ASHLAND -- Hello friends, did you think these articles were just a lead up to the shop hop and parade and that you wouldn’t hear from me again until our next event in 2020? 

Au contraire, mes frères. This gig has been resurrected for real -- thank you, Tracy Leturgey -- and I’m in for the long haul.

Although, speaking of the parade, I do have to take a moment to say holy moly, friends. You all stepped up in a big way, either as a parade participant or volunteer or audience member. Wow.  You sure know how to be supportive. We love to see to downtown packed to the gills with people, and Saturday certainly did not disappoint.  That, plus the shop hop, made for a tremendous weekend.

Sandra Tunnell

Sandra Tunnell

And speaking of the shop hop, yes, it’s over.  Sigh.  If you were a hopper, thanks for coming out.  If you weren’t, that doesn’t mean that your shopping opportunities downtown are over, as well. 

No, no friends, you have a week and a half until Santa comes, and if you want to make sure he is set up for success, you better get downtown.  

Maybe you're thinking: "The mall is easier." “Easton is so pretty.” and “Parking is so hard.”  I hear what you’re laying down, but I’m not picking it up. 

1. The mall is easier because everything there is the same.

I cannot promise you that the bauble, sweater or underwear that you buy won’t be sported by everyone else in the county. That may well be possible.  Those big box and mall gifts are produced by the millions in a far off land and shipped here, there and everywhere.

I'm serious -- everywhere.  I was just at a party where three people were wearing the same sweater.  I’m not saying don’t buy it if you like it. But I am saying that if you don’t want the gift you bought to be the same as someone else’s, come downtown. 

I went shopping downtown Tuesday, and three things I was looking for were already sold out.  That means someone else saw that special, unique, one-of-a-kind piece and snatched it up, and since it is one-of-a-kind, now it’s gone.  Don’t worry- I found other things to throw in my bag.  But still.

2.  Easton is so pretty. True. And so is our downtown.

You have seen all the pictures, right? Our city workers have been busting their derrieres to make our downtown look fantastic this season, and they have made it happen.  Come see it, and do some shopping here while you’re at it.

3.  Parking is so hard. Seriously?

We talked about this, friends. You cannot tell me parking is easier at a mall, a big box store or Easton, than it is here.  

Upcoming Events

Now of course, there are still events going on downtown. 

Uniontown Brewing Company is hosting Santa himself December 14.  Breakfast with the big man is at 8 and 10. Tickets are $7 for kids and $9 for adults. 

AU will be in full force helping you with breakfast and crafts and with your list-giving needs. 

Also, if you haven’t heard, the Santa house is back downtown, thanks to J & H Lawncare, and set up at Corner Park.  If this is where you told Santa all that you wanted when you were a tot, it’s time to let your kids have the same amazing experience.  His schedule in the house is forthcoming. Follow us on Facebook to learn when he’ll be downtown. 

If you can’t wait until then, Santa has a letter box at Corner Park.  If you leave him a letter with your return address, he will write back to you. Is that not awesome?  

A huge shout out to Chris Coffy, who is the brainchild behind this idea, and to the Kiwanis, who are helping Santa with his letter-writing.  They are all on the nice list for sure. 

For you just-under-the-wire types, many of our downtown businesses will be participating in a White Christmas shopping event December 21, with treats and specials to woo you out on the longest night of the year. 

One last shout out before we go.  One of the other incredible events that we do downtown is the car show, which, as I hope you know, benefits Shop With a Cop. “Benefits” as in “all proceeds go to.” We don’t mess around here. In a mere nine years, the car show has donated over $100,000 to Shop With a Cop, including the $20,000 we donated to them this year. This includes a portion of the $10,000 the Eagles have donated to us.

That is a lot of Christmases that will come true for a lot of kids, and it, the actual Shopping With a Cop-ing, happens Sunday at 9 a.m. at Walmart. For this event, we will lift our “no big box stores” moratorium.  If you want to see some feel goodness and what the season is about-ness and otherwise grooviness, come down, and see kids shopping for Christmas for the first time ever. Cops opening up their own wallets to help a kid who is short a few bucks; moms and dads crying happy tears; and Officer Neumann sitting on Santa’s lap. Now that’s a good Christmas. 

Fa la la la local, friends, and we’ll see you downtown.

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