jeromesville Mayor Randy Spade says of the village's annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony. 

At 5 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 1, the community will gathering at Lewis Memorial Park, carol their way to the town square and watch as a 14-foot Christmas tree is lit up, symbolizing the start of the holiday season.

"When you think of living in a small town and how picturesque it is, well, this is the one day I get to live this dream," Spade said. 

Five years ago, Spade brought back the village's annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony. It's grown increasingly popular ever since. Only 20 people showed up the first year, but 60 came the following year. In year three, nearly 150 attended, and last year, Spade estimates 250 people showed up for the event. He hopes for a similar, if not larger, turnout this year. 

"As our world gets faster and faster, I think one of the advantages Jeromesville has is that we can still slow down; we can still come together for something like this," Spade said.

This year's tree lighting ceremony will feature a new artificial tree, which was purchased with donations from 13 area businesses and individuals. 

"It means everything to the community... Because it reinforces that belief I have that we are one team," Spade said. "Our motto in Jeromesville is 'one town, one team,' and those businesses and individuals that kicked in sponsorships for the tree, it reaffirmed that for me." 

The festivities kickoff at 5 p.m. Sunday at Lewis Memorial Park and conclude at 6:30 at the town square. Santa and live reindeer will be in attendance. Activities will be set up for children. 

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