Bob Kern visits his parents at LSS Lutheran Village in 2019 with his sons Dillon and Garret Kern.

Bob Kern grew up on a farm with his family. From an early age, he and his brothers learned the ins-and-outs of farming, although their parents managed most of the responsibilities.

However, as his parents, Steven and Cora Kern, got older, they began to need their children’s help more often. 

While it was manageable at first, Kern’s parents’ dependency grew. Kern originally had them move into the house next door to him and his wife, but that was just a temporary fix. Kern’s mother ended up falling and breaking her hip, and her Parkinson’s disease, which she’d been diagnosed with prior to the fall, grew more severe. 


Bob Kern's parent, Steven and Cora Kern, have been at LSS Lutheran Village for two years. 

Upon realizing that he was unable to meet his parents’ needs at home, Kern had a difficult conversation with his brothers and parents. They all mutually decided it would be best to move them into an assisted living community.

After touring several facilities, Kern and his parents reached a decision and chose LSS Lutheran Village

“It really was the environment of the facility, it was the way the dining room looked and the way the people that worked there carried themselves,” Kern said. “They have three different apartment floor plans to choose from but the way the staff would help my parents with all the stuff they needed is a big part of what sold us.” 

Lutheran Village, in Ashland, has continued to serve every resident with expert, quality care and to meet their individual needs. For Kern, he appreciates how well they handle his parents’ doctor appointments.

Before moving to Lutheran Village, he sometimes didn’t have enough time to make sure his parents were ready in order to get to their appointments on time. Now, all he has to do is arrive at Lutheran Village, where the staff make sure his parents are ready and on stand-by the moment he arrives to pick them up. 


Steven Kern attends 2019 Veterans Day party at Lutheran Village

Lutheran Village staff work hard to maintain all relationships with residents and families, and some families have moved more than one family member into the assisted living facility. 

Lisa Moherman’s mother, Sandy Moherman, has lived at Lutheran Village for several years, and her grandfather lived there from 2008 to 2010. For the Moherman family, Lutheran Village holds a significant place in their hearts. 

“We had a lot of familiarity with the facility,” Lisa Moherman said. “The day we went in to check and see if they would be able to take my mother, the nurse who was on duty knew my grandpa really well and told us exactly what room he lived in and knew a whole bunch about him, and she said ‘we would be honored to have your mom.’” 

Sandy Moherman has an affiliation with another LSS Ashland senior facility, The Good Shepherd, where she worked as a nurse. Through this experience, she knew right away that she was in good hands at Lutheran Village. 

“She's never expressed frustration or concern to us about anything they do at Lutheran Village, so that's always been a comfort to me—that she's quite comfortable with their care,” Lisa Moherman said. 

Sandy Moherman

Sandy Moherman stays warm near her window at LSS Lutheran Village. 

The Lutheran Village facility is all one level, which can be a deal-breaker for many families and was very important for Lisa Moherman. “It’s an easy layout, and we thought that a high rise facility where she would have to get on the elevator and get the right floor might be more tricky,” she said. “So, that has really panned out. Mom’s been very comfortable knowing that she just has to go down the one hallway and she's wherever she needs to be.” 

In order to feel confident that her mother would be in great hands, Lisa Moherman needed to know the facility of choice had a good reputation of providing excellent care, and aides who did everything in their power to get to know her mother personally and fulfill her needs.

Four years later after placing her mother in Lutheran Village, she couldn’t be more satisfied and happy with her decision. 

“Lutheran Village really pays attention to the details,” Lisa Moherman said. “She's safer there than she would be if she were at home.”

To learn more about the services LSS Lutheran Village provides, or to take a virtual tour, visit their website or call 419-731-0162.


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