Feeling confident while you work has a lot to do with your ability to express your unique style. But with limited and mundane options crowding up your closet, you may find it hard to see how you’d make your professional attire sparkle with your one-of-a-kind sensibility.

With a few essential tips for upgrading your work wardrobe, you can add a little more of that fashion you crave to even your most uptight ensembles.

Clean Out Your Closet

It might be challenging to see what additions you need to make to your closet if items you no longer wear are cluttering it. So before you start thinking about how you’ll upgrade your professional attire, do a quick closet cleanse.

For instance, if you notice that you have three pairs of slacks you haven’t worn in more than a year, toss them in the donation bin to make room for new ones. You can apply the same rule to blouses, dresses, shoes and anything else that’s taking up precious space in your closet.

Assess What’s Available

After you declutter your wardrobe, you’ll be ready to do a full assessment of what’s available to you. Looking through the clothes you have will help you determine what kind of pieces you need and how you’re going to use them to upgrade the work outfits already in your closet.

To illustrate, you might have a purple blouse that you adore, but the slacks you always pair it with are splitting at the seams. In this case, you’ll want to keep the blouse, toss the slacks and trade up for a fresh, stylish pair of pants when you’re ready to shop for new ones.

Invest in Some Statement Items

One of the best tips for upgrading your work wardrobe is to invest in some statement items that will match well with most of your other clothing. Invest in something significant, like a designer coat or high-end jewelry, or you can go a little smaller and purchase a new handbag with heels to match.

Either way, having a few flashy statement pieces at your disposal will add a little pizzazz to even the more mundane outfits in your wardrobe.

Add Some Flair With Accessories

Another excellent way to upgrade your professional look is by accessorizing. Again, you can do this by using statement handbags and heels. Or you can use headscarves, rings and bangles to add a little extra style to basic outfits. You can also layer gold necklaces and jewelry on top of a white tee tucked into high-waisted slacks to make the most out of every item you own.

It’s important to express your unique style, even while you’re working. It makes you feel confident and gives the people around you a glimpse into your personality. Adding a few fashionable upgrades to your work attire can help you achieve the confidence and chic approach you desire.

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