ASHLAND -- Could we have ten minutes of your time? 

We ask because Ashland Source could use your help. Our team has put together a reader survey designed to help us better understand our readers, what they like about Ashland Source, what they don’t and -- perhaps most importantly -- what they want us to do next. 

And it comes with a chance to win one of five $100 gift cards. 

Our sister site, Richland Source began providing Ashland coverage in mid-2016, but in fall 2018, we made the commitment to do more, to do better. 

Ashland Source launched as its own online, independent news website under the guidance of Courtney McNaull in September 2018. When she left to take a role with the Ashland County Community Foundation in late 2019, Tracy Leturgey took the reins. Leturgey had been with nearby Richland Source in Mansfield for 2.5 years. 

In the past 16 or so months, Ashland Source has looked to tell unique stories about local people and places. We’ve covered events across the county, attended as many meetings as a one person can and purposefully aimed to share what we hope matters to the community. 

In the process, we strived to listen to our audience online and in-person, but with this survey, you will be helping us better understand what you want us to be so we can take the necessary steps to become just that.

What do you say? Do you have ten minutes? 

You can go to the survey by clicking here.

Jay Allred

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