2 people in grants

(From left) Sherry Bouquet Executive Director and Kenny Obleholtzer, Trinity Outreach Fund committee member.

ASHLAND -- Fostering Family Ministries has been awarded a 20,000 Outreach Fund Grant through Trinity Lutheran Church of Ashland.

The Outreach Grant will aid Fostering Family Ministries as it launches the Multiply Project. This project will help with staff costs in implementing CarePortal for Ashland & Knox Counties as well as aid in an expansion into Knox and Richland County.

The mission is to mobilize, organize, equip and educate local churches to compassionately provide foster care services. Training and resources for churches and families will be provided virtually and face to face to equip people to meet the growing need in our local foster care system.

This expansion will increase the growth of local church partnership as well as the number of foster families.

Children in foster care and their families will be served directly by the local church in the name of Jesus.

Ashland County Faith Fund Dedicates $2,500 towards outreach

4 people in grant

(From left") Pastor Dave McNeely, Sherry Bouquet Executive Director, Karen Laughery Board Member, Debbie Gross Board Member and Zane Gross local business partner receive Faith Fund Grant.

The Faith Fund of Ashland County granted Fostering Family Ministries $2,500 to directly aid the outreach to vulnerable children.

In 2021 Fostering Family Ministries plans to add additional church partnerships while continuing to support and equip our current Church Champions (lay leaders) to develop their churches foster care ministries.

As the needs in Ashland Counties Foster Care increase the response will be from the local church. Partnering and equipping churches to respond to the growing need will expand the outreach to vulnerable children.

In the words of a young local foster child “wow, churches around here really care about us kids.”

It takes the church to foster a child.

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