LOUDONVILLE -- Loudonville native and veteran, Aaron Nestich was determined Memorial Day couldn't go by without some type of recognition. 

When Loudonville's traditional Memorial Day parade was canceled due to COVID-19 concerns, Nest took it upon himself to find a new way to celebrate. 

He organized what he's calling a "military convoy." The likely less than a dozen military vehicles will process through Loudonville, Hayesville and Jeromesville on Monday, May 25. 

"It's an important day. Anyone who doesn't think so doesn't have a history book," Nest said. "So we're going to recognize it. Just going to get together and drive." 

Currently, there's eight army trucks committed for the convoy. Three are from Nest's own collection. 

The convoy is expected to meet at 9:30 a.m. and head through Loudonville first.

Then, those involved will drive along Route 60 to Hayesville, turning around at the Bellstore so they can head into Jeromesville along Route 30.

The convoy will turn left onto Route 89, travel to the Hillsdale School District's middle school building and turn around once more before going to Jeromesville's cemetery.

Those interested in viewing the procession are encouraged to watch for it, but are asked to not crowd the streets. 

"I've seen lots of the legion posts are doing something to recognize Memorial Day, too, and that makes me happy," Nest said. "There's a lot of people in the past who have fought and died for this country. We want to remember them." 

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